We all watch the NBA or basketball highlights and see a play that leads to dunk, then stop and think how countless steps did that take? was that legal. Us think the referee missed the call, actually, we understand the referee missed the call. So we inquiry ourselves?

How countless steps is a travel in basketball? Taking an ext than two actions with control of the ball is thought about a travel, so in this case, three steps is a travel. Oftentimes a player will capture the round while acquisition a step yet not have actually full regulate of it and also then take two more steps because that a layup or dunk, this is legal. It is only a travel violation if the referee blows the whistle.

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Travel hurt can occur in numerous ways, but in the end, you space technically allowed two actions when in manage of the ball. Taking an ext than two procedures is no the only way to travel, let’s look at what else is considered a travel.

More ~ above Travelling

We can say that 3 procedures is a travel but really the depends, for example picking up your pivot foot is a travel and also that’s one step. If you catch the round in activity it has to be out of your hands bypassing, shooting, or dribbling, if no this have the right to be a travel. Jumping up and also down through the ball is a travel, so that obviously depends on the form of violation.


Is The Step ago A Travel

Many world think that the step earlier is a travel, to those that play basketball that looks normal to those who just spectate it might look awkward to them. The method that i can define the step-back is a backward jump prevent or sideway run stop. This move is in reality legal.

Sometimes that is a travel, the player will take one too numerous steps, this is ~ above the ref to speak to it. Yet when done right the step earlier is a very complicated move come guard the James Harden resides by.

I watched videos of James Harden act step-back three’s this offseason and shooting them off one foot and making it throughout pickup games, this will be amazing to see if he pulls this turn off in a real video game this season.

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