Following in the footsteps of your "80s predecessors Dirty Dancing and also Footloose, the Step Up movies introduced a brand-new generation come the energetic hype and romance of run movies. The franchise began with Step Up in 2006, certification Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan (who most recently featured in the Netflix musical series Soundtrack).

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Tatum"s background in dance has actually been well-established since the film"s release, together with the semi-autobiographical Magic Mike, i m sorry starred Tatum and also was co-produced through the actor.

Step Up"s success at package office spawned a variety of sequels, consisting of Step up 2: The Streets, Step up 3D, Step Up: Revolution, and action Up: every In. When the films often have actually recurring characters, every one showcases that is own distinct story and also an impressive variety of spectacular run sequences. For those who room in the mood to relive these renowned movies, or for dance enthusiasm who desire to check them out for the an initial time, here"s just how to watch every movie in the Step Up series.

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Unfortunately, there room no streaming sites offering all 5 Step Up movie at the moment, for this reason you"ll have to jump about a little bit if you desire to examine out every one of them. However, there space a couple of platforms whereby you deserve to watch several of the movies for free.

The one that began it all, Step Up, is currently available to rental on numerous platforms, including Amazon Video, apologize TV, Google Play, and also YouTube, because that $3.99. This movie speak the story of upstream dance academy college student Nora and also a boy from the wrong next of the tracks, Tyler. Love and also dance collide together the two job-related together to realize their dreams and also show what they room made of; it"s a timeless story that any type of fan deserve to appreciate.

Step up 2: The Streets is right now streaming cost-free with YouTube Movies, albeit v intermittent ads. Starring Briana Evigan and also Robert Hoffman as leads Andie and Chase, respectively, the second film is arguably the most renowned of the franchise, with characters that return in Step up 3D. This third installment in the Step Up collection was the first to implement the 3D feature and featured fan-favorite characters Moose (Adam G. Sevani) and also Camille (Alyson Stoner). Fans can rent Step increase 3D for $3.99 top top Amazon Video.

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The next film in the series, Step Up: Revolution (or Step increase 4), is currently trending at the top of the perform on Netflix. Featuring flash mobs and the hot city to win of Miami, it"s no wonder this film is killing it ~ above the streaming platform. The movie stars Katheryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman as the leads, who warmth up the display screen whenever they"re together. 

Finally, there"s Step Up: every In, which brings almost the entirety crew together to compete in the huge leagues in las Vegas. The explosive run sequence in the film"s last scene is one that audiences will be can not to tear your eyes away from. Step Up: every In is currently streaming free with ads on Tubi.