How plenty of times deserve to you take the bar exam? Nobody wants to think about taking the bar exam multiple times. However, that is valuable to recognize how numerous times you deserve to take the bar exam before being prohibited from taking it again or before needing unique permission. For example, if you have the right to only take it it two or three times in your jurisdiction, climate you must not take it unless you feel as all set as possible, especially if you space on her “last” attempt.

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However, if you have the right to take the bar exam an countless amount of times in your state, gift super-prepared for the one girlfriend sit because that isn’t as of supreme importance and other factors can weigh into a decision to take the test (for example, some students just need a bar test under their belt come see how it is, just how they do, and get over that initial intimidation of the bar exam).

This convenient picture shows which claims impose restrictions on the number of times you deserve to take the bar exam and also which states do not. You can see that the majority of states carry out not impose constraints and permit you to take it the exam as numerous times as you require to! We likewise explain some particular state policies additional below.

How plenty of times deserve to you take it the bar exam?

States loss into three different categories in regards to their approach:

No limits: The vast bulk of states do not limit the variety of times that you are able come sit because that the bar test (so in theory, you deserve to sit because that the bar as numerous times as you want).Discretionary limits: Some states impose borders (anywhere indigenous 2 to 6) but allow you to take the exam much more than that if you get special permission from the state bar.Hard limits: A minority of says impose hard limits on how plenty of times you can take the bar exam (e.g., after ~ a details amount the times, you deserve to no longer sit for that bar exam).

We theorem these claims by category listed below so that you can easily see what your jurisdiction does.

Note: The below information has been gathered native the NCBE Bar Admission requirements Guide. Please view your details jurisdiction’s demands for particular inquiries. Note that if your jurisdiction has adopted the Uniform Bar exam recently, lock may have actually also readjusted their rules. So it is in especially aware of that!

For the following jurisdictions, there is no limiton the number of times you can take the exam:

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana*, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, brand-new Jersey, new Mexico, brand-new York, phibìc Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Guam, north Mariana Islands, Palau


The complying with jurisdictions limit the quantity of timesyou deserve to take the bar test without distinct permission:

Arizona (3)*, district of Columbia* (4), Idaho (6) Iowa (2), Maryland (3), Montana (3), southern Carolina* (3), southern Dakota* (3), Texas (5), Utah (6), Virginia (5), West Virginia* (4), Puerto Rico (6), Virgin archipelago (3)

The complying with jurisdictions border the amount of timesyou have the right to take the exam and also impose tough limits(i.e. No special permission will certainly be given!)

Kansas (4), Kentucky (5), new Hampshire (4), phibìc Dakota (6), Rhode Island (5), vermont (4),


Below room a couple of notes on certain states:

Arizona: We are aware of students that were able come request distinct permission and also who have actually told us that permission to take back the test is generally permitted. In fact, multiple students have actually been granted permission with loved one ease. 

District that Columbia: After acquisition the bar exam 4 times, one applicant must show “extraordinary circumstances” to take it it an additional time.

Louisiana: Louisiana provided to border the variety of times one applicant could take the bar exam without one-of-a-kind permission come 5, but no longer does.

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South Carolina: over there is no border on the variety of times but added study is forced after the third failure, do it impossible to sit however 1 time every year. (Note: southern Carolina recently adopted the UBE for this reason this might be subject to change.)

South Dakota: Applicants must get Supreme Court permission come take test after three failures in any type of jurisdiction or combination of jurisdictions

West Virginia: Applicants are minimal to four failed exams in West Virginia or any type of other state before special permission native the board is required.