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Our indigenous “Church” is from the Greek “Kurios”, analyzed several hundred times, “Lord”. Why the translators used the indigenous “Church” we perform not understand, for it has caused lot confusion and also misunderstanding. The Greek word, indigenous which words “Church” is interpreted “Ekklesia”, This indigenous “Ekklesia” is discovered 118 time in the new Testament Scriptures, translated 85 times, in the singular, “Church”; 35 times, in the plural, “Churches”; and three time “Assembly”. The word “Assembly” is provided in plot 19:32, 39 and also 41. The Greek word, “Ekklesia”, method “Called-out”, and also suggests a called-out company, or a gathering, or an assembly. For this reason we can see the regrettably translation, “Church.” that would have actually been far better had the word “Ekklesia” been translated, “Called-out” or “Assembly”, all 118 times.

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In plot 7:38 Stephen speak of the “Ekklesia”, or “Church”, “in the wilderness.” He was referring come Israel’s trip through the wilderness, around 1490 B.C. Surely the Israelites to be God’s “called-out” people. He called them the end of Egypt. The led them into Canaan. They to be still the “Ekklesia” of God year after their pilgrimage was over, once they were worshipping Jehovah in the holy place at Jerusalem. This leads united state to asking the question; “how around the seventy souls the end of the loins of Jacob more than two hundred years prior to the Israelites to be in the wilderness?” Were not the seventy souls that Exodus 1:5 oh my god “Called-out?” 2 hundred years prior to this few of God’s people were in the family members of Abraham. Genesis 17:4 come 14. Among the 4 churches referred to in the new Testament scriptures is the “Church in the wilderness.”


In action 8:1 we review of “the Church which was at Jerusalem.” In the Church there were just Jews. Plot 11:19. In referring to that Church, Paul said, “I persecuted “the Church that God.” Galatians 1:13. The Church in Jerusalem, on the work of Pentecost, was the Church of God. Before the day of Pentecost there were one-hundred-twenty souls in the upper room. They to be the Called-out the God. Acts 1:15. To a called-out agency the mr on planet had claimed some months before the day of Pentecost, “Fear not little flock.” Luke 12:32. They were called-out. Come them he said; “if that shall disregard to hear them, phone call it depend the “Ekklesia.” Matthew 18:17. This leads united state to this question, “did the Church of God which Saul of Tarsus persecuted start on or prior to the day of Pentecost?” The Post-millenarian’s answer come this concern is, the the Church that God began before the flood. Some holy bible teachers think that the Church that God started with man the Baptist. Some Premillenarians teach the there was a Church of God prior to the resurrection the Christ, but that the new Testament Church of God began when the lord Jesus breathed upon His apostles, speak “receive ye the divine Spirit.” man 20:22.

Other Premillenarians—and the bulk of them—teach the there to be at least one Church before the job of Pentecost; yet that a new and different Church of God started on the work of Pentecost. They assistance their teaching by the indigenous of the mr Jesus, “Upon this Rock i will build my Church.” Matthew 16:19. They likewise use ns Corinthians 12:13 to support their teaching, “baptized by one Spirit into one Body.” Believers, castle claim, can not have been baptized into the Church of God until the divine Spirit come on the job of Pentecost. The believers included on the work of Pentecost, castle teach, were added to the Church that God through the occupational of the holy Spirit. Plot 2:47. Climate they insurance claim that the expression “the Church that God” was no used prior to the work of Pentecost. Every one of these Premillenarians are Dispensationalists come the extent that they teach that the Kingdom that God to be taken from Israel through the fatality of Israel’s Messiah, in fulfillment that Matthew 21:43 and Matthew 23:34 to 39. Castle teach that Israel’s national redemption will take ar by the coming of the son of man in power and good glory after God has completed His objective in this age; namely, to construct the Church of Christ. Therefore, castle teach the postponement the the Kingdom or the suspension of the Abrahamic and also Davidic covenants that need to do through the restoration of the Kingdom and also Canaan come Israel. Lock teach that once the fulness of the Gentiles shall come in every Israel shall it is in saved. Romans 11:25 and also 26. Therefore, castle teach that the Kingdom that God which to be at hand, in the message of the mr Jesus in note 1:14 and also 15, is not currently at hand; however will be at your disposal when the child of male shall return and fulfill Luke 21:27 to 31. That Kingdom the God is currently in abeyance. Since the job of Pentecost the Church the God has been at hand. Therefore, they case that the Church that God, which began historically ~ above the work of Pentecost, is identical with the Church i m sorry is Christ’s Body, pointed out in Ephesians 1:19 come 22.

