A valence electron is an outer shell electron and may get involved in the formation of a chemical bond. Ok yet how many valence electrons does an atom the Indium have?In the situation of Indiumthe valence electron is1,2,3.

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Now let"s check the facts around Indium...

Indium Overview

Indium Valence Electrons


Atomic Number

49Learn much more about theatomic number.

Atomic Mass

114,818Learn much more about theatomic mass.

Atomic Symbol


State at 20 °C



Rare, really soft, silver-white metal


Used to coat high rate bearings and also as one alloy the lowers the melting allude of other metals. Relativly little amounts are supplied in dental items and in digital semiconductors.

Name Origin

Latin: indicum (color indigo), the color it mirrors in a spectroscope.


Found in details zinc ores.


Discovered By: Ferdinand Reich, T. RichterYear: 1863Location: GermanyWant to learn more details and data about Indium (In)? inspect my Elements an extensive List.


Are you having trouble understanding the basics of atom elements? This video clip will walk friend through:What is one elementWhat is a substanceWhat aspects look likeHow a small variety of atoms can be joined and kind completely various substances

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