through how many Tequilas execute I acquire Drunk? Responsible input

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In my 10 years of experience in the distilled beverage industry and my 5 years of endure as one Ambassador for the brand, ns am regularly asked what is the quantity of tequila the a person being have the right to consume without obtaining drunk.

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There are numerous myths about this issue and also here room the answers the you"ve been looking for. To have the ability to talk about the lot of alcohol addict beverages that a human can actually drink without getting drunk, we would have to start through defining some an easy concepts and processes that would assist us much better understand the composition of alcoholic beverages and specially, tequila.

In order to formally measure exactly how much alcohol we deserve to drink, a Standard Drink unit has actually been established in Mexico. In this article, you will find out how this last measurement was calculted. Based upon it, we now understand that an adult male should not consume much more than an ounce and a fifty percent of alcohol per hour and also a mrs an oz per hour. We imply that you to check out the whole post so girlfriend know how was this quantity of alcohol calculated.

How lot Ethanol perform alcoholic beverages have?

Ethanol, likewise known together ethyl alcohol, is a colorless, strong smelling, volatile and also flammable chemical compound. That is acquired by the distillation of fermented products of sugary or starchy mixes such together grapes, molasses, beet or potatoes. Beverages such together wine, beer and tequila -among others- contain ethanol.

Under typical pressure and also temperature conditions, ethanol is a fluid that has actually a boiling suggest of 78.4 ° C and is miscible in water in any proportion. Its chemistry formula is: CH3-CH2-OH (C6H6O). It is the key chemical link of alcoholic beverages such as wine (13%), beer (5%), liquors (up to 50%) and tequilas (55%). The is necessary to cite that ethanol is the only alcohol suitable for human intake.

How is ethanol obtained in tequila?

Any elaboration procedure of an alcohol addict drink, either distilled or fermented, starts with the growing and also farming the the life material that, relying on the drink, will be used. For example, wine comes from grapes, while vodka originates from potatoes, whiskey from grain distillates such as wheat, barley or corn, beer comes from barley and also tequila native agave.

Each beverage is processed differently depending on the type of drink we room trying to develop in the end, ~ above their particular characteristics and also profiles.

How is tequila produced?


In the instance of tequila, the procedure begins through the selection of the Tequilana Weber blue variety agaves. When this succulent plant has actually reached its ripening peak, i beg your pardon takes around 6 to 8 year to happen, they room harvested in order to procedure their street in the distillery.

The harvest the the agave is known as jima. During the jima, the agave leaves space cut and separated native the heart, known as pineapple. The agave pineapple yarn contain the starches that will later on be rotate into straightforward carbohydrates by way of a hydrolysis process and then, they will certainly be fermented utilizing yeasts.The dead must, which is the result of the agave juice ferment, goes through a distillation process in distillation columns or stills. The musts room here carried to a cook in bespeak to different their more and less volatile components. The captured vapors room cooled and condensed, and the distillate is got in one more container to proceed its process.

Distillation theatre a an extremely important function in the processing of tequila, since it intends to concentrate the alcoholic part by eliminating the water and solid particles the come native the fermentation process. It likewise gets rid the those impurities and undesirable components that could be harmful to human being health. Follow to the norm, tequila have to be distilled twice in bespeak to eliminate all kinds of impurities that can not be existing in the drink.

Depending ~ above the specific characteristics the we desire our distilled beverage come have, the tequila will then walk through different aging processes in "pipones" or barrels. Depending on the sort of wood they remainder in and also the amount of time they room left come rest, us will acquire different kinds of tequilas.

Lastly, the tequila goes v a filtration processes in order to eliminate unwanted aromas or dilutions, and also to readjust the content of alcohol the tequila will have, follow to the norms of the country to i m sorry it will be exported.

How are alcoholic beverages classified?

According to the short article 217 of the Mexican basic Law of Health, an alcoholic beverage is considered thus when it has an ethyl alcohol content of 2% to 55% Alc. Vol.Beverages who have a bigger amount of alcohol 보다 this, can"t it is in commercialized together "drinks". Follow to the Regulation that Sanitary regulate of Products and Services, in its just chapter for alcoholic beverages, write-up 175, us can take into consideration as alcoholic beverages the adhering to ones:

Fermented drinksDistilled drinksLiquorsPrepared alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Likewise, in the write-up 176 of that same chapter, based on their alcohol contents alcoholic beverages space classified as:

Of low alcohol content: beverages v an alcohol contents of 2% come 6% by volume.Of average alcohol content: beverages v an alcohol contents of 6.1% to 20% by volume.Of high alcohol content: beverages with an alcohol content of 20.1% come 55% by volume.

