Rajon Rondo is considered by numerous as the player v the greatest IQ in the game currently. It’s not surprising come hear around coaches and players being stunned by his basketball genius.

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Rondo played 2 periods of university basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats prior to declaring because that the draft. He to be drafted 21st as whole by the Phoenix Suns but was then traded come the Boston Celtics. He played at the allude guard position and was a key member of the team the won the NBA Championship in 2008.

Rajon Rondo is a 4-time All-Star and has 4 All defensive selections and also a single All-NBA selection. That has also led the league in assists 3 time (2012, 2013,2016). He winner his second ring through the LA Lakers making him the only second player in NBA history to success a championship through the Celtics and also the Lakers. 


Player nameRajon Pierre Rondo
BornFebruary 22, 1986
Won championships withBoston Celtics, LA Lakers
Ring count2
Ring years2008, 2020
Drafted year2006
Drafted byPhoenix Suns

How countless rings walk Rajon Rondo have?

Rajon Rondo had actually won 2 NBA Championship rings so far in his career. 

What year did Rajon Rondo win his rings?

2008 - Rajon Rondo was still a young player however contributed heavily during the Boston Celtics Championship run. His many notable performance came in video game 2 of the NBA Finals where he aided on 16 ar goals. In video game 3, he had actually an injury scare which retained him out yet in video game 4, that was back on the court. He aided close out the series in game 6 through his 6 steals at vital stages and elite playmaking skills. This was Rajon Rondo"s an initial NBA championship the his career.

2020 - already a seasoned veteran, Rajon Rondo played as the 2nd ball-handler beside LeBron James through the LA Lakers. He was the crucial part of the team with his experience and leadership.

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He damaged Manu Ginóbili"s document of 95 assists in 2014 NBA Playoffs by recording 105 assists off the bench to victory a championship with the LA Lakers. This to be his 2nd ring of his career. 

What teams did Rajon Rondo victory championships with?

Rondo won his first ring v the Boston Celtics and 12 years later won his 2nd ring with the Los Angeles Lakers.