Note: only PS4 Energy consumption Without TV

Power intake of game stations 4

The power intake of a Playstation 4 mainly relies on the different modes in i m sorry the console is used. The complying with values ​​are average values ​​and can vary depending on the circumstances. Basically, the complying with data have the right to be recorded:

Switched off: In this mode, just the LED lamp is operated, for this reason the console needs between 0.1 and 0.45 watt per hour.

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Stand-by mode: together a rule, standby mode consumes about 6 to 8 watts. If the online link is switched ON and also the console is law updates and also other downloads or charging the controllers, it offers up to 14 watt per hour.

When switched ON, the values ​​differ depending on the variation of the console: Classic, Slim, or Pro.

1. Power (Power) usage PlayStation 4 Classic

The initial version the the playstations 4 has these power consumption values:

Menu mode: as soon as browsing v the operating menu, the Playstation spend between 80 and also 90 watts per hour.Blu-Ray and video app function: once playing films and videos, e.g. From a Blu-Ray or the VidZone music video service, up come 100 watts are consumed per hourGaming: The game stations is more than likely the most widely supplied for video games. The power intake varies between 140 and 150 watts per hour – but it also depends on the resolution and also the graphic engine of the video game used.

2. Electricity (Power) consumption of the playstation 4 Pro

The Playstation agree is the most an effective version that the playstation 4. It has actually a larger tough drive and a quicker processor and is, therefore, able, among other things, come play the end a greater image resolution and also a much faster frame rate.

Menu mode: At around 75 watts, it is just below the values ​​of the standard Playstation.Blu-Ray and video app function: The Playstation agree uses around 87 watts in this mode and is likewise below the classic Playstation 4.Gaming: With around 165 watts per hour, the console is over the mean value that the classic PS4.

3. Electricity (Power) intake of the playstations 4 Slim

The game stations 4 Slim is ~ above par v the traditional version in regards to its technical devices – however, it is much more compact and consumes less power.

Menu mode: The playstation 4 Slim just needs around 50 watts in this mode and is therefore significantly below the worths ​​of the standard model and also the agree version.Blu-Ray and video app function: In video clip mode, the PS4 Slim has a consumption value of around 55 watts. Here, too, it is significantly below the other PS4 models.Gaming: In gaming mode, the console just consumes around 77 watts per hour, i beg your pardon is almost fifty percent less than the standard model in comparison.Mode:PS4 ClassicPS4 ProPS4 Slim
Menu80-90 Watts75 Watts50 Watts
Blu-Ray100 Watts87 Watts55 Watts
Gaming140-150 Watts165 Watts77 Watts
PS4 standard vs PS4 agree vs PS4 Slim

How to in reality Measure strength Consumption?

Measure strength on your PS4

To measure PS4 electrical energy usage, you can use kill A Watt Meter. That a an equipment that can quickly measure and also monitor any type of electric device to see how much power they use. If you space interested and also want come buy kill A Watt for yourself, you can examine the price ~ above Amazon HERE.

With the device, you can measure a bunch of various other electrical gadgets in her house and also save a many money top top your electricity bill. I would say, quite cool device!

Note: The following tests i run v my PS4 have been done with an original PS4 model. Keep in mind the PS4 „Slim“ uses much less power, and the exact same thing is through PS4 pro (no 4K, etc.)

Test: If you’re utilizing PS4 ~ above a regular LED TV, your gaming session will consume approximately 200 Watts (140 Watt because that the PS4 + 60 Watt because that the TV). The 2h of gaming will use 400 watt-hours, i beg your pardon will expense you around 5 cents (the mean price in the united state per Kilowatt-hour is 13 cents).

Keep in mind that prices may be considerably different in her country. Also, the price will certainly depend top top the form of TV you have (larger LED models consume much more energy). If a united state gamer dram PS4 because that 2 hours a day, every solitary day, that will invest about $18 a year top top electricity top top the play Station.Play terminal 5 is out, therefore if you want to know just how much electrical energy does PS5 use, examine it out!

PS4 Energy usage Modes

How lot power the PS4 spend depends mostly on the operating mode. Since every mode place various demands top top the hardware, the differences are considerable. When the Sony console is on standby, the consumes in between 6 and also 8 watts. When beginning up, the intake increases to about 70 watts. Yet there are also a bunch of other operating modes, i m sorry you can see in the table below.