The main Mexican StandardNOM-142-SSA1 / SCFI-2014, which establishes the toilet specifications and the demands for the advertising labeling of alcoholic beverages that room commercialized in mexican territory, specifies the vault alcoholic beverages the adhering to way:

Fermented alcohol addict beverage: Product that results from the fermentation -alcoholic mainly- of life materiales of vegetables origin. Ingredients and also additives allowed in the Agreement through which permitted additives and also coadjuvants in food, beverages and food supplements space specified, and their use and sanitary provisions, might be added. They have an alcohol contents of 2% to 20% Alc. Vol.Distilled alcoholic beverage: Product obtained by the distillation that fermented liquids that have actually been ready from vegetables raw products in which all or a component of their fermentable sugars have undergone together their main fermentation process, the alcoholic one, as long as the distillate has not been fully rectified. The product must thus contain the second substances that space formed during fermentation and also that space characteristic of every drink (with the exception of vodka). They room susceptible of being softened and, if necessary, aged or matured. Ingredients and additives enabled by the covenant in i m sorry the permitted additives and also coadjuvants because that food, beverages and food supplements are specified, and also their use and sanitary provisions, might be added. They have an alcohol content of 32% come 55.0% Alc. Vol.Prepared alcoholic beverages: assets made from distilled or fermented alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, or mixtures of them, scented and also flavored with specific procedures. Other ingredients, additives and coadjuvants the are permitted in the Agreement whereby the permitted additives and also adjuvants in food, beverages and also food supplements together specified, and their use and also sanitary provisions, may be added. They have actually an alcohol contents of 2.0% come 12.0% Alc. Vol.Cocktail: Product made from distilled, fermented alcohol addict beverages, liquors, neutral spirit, high quality alcohol or common alcohol or a mixture that them and also water, scented and flavored with specific procedures. Ingredients as well as additives and coadjuvants enabled in the covenant that specifies the permitted additives and coadjuvants in foods, beverages and also food supplements, as well their use and sanitary provisions, might be added. They have an alcohol contents of 12% come 32% Alc. Vol.Liquor or cream: Product made v distilled alcoholic beverages, neutral spirit, quality alcohol or typical alcohol or a mixture the them; v a contents of no much less than 1.0% (m/v) of street or total reducing sugars and water; scented and also flavored with specific procedures. Other ingredients, additives and coadjuvants permitted in the Agreement through which permitted additives and coadjuvants space specified because that food, beverages and also food supplements, and also their use and also sanitary provisions, might be added. They have an alcohol contents of 13.5% come 55% Alc. Vol.

In addition to all that has actually been previously mentioned, it should be detailed that there are countless rules, laws and regulations related to alcoholic beverages, and that these might be federal, state or local, so that is encourage to evaluation the legal structure of each an ar of the national territory.

Standard Drink

Standard drink (TE because that Trago Estándar) or traditional Drink Unit (UBE because that Unidad de Bebida Estándar) is a measure unit supplied to determine a resolved amount the pure ethanol per drink. using this measure permits us to accurately quantify exactly how much a human being drinks. The is also key when to run screening exam or surveys.

The value offered to the standard drink is no universal, so that is typical to discover variations in the amount of pure ethanol it includes depending on the nation or the research done. In enhancement to this, over there is a wide selection of alcoholic beverages in various concentrations, i m sorry are additionally sold in various ways such together by glass, by can, by bottle, by barrel or other presentations, which have the right to complicate the use of the TE as a measure up unit.

Regardless that the container offered to drink the different species of drink (shot, oldfashioned glass, glass, jar, etc.), the dare helps united state calculate what provides up a drink depending on the alcohol concentration the has. That is also helpful once calculating how plenty of TE does every drink presentation has. In summary, the Standard Drink unit is supplied for:

Running studies around how lot a person or population drinksEstablishing guidelines once it"s been settled the te that corresponds to in a given region and recognize thus, the parameters to border Moderate Intake.Preventing the harmful usage of alcohol.

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Standard Drink in Mexico

Several nationwide official agencies have actually used the conventional Drink unit in your education and also health promotion programs, such as:

National Commission against Addictions (CONADIC)Youth Integration Centers (CIJ)Institute because that the Care and also Prevention that Addictions (IAPA)Social Research foundation (FISAC).

In Mexico, the traditional Drink has a worth of 13 grams follow to what is stipulated in NOM-142-SSA1 / SCFI-2014 and also in NOM-047-SSA2-2015 together a typical drink. To identify the amount of pure alcohol the a typical drink has, the is important to run a study on the most consumed beverages in the country. In Mexico, follow to the global Status Report on Alcohol and Health (2014) the the people Health company (WHO), 76% of the alcohol the is consumed corresponds to beer, 22% to distilled spirits, 1% come wines and the staying 1% to other beverages. Thus, the equivalence o grams that alcohol that the adhering to beverages is represented prefer this: