I understand this is the performance counter frequency, in ticks every second. Ns don"t know just how to convert this come a unit that time(let"s to speak seconds, milli-seconds or nano-seconds.. Anything) ?

How plenty of ticks constitute a 2nd ? What is the conversion factor ?

LARGE_INTEGER freq;KeQueryPerformanceCounter(&freq);


In the link:


KeQueryPerformanceCounter always returns a 64-bit integer the represents the existing value that a monotonically nondecreasing counter. The respond to starts incrementing indigenous zero as soon as the computer starts up.

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To gain the resolution that the timer used to accumulate the present tick count, clues a non-NULL pointer value for the PerformanceFrequency parameter. The frequency value that the program writes come the place pointed come by this parameter is the number of ticks every second.

Here, it way that freq variable will certainly contain ticks every second

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