There room some scriptures that seem to assistance the teaching the the Church that God started on the day of Pentecost and also that the Church that God is the very same as the Church i m sorry is Christ’s Body, mentioned in Ephesians and Colossians. Yet there space some scriptures that seem to disprove both facts; the is, the one truth that the Church that God i m sorry Saul persecuted began before the day of Pentecost, and the other reality that the Church that God that the job of Pentecost is not identical with the human body (Church that Ephesians 1:19 come 22.) let us take into consideration them

Read the words of the mr Jesus, in note 1:14 and also 15: “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” it was at your disposal for Israel; due to the fact that their King to be at hand. Whether or not we believe that the body of Christ began historically on the job of Pentecost or part years after, Premillenarians are agreed that the Kingdom that God that was at your disposal in 30 A.D. Was no the human body of Christ stated in 64 A.D., in Ephesians and Colossians. Follow to the indigenous of the mr Jesus Christ to Israel, “the Kingdom of God shall be taken native you.” Matthew 21:43. Now, if the Kingdom of God had been taken far from Israel prior to the day of Pentecost, there can be Scriptural proof the the body of Christ began historically top top the job of Pentecost. However the fact is, the the exact same Kingdom the God that was available to Israel if the lord Jesus to be on planet was again offered to the same nation after Pentecost. Plot 3:19 to 22. In Matthew 8:1 come 11, the Israelites to be “Children”. Mark 7:27. In Matthew 23:34 come 39 the Israelites were “serpents”. In action 3:25 the Israelites were “Children”. Quite a change from “Children” to serpents, and also from “serpents” ago to “Children”. In Matthew 16:20 the Messengers the the Messiah were no much longer to witness come the country that Jesus was their Messiah. But in plot 2:32, the Messengers that the Messiah to be witnessing come Israel that Jesus was their Messiah; “Let all of the residence of Israel know.” The “these days” of plot 3:24 described the same Israelitish Kingdom that God the was available in mark 1:14 and 15. Yes or no? If yes, did the “these days” of plot 3:24 refer to the body of Christ the Ephesians 3:6, around which work no prophet ever before spoke or wrote?

According come Peter’s post on the day of Pentecost, the holy Spirit did no come to type the human body of Christ, yet for Israel’s blessing in your land. Check out Joel 2:18 and Acts 2:16. According to that very same message, Jesus Christ to be not elevated from the dead to be the Head that the Church i m sorry is His Body, however to sit as King and also Messiah top top David’s throne. On that throne the Messiah and King will certainly be the “Son of Man.” Matthew 25:31 to 34. Some months after the day of Pentecost Stephen witnessed the Messiah stand in heaven together the “Son the man”. The lord Jesus is no the boy of guy to the members of the Church which is His Body. No one deserve to prove by the word of God that the nation Israel had actually been set aside, as a nation, or that the Kingdom that God had been taken far from lock at the moment Stephen observed the heavens opened and the kid of male standing. Action 7:51 come 56.