PS4 Energy consumption on various Operating Modes:

Mode:Watts:Cost every Hour:
PS4 Offline0.1-0.45$0.0001
PS4 Standby6-8$0.0008-0.0010
PS4 Standby (Downloading)70$0.0091
PS4 Idle ~ above Menu80-90$0.0104-0.0117
PS4 Idle v Disc95$0.0123
PS4 Blu-Ray Mode84-100$0.0109-0.0130
PS4 Netflix93$0.0121
PS4 game Install115$0.0150
PS4 Gaming Mode130-160$0.0169-0.021
PS4 video clip Streaming74$0.0096
PS4 Charging Controller+4$0.0005

The worths ​​can of course differ in information – after all, every game has various graphics properties, and also a little an ext power have the right to be consumed throughout an update even in standby mode. Compared come the Xbox, for example, PlayStation 4 works a lot much more efficiently and the uses much less energy. However, the power consumption of the Nintendo Wii is even lower. 

Measured versus the complete consumption of your apartment, it would look prefer this, for example: If you played about two and also a half hours a work in a 2-person household, the PlayStation would account for around 5% of the total energy consumption.

Tips for Saving electricity on the PS4

Save electricity on PS4

It is feasible to reduce the energy consumption of her console if you follow the ideal tips. These savings will not it is in large, but they can absolutely be taken right into account ~ a long time. So why no take advantage of lock if you have that option? 

With these tips you deserve to ensure that your playstation 4 uses much less power:

In the standby mode, part settings deserve to be do to save energy. For example, friend can collection the console not to connect to the Internet in this standby mode, thereby preventing automatic updates. You can additionally switch off the power supply via USB ports for controllers.Use a Blu-ray player to play Blu-rays. Compared to the PlayStation, this just consumes around 20 Watts, i.e. Up to 80 watts much less per hour.Insert a switchable multiple socket. This permits you to switch off every devices fully so that no electricity is required when you are not making use of the console. Make certain to shut under the console fully before switching off the multiple socket (and not to move it to standby mode), otherwise, the Playstation’s tough drive might be damaged. The sleep mode offers more savings. It come in an extremely handy as soon as you pause your game and after a while, you want to choose up precisely where you left off. You can additionally activate that while downloading a brand-new update. 

Average Electricity costs For operating a PS4

How high the electricity expenses for your PlayStation room dependent not just on the power usage of the console but also on your electricity price. With an average electricity price the 13 cent per kWh and also a day-to-day operating time of 3 hours in the menu (dashboard), video, or gaming mode, the playstations 4 Slim comes as the best option and is therefore likewise the most economical in terms of yearly electricity consumption.

With PS4 Slim, gaming because that 3 hrs per day will expense you around $0.0507. In gaming operations, because that example, it deserve to save roughly 42% annually contrasted to the conventional model. The Playstation pro costs roughly 23% more than the standard model.

PlayStation 4 Vs rather – electricity Comparison

If you compare the power usage of the PS4 with that of one upgraded gaming PC, that does quite well. A high-end graphics map alone can contribute to the power intake of a PC when playing gamings with 140 watts and also more. The Xbox One, top top the other hand, is a little an ext economical 보다 the PS4 once gaming. However, top top standby, the Xbox One consumes more electricity. Let’s take it a watch look at how the PS4 stands compared to other gaming consoles in terms of power consumption.

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Console:Watts:Cost every Hour:
PS4 Pro75-160$0.0097- $0.0208
PS4 Slim55-77$0.0072- 0.0098
PS490-150$0.0117- 0.0195
Nintendo Switch10-18$0.0013- 0.0023
Xbox One X65-180$0.0085-0.0234
Xbox One S35-90$0.0046-0.0117
Xbox One70-120$0.0091-0.0156
Wii U35$0.0046
Xbox 360 S90$0.0117
Gaming Consoles electrical ConsumptionThe opportunity that much more energy will certainly be used later with much more demanding games
Power (Electricity) intake Diagram the PS4

Final Thoughts

We can see that the power usage of the PS4 