Los Angeles Times increased Queen Camille Clark, top, rides through her court together the increased Parade renders its means through the streets of Pasadena, Calif. The poured during the parade, i beg your pardon hasn"t happened since 1955.

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Mark Boster | associated Press The Salvation military Band wears ponchos together they march in the rain throughout the competition of Roses parade in Pasadena, Calif.

PASADENA, Calif. Because that the very first time because 1955, rain doused the 117th version of the competition of Roses, i beg your pardon ordinarily is a type of infomercial because that sun-drenched, citrus-sweet southern California.

Even so, numerous thousands of sturdy, poncho-clad souls inside wall Pasadena highways Monday to cheer top top 25 marching bands, gape at 48 flower-bedecked floats, and wave back at supreme Court justice Sandra day O"Connor, the parade"s grand marshal.

Oddly, the grand marshal in the 1955 parade, which was just moist through comparison through Monday"s downpour, was supreme Court chief Justice Earl Warren.

With magic as the theme of the pageant, the organizers controlled to traction a bedraggled, chilled, soggy hare from their hat before a crowd the was storm-tossed, yet still exuberant.

And it to be a good day because that true loyalty in the parade"s magic.

John Poole, 72, the Pasadena shouted "Thank you!" whenever a marching tape strode previous his spot towards the finish of the parade"s five-mile route. Come the squadrons of young Scouts and also Girl Scouts who introduced each float, the yelled: "Yay! Scouts!"

"These youngsters need all the cheers and applause they have the right to get," stated Poole, who sends out his family members in Maine a regimen in development of the event every year so they have the right to follow the bands and floats ~ above TV.

Poole, currently using a wheelchair, has actually laid case to the exact same spot for each that the last 19 years. In fact, plenty of families had positions they"ve maintained for decades, sending out members out right into the storm in shifts to guard their folding chairs against interlopers.

The most cheers were for the marching band members, that braved the cold, wind and rain to carry out their songs and also twirl your batons. Some band members pretended there to be no rain and marched in shorts and also wore sunglasses. The crowds cheered the effort, i m sorry mattered much more than the performances.

Supporters of the university of southern California, among the entrants in Wednesday"s rose Bowl football game, appeared to have actually an edge. However there was no shortage of college of Texas ponchos, orange and black v a white stripe.

"You have the right to buy them at the bookstore," said UT alumnus Cayce Coburn, a human being relations specialist. "This is the very first time I"ve used it. I had actually to concerned sunny California to usage it."

The rain didn"t deter Dave Pison, that came from Dallas to take it his 7 nieces and nephews, ages 8 come 29, come the spectacle.

"We were identified to come rain or shine," Pison claimed as the group sat top top milk crates in the rain, playing music native an iPod. "We"ve thought about this because that a lengthy time."

The rarity of rain even added to the allure for among his nieces, Jacqueline Nguyen. "We might too be part of history," she said.

And the weather go nothing come dim the day"s inherent joy because that 71-year-old grace Bruno, who has actually attended for each of the past 10 years.

"This is every volunteer work," she said. "It shows you there space still great people in the people today."

Bruno even uncovered inspiration in the shivering cheerleaders and also majorettes marching by through goose bumps all over.

"I pray they don"t gain sick," she said. "Look at those girl — look at at your faces, look at their energy!"

The rain intensified as the parade developed down the boulevard. Part parade watchers who had started the job with resolve melted away as the rain continued. Also the live broadcast on Los Angeles television station KTLA to be interrupted for a flash-flood warning for the L.A. Area.

The stands at the start of the parade in ~ Orange Grove and also Colorado boulevards started to thin together the parade progressed. One increasing number of bare spots to be visible among what had actually started together well-filled bleachers.

The FTD rise featured Aladdin with the slogan, "Your great Is my Command." "He must command that to prevent raining," claimed one human being in the was standing on Orange Grove.

The pace of the parade seemed to it is in quicker, and there to be a few glitches. The customary flyover that the parade course by the B-2 bomber to be canceled since of the incl weather.

On some floats, the pelting rain washed away some of the seeds provided on the faces, feathers and buildings that consisted of the floats.

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Overall, the floats hosted up. One factor was the breakthrough of glue technology.

"Back as soon as in rained in "55, they didn"t have actually waterproof glue," Kevin Moore, the competition liaison, explained prior to the begin of the parade. "Now we have waterproof glue." 0 re-publishing Tweet email publish