We have actually taken too much for granted, there is no diligently studying the native of God. In what respect was the Kingdom of God taken away from Israel, in the seventh chapter of Acts, that it was no taken away once Jesus was in their middle on earth? The Lord had to walk to the cross in fulfillment of the Scriptures. How could He have gone come the throne that David before He saw Calvary, and also have fulfilled the Scriptures? What scripture prevented His return to establish His Kingdom ~ His sacrifice? The answer come this is; the the body of Christ was favored in Christ prior to the structure of the world. Ephesians 1:4 . . . Ephesians 3:11 and also II Timothy 1:9. So climate this question, what to be the difference between the Kingdom the God, available to Israel before the day of Pentecost, and the Kingdom the God readily available to Israel after the job of Pentecost? In the one situation Israel was sinning versus the son of man. The was to be forgiven them. Matthew 12:31 and 32. For the forgiveness of than sin Christ ~ above the cross prayed for them. In the second case, after Pentecost they to be sinning against, or resisting, the holy Spirit. That was not to it is in forgiven them. In the one situation the Kingdom the God, or the Kingdom that the heavens, to be being offered to castle while their Messiah to be on earth, Jesus that Nazareth the man approved that God in their midst by signs. Action 2:22. In the other case the Kingdom that God was being offered to castle after God had actually made that very same Jesus both Lord and Christ and also had increased Him approximately be a Prince and also a Saviour to offer repentance depend Israel. Plot 2:32. Action 5:31. Repentance ~ above the part of Israel expected the Kingdom of God revived unto Israel. Plot 3:19 to 26.

Twenty-seven year after the fatality of Israel’s Messiah there to be an “election” the Israelites. But Israel, the Nation, to be to be collection aside till the fulness the the Gentiles be come in. Romans 11:7 and 8 and 25 and 26. When did this choice of Israelites begin? Certainly before the job of Pentecost. While the lord Jesus was in the meat in the land of the Jews separation, personal, instance Israelites were saved. Even if it is or no they to be born into the Kingdom the God or became members the the Church the God, there to be something much more than an sell of salvation, or entrance right into the Kingdom that God, to separation, personal, instance Israelites. The proclamation of the Kingdom by man the Baptist, the lord Jesus and also the Twelve and also the Seventy, if the Saviour was an earth, to be for the Nation. When the lord said, “the Kingdom that God shall it is in taken native you”, he did not typical that separation, personal, instance Israelites would not be allowed to go into into the Kingdom the God. No, He intended that the Kingdom of God i beg your pardon was available to the Nation, and also which shall yet be offered to that Nation, would certainly be take away away. If the mr Jesus to be on planet He to be sent only to the shed sheep that the home of Israel. Matthew 15:24. He to be confirming to Israel oh my gosh Kingdom promises. Romans 15.8. Messages worrying the human body of Christ were no messages the confirmation; but messages that revelation. They to be not preached by the lord Jesus top top earth. The Israelites conserved while the mr was on earth did not end up being members the the human body of Christ mentioned in Ephesians and also Colossians. However the inquiry is, “would it it is in unscriptural to speak the that company of conserved Israelites as the Church or a Church the God prior to Pentecost?” go the little flock constitute an “Ekklesia?” If not, would certainly we contact them “the Kingdom of God”? Is there any name whereby they might collectively be called? Were no all Israelites the children of the Kingdom? Matthew 8:11. The kids of the Kingdom were not cast into darkness till after plot 13:46.

The coming of the divine Spirit ~ above the work of Pentecost, in fulfillment that Joel’s Kingdom prophecy concerning Israel’s Kingdom and Land, did not make the saved firm of Israelites the One new Man the Ephesians 2:15. Just as before the fatality of the Messiah, separation, personal, instance Israelites continued to it is in saved, or go into the Kingdom the God, ~ above the job of Pentecost and thereafter. Just as before the death of Christ, God to be still taking care of the nation Israel on Kingdom grounds; presenting to them the post of the Kingdom spoken by the mouth that Moses, Samuel and all of Israel’s prophets. Action 3:21 and also 24.

