It relies a great deal ~ above the field and also how decent the sward is. Summer before last mine brother obtained 50 big round bales off 6 acres that hadn"t been grazed for about a year. Last summer, very same field, yet grazed over winter, then rested for 3 or 4 months, the only acquired 20 other bales.

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as above its variable on her soil, grass and how much you graze the land. Ns struggling to remember exactly yet I believe we obtained 64 bales off 6.5 acre which would work out at practically 10bales one acre. 5acres had been rested for about 6 months, 1.5 acres had actually been rested for a year and was the an initial cut for fifty percent of the paddock together it had actually been reseeded. Both fields have good soil and the 5acres had had nitrogen added the year prior to as it was deficient, and also both had actually a very an excellent growth of grass ~ above them. Also both have never been appropriately grazed down. The ideal thing about using her own ar is understanding its ragwort/ gift plant totally free and conserving a lot of money! .
It also depends top top the baler being used. A more contemporary baler choose a McHale fusion will give much more solid hefty bales 보다 an older baler

It relies on what type of grasses that contains, and whether its first or second cut. Various other variables room the rate per acre it to be seeded, what the floor is like, i.e. Hefty or irradiate soil, what time of year, the machinery used and the weather problems at the time of bailing. Yet rule of ignorance is that one tonne of hay is equal to approx 40/45 bales or 4 to 5 ring bales and one acre would yield approx 2 tonnes that hay. Other figures I"ve found online room 320 off a 3 acre field, and another 435 turn off 5 acres all of which i am guessing are normal bales the hay (approx £4 or £5 every bale at present prices).

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We do huge round bales that haylage, hay and also or silage and also would desire to be averaging 10 bales to the acre to justification the expenses of fertiliser, and also contractors to spread it and then cut, turn, bale and also in the situation of haylage wrap and then of course you have the cost of illustration it in and also stacking it in the yard. What with having actually to placed up with the weather too maybe it"d be simpler to to buy it? however then we need at the very least 600 bales a year so ns guess we"ll stick through doing ours own! Sorry, gone off topic blame the on the christmas rush. Supposed to say we only do one cut a year.