Perhaps, the most difficult task because that the holy bible student is come learn simply When, during the book of action period, the mr ceased to attend to Israel, as a Nation, top top Kingdom grounds. Certainly in the year 46 A.D., once the Apostle Paul said, “seeing ye have actually put it from you, Lo, we turn unto the Gentiles”, that was not saying that God would certainly withdraw from individual Israelites the privilege of ending up being members the His Church, action 13:46. He to be there taking care of the Nation, together He was in Acts 28:25 to 28. With Acts 28:25 to 28 we have a many radical readjust in the regime of God. Through that judgment God began to withdraw spiritual authority and Church management from Israel and to water level in a duration of Gentile favour completely independent of Israelitish covenants, promises, rites and religion; and also to disclose His eternal purpose in Christ Jesus worrying the One brand-new Man and also the heavenly position and also blessings the the members of the human body of Christ preferred in Him prior to the structure of the world. There is a made decision difference in between the Kingdom all set from the foundation of the world, of Matthew 25:34, the restitution to Israel spoken by the prophets due to the fact that the civilization began, of Luke 1:70 and also Acts 3:21, and the objective of Christ given us in Christ Jesus before the people began, of Ephesians 1:4 and also II Timothy 1:9. We must not confuse the Kingdom assures with the eternal purpose of God concerning the place of saved Gentiles in the Body. One was the topic of prophecy; the other was unknown come the prophets; hid in God. Ephesians 3:3, 5, 8 and 9.


In the examine of this 3rd Church mentioned in the new Testament scriptures we can appreciate the unfortunate and obscure translation of the word “Ekklesia” to the word “Church”. Read Acts 19:32, 39 and also 41. “The Ekklesia was confused”. “In a lawful Ekklesia”. “He dismissed the Ekklesia.” that dismissed the Ekklesia? A heathen judge. Who comprised the Ekklesia? over there were number of saints there, but the Ekklesia to be an unruly lot of shed heathen. What a Church! As words “Church” comes from the word interpreted Lord, “Kurios”, we understand that mob must not have been referred to as “Church”. The word Ekklesia is properly analyzed “Assembly” in the three verses. Mean such one unruly mob had gathered in Jerusalem while the lord Jesus was on earth, can they not have properly been dubbed an Ekklesia? Certainly. Climate was the word “Ekklesia” added to the Greek language since a firm of conserved Israelites to be to be dubbed “the Church of God” ~ above the work of Pentecost? (Certainly not. If a crowd of heathen can have to be properly dubbed an Ekklesia or one Assembly before Christ died, climate a agency of oh my god redeemed human being could have been referred to as an Ekklesia the God, or a Church that God, when Christ to be on earth.

Well, the one point all students of words of God room sure; the is, that the Church i m sorry is the human body of Christ is not a structure made of inanimate stones or various other inanimate material. The Church which is the human body of Christ is a building made up of sinners saved by pure and also unadulterated grace, there is no religion. Action 2:8 to 22.


“In Christ when He elevated Him from the dead and set Him in ~ His own right hand in the upper-heavenlies, or super-heavenlies, . . . . And also gave the to be Head end all points to the Church, i beg your pardon is His Body, the fulness of Him that filleth every in all.” Ephesians 1:19 come 22. “They two shall be one flesh; This is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and also the Church.” Ephesians 5:31. “In other eras was no made well-known to the boy of men. . . . That the Gentiles have to be joint-heirs; that the joint Body.” Ephesians 3:5 and also 6. “To do all guys see what is the dispensation of the mystery, which indigenous the beginning of the human being hath been hid in God.” Ephesians 3:9.

Is the holy Spirit, in this verses in Ephesians, speak of a Church the God, or the Church the God, which began before or ~ above the day of Pentecost?

The generally accepted answer to this question amongst Premillenarians is, the the Church of God started historically top top the day of Pentecost and also that that Church of God i m sorry then started is the very same Church that God called in Ephesians and also Colossians, the “Body”. This to teach is sustained by Paul’s Epistle come the Corinthians. An initial Corinthians to be addressed “unto the Church of God.” In ns Corinthians 12:13 we read that “by one spirit are we all baptized right into one body, whether Jews or Greeks.” The dispute is, that the Church of God the the very first chapter is the human body of the twelfth chapter; and that the body of i Corinthians 12:13 is identical with the human body of Ephesians and also Colossians. An additional verse the Scripture used to support the teaching is Ephesians 2:20: “And are built upon the structure of the apostles and also prophets Jesus Christ himself being the cook corner.”

Whether or not Premillenarians think that the Church the God started on the work of Pentecost and also that that Church of God is the same Church or body of Ephesians and also Colossians, they space agreed that the body of Christ go not start historically until Israel, as a nation, was set aside; and they should be agreed that the human body of Ephesians and also Colossians was no in fulfillment of any promise that God made to Israel by the mouth of every one of His holy prophets because the world began. If Israel was set aside, together a nation, top top the work of Pentecost, then indeed the human body of Christ began historically at the time, if no before. If Israel to be not collection aside until after Stephen saw the son of male standing in heaven, or till after action 13:46, climate it is much more than doubtful that body of Christ began historically top top the work of Pentecost or before. Therefore, it appears rather essential that we find the scriptures diligently to find out when the Lord set Israel aside. To it is in sure, the lord on earth said come Israel, “your home is left unto you desolate.” Matthew 23:38 and 39. At that time He handle them as a generation that vipers and as serpents. Yet after Christ prayed, “Father, forgive them”, God spoke to them in an excellent mercy and addressed them, no as serpents, however “ye room the children of the covenants.” action 3:25. God wot the ye did that in ignorance. Therefore, repent. Plot 3:17. This to be to “every among you”, come “all the house of Israel.” action 2:38 . . . Acts 3:26 and Acts 2:36. Their house was no yet desolate. Their temple stood in Jerusalem and also for year after Paul to be converted God allowed him to end up being a Jew come the Jews. For sure God delay the execution of the referee pronounced ~ above the home of Israel, in Matthew 21 and 23 and 25. It remained in the year 60 A.D. The God wrote by the pen that Paul to the Romans worrying the setting aside that Israel, not on the job of Pentecost, however after the thirteenth thing of Acts; perhaps, not absolutely until plot 28:25 to 28. Israel’s house was no an ext desolate in the thirteenth chapter of Acts 보다 in the thirteenth chapter of Matthew. Were the herbal branches any more cut turn off in plot 15:1 come 19 보다 they to be in Matthew 23:34 come 38?

Here is a sensible question: “If Israel was collection aside through the fatality of Christ, if the Kingdom that God to be taken far from Israel through the death of Christ, why did God’s messengers say to Israel, “to friend first”? action 3:26 and Acts 13:46. Why were no Gentiles saved until eight years after the day of Pentecost? plot 11:18. Why to be it unlawful for an Israelite apostle to walk to a Gentile v the blog post until Peter’s housetop vision? action 10:28. Surely us know, with but tiny study, that the dispensation the pure grace because that Jew and also Gentile alike did not begin with Peter’s message on the job of Pentecost. No messenger the grace now would preach come an unsaved Gentile, “repent and be baptized for the remission that sin,” acts 2:38. Neither would certainly he preach to any type of one plot 3:19 come 21.

The teacher who has actually the body of Christ begin historically top top the day of Pentecost has for the regimen of that Body all of the regime of the publication of plot period, indigenous Pentecost till Paul reached Rome. But they discover very tiny of this routine in the human body of Christ today, except in the counterfeit. They have no Scriptural explanation for the absence of the signs and also visions and also miracles and ceremonies that were exercised by the authority of the climbed Christ throughout the thirty years after His death? They must either it is in recovered or described away by one intelligent application of the bibles rightly divided, i m sorry is difficult, if not impossible, if the body of today and the Pentecost Church of God space one and also the same. We have either a different Church today with a different sphere of blessing or the exact same Church v such a various program that it might too be a different Church.

Let us very closely compare Amos 9:11 come 15 v Acts 15:14 come 17, and we shall learn that God by the mouth that His divine prophet told Israel that there was to it is in a called-out agency of Israelites and Gentiles; and also we shall likewise learn that Peter and also James declared that the Church of God the the publication of Acts to be the called-out agency to who Amos referred. A research of the first chapters that the book of Acts must convince us that Peter and also the Eleven to be preaching to none however Israelites, “none various other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say must come:” and also then Peter said, “God made selection among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth need to hear words of the gospel, and also believe.” action 15:7. This referred to Peter’s blog post to the family members of Cornelius; “To Him offer all the prophets witness, that through His surname whosoever believeth in the shall get remission the sins.” action 10:43.

Some years after Peter’s ministry come the Gentiles the Apostle Paul wrote: “I am the apostle of the Gentiles.” Romans 11:13. And around that same time it to be agreed that Peter and his associates need to preach the “circumcision” gospel to the circumcision. Galatians 2:7 and 9. That is no easy issue to recognize Galatians 2:7 come 9 in the light of acts 15:7; uneven we can learn in the bibles that the climbed Lord offered Paul a message and ministry for the Gentiles that superseded His commission come the Twelve. Paul to be the sinner of the mr Jesus Christ because that the Gentiles through the dispensation of grace and with the secret among the Gentiles. Ephesians 3:1 come 9. Colossians 1:27. Peter preached to Israelites and also Gentiles the “traceable” wide range of Christ. The Apostle Paul lastly preached to Gentiles the unsearchable (untraceable) wealth of Christ. Ephesians 3:8. The word analyzed “unsearchable” really method “not to it is in tracked.” consisted of in the “not-to-be-tracked” riches of Christ to be the Body described in Paul’s last Epistles as “the Mystery”.

In the 2nd of acts believers were included to the Church that God. Lock were every Israelites. Around eight years later on the first company of Gentiles was added. Action 11:18. If the called-out firm of acts 15:14 come 17 described the Jews and also Greeks of ns Corinthians 12:13, i was baptized by one Spirit right into one Body, then the one human body of i Corinthians 12:13 have the right to hardly be similar with the body of Ephesians 3:6. Member in the human body of Ephesians 3:6 was a an enig not made known to the prophets that Israel, whereas the saved firm of acts 15:14 to 17 was prophesied in Amos 9:11 come 15.

God’s child made under the law, sent just to the shed sheep of the residence of Israel, was a minister of the circumcision. Galatians 4:4. Matthew 15:24. Romans 15:8. His ministry to Israel was among confirmation; the is, confirming what Israel’s prophets had actually foretold. Romans 15:8. The referred also to a message of salvation because that Gentiles. Romans 15:9. The to adjust of the Twelve, before and also after the death of their Messiah, was also a to adjust of confirmation. Hebrews 2:2 to 5. Come Israel Paul an in similar way preached “none other things than those which the prophets and also Moses walk say need to come.” plot 26:22. “That Christ have to be the very first to climb from the dead and show light unto Israel and the Gentiles.” plot 26:23. So the Apostle Paul had actually a ministry of confirmation, or “traceable” riches of Christ. Yet he had an additional ministry, about which Israel’s prophets knew nothing. He preached amongst the Gentiles the “untraceable” wealth of Christ, worrying the dispensation that the mystery, i m sorry God would have all males to know; due to the fact that He revealed that to and through Paul. Paul had a two-fold ministry; one of confirmation, and also one that revelation. Otherwise we can never reconcile acts 26:22 and Ephesians 3:8 and 9; the “none other things of Israel’s prophets” and also the an enig hid in God from the beginning of the world; the “traceable” and “untraceable” message. Who could learn of the “dispensation of the grace of God” or the the “dispensation the the mystery” by analysis Israel’s Old testimony prophets or the 4 Gospels or the publication of plot or also the first six Epistles from the pen the Paul?

As us said, Premillenarians are normally agreed that the body of Christ did not begin until Israel was collection aside, together a nation. The disagreement is concerning the time of that setting aside, or regarding when the Lord actors the children into darkness, according to Matthew 8:11. Together you carefully study the publication of Matthew and also the book of Acts, can you truthfully say that God sent out any an ext judgment top top Israel in the publication of Acts than he go in Matthew? All deserve to see that He walk after the “Book of Acts” period, but not throughout it. Those who disagree v their Premillenarian brethren the Israel had been collection aside when the job of Pentecost was completely come are referred to as “Ultradispensationalists.” part Ultradispensationalists teach that Paul wrote several Epistles prior to Israel was collection aside, and also in those Epistles he referred to an “Ekklesia”, a called-out” people, Israelites and also Gentiles, which was the subject of prophecy. They teach that Paul wrote numerous Epistles after Israel was actors into darkness generally referred to as his “Prison” Epistles, including Ephesians, Colossians and II Timothy; and that in those Epistles he described an Ekklesia” around which no prophet of Israel wrote. The “Ekklesia” is called “the Church i m sorry is His Body”. The Church was liked in Christ before the foundation of the world. Let us search the bibles diligently to watch whether these points be true. This teaching says “The publication of Acts” Church and also the “Body” Church. Come which of these Churches go the mr Jesus refer once He said, “upon this Rock ns will develop my Ekklesia?” The reason why we feel certain we can correctly price this question is since outstanding holy bible teachers amongst Fundamentalists have chose it for us. To which Church did the mr Jesus refer in Matthew?

The publication of Matthew is a publication of signs and also ceremonies; a message concerning the Kingdom, Matthew is very largely a Jewish Book. However how about the publication of Acts? seven strictly Jewish words, uncovered 86 time in the publication of Matthew, are uncovered 250 times in Acts. The honest, open student of words of God will uncover no much more radical readjust passing the end of Matthew into Acts than he will certainly passing the end of Acts right into Ephesians, Colossians and II Timothy. Signs and also ceremonies and Judaism pass the end of Matthew right into Acts and go with Acts, all the way; however they do not pass from Acts come Ephesians, Colossians and also II Timothy. They space missing; they have actually ceased; something has actually happened.

What taken place to man the Baptist and also the various other saved Israelites who passed away while Jesus of Nazareth to be a guy in the middle of Israel? They absolutely were no members of the body of Christ stated in Ephesians. Come this all Premillenarians space agreed. Were they members of some Church that God? If Israel was collection aside as soon as the Lord claimed to them, “your home is left depend you desolate”, and if the kingdom that God to be then and also there taken indigenous them, and also if the body of Christ go not begin until fifty work after Christ occurred from death, to what agency of conserved Israelites did the thief on the overcome belong? to be he not in the exact same Church that God come which the thousands were included some mainly later? and also concerning the 120 in the upper-room, to be they no members that a Church that God when the Lord remained in their midst as a man? walk they come to be members of a new and different Church the God top top the job of Pentecost? surely they to be a saved group prior to the death of their Messiah and they to be a saved firm after His death. However if any one of them had died before the job of Pentecost, he would certainly have died outside that the Church that God, follow to ours Premillenarian brethren who teach the the Church that God, began on the work of Pentecost. All of us must agree the he would not have passed away as a member that the human body of Christ stated in Ephesians; but we room by no way agreed that they were no members the a Church that God.

If it can have been the such a radical adjust could have taken place on the job of Pentecost, together is teach by our Premillenarian brethren that say that the Church the God began then, and also if it is true the the “Kingdom that God” saved civilization from prior to Pentecost might have became “Church that God” saved people on the day of Pentecost, why can not an same radical change have taken location with the close of the book of Acts period and the saved human being of the Church the God have come to be members of the “Body Church” that the post-Acts Epistles? definitely the Scriptures display that just as radical a readjust took ar at the close of Acts together took location in the second Chapter the Acts.

The Premillennial brethren, who teach the the Church the God began on the day of Pentecost, teach that when Jesus was on earth He offered to Israel the literal physics Messianic Kingdom that was to be, and is to be, created on this earth, according to the mouth of every the holy prophets due to the fact that the human being began. There are countless chapters in Isaiah, Zechariah Micah, Jeremiah, Daniel and the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh chapters the Ezekiel that speak that “these days”. They speak of the same Kingdom “these days” as are mentioned in acts 3:25. Acts speaks of the very same Kingdom on earth that Christ announced in mark 1:14 and also 15. The very same Kingdom is spoken of in Amos 9:11 to 15 and also Acts 15:14 to 18. In fulfillment the the Scriptures, the building contractors rejected the Stone. Together the Kingdom offer was rejected, the attitude of Israel caused the mr to retract the offer and also postpone the Kingdom and change His program and build the One brand-new Man prior to He would lay His hand the 2nd time to gain back the Kingdom come Israel. If Israel had actually received their King and also Kingdom, would certainly there not have been the fulfillment that Joel 2:1 to 18 and also Amos 9:11 come 15? Certainly. Climate if Amos 9:11 to 15 is a Kingdom promise, what has that prophecy to perform with the One brand-new Man of Ephesians 2:15? Did not Israel’s mindset toward God’s sell after the divine Spirit came to witness to them again reason God come postpone fulfillment that the Kingdom routine of acts 15:14 come 17 till after He has actually made the One new Man the Ephesians 2:5. There is no more Scriptural proof the Jesus Christ would have actually taken the throne that David, if Israel had repented before His fatality than that He would have actually taken the throne if Israel had actually repented within a couple of years after His death. Christ to be prophesied for the purpose. Isaiah 9:6 and 7. He to be born for the purpose. Luke 1:29 to 33. He to be resurrected for the purpose. Acts 2:25 come 30. The shall return for that purpose. Plot 15:15 and also 16. Israel garbage the King and the Kingdom in Acts and in Matthew.

Did no the human body of Christ begin after that rejection? walk Acts 15:14 to 17 describe the Body?

Surely Amos and also the various other prophets the Israel did no prophesy concerning the existing position the Christ in the super-heavenlies, far above principality, power and dominion, and also that current position the the members that His Body, sit in and with Christ in the super-heavenlies, described in the Body post in Ephesians 1:4 and also 1:19 come 22 and also 2:5 and 6. That is no so complicated to view that the “Body” Church the Ephesians 1:19 come 22 different from the Church of acts 15:14 to 18, as soon as we research together carefully Amos 9:11 to 15, acts 15:14 come 18 and Ephesians 3:5 to 11. Amos prophesied Gentile salvation through Christ ~ above David’s throne. The Epistle to the Ephesians speak of Gentile salvation v Christ and also His human body seated, not on David’s throne, however in the super-heavenlies. The this human body Amos never ever spake a word. No did any other prophet prior to Christ came, or when He was on earth; no one did the Twelve in their ministry come the residence of Israel throughout the acts period.

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Be a true Berean and also let the holy Spirit lead you come diligently find the Scriptures, and you will certainly rejoice in the two “Buts” in the 2nd Chapter that Ephesians, “But God who is rich in mercy because that the good love wherewith He love us”; and “But now in Christ Jesus”. How wonderful is this post of pure grace; saved, sealed and also seated, all of grace and also all by grace, top top the basis of the shed blood that Christ, there is no religion, legalism, ceremony or ordinance. “They two shall it is in one flesh. I speak a an enig concerning Christ and the Church.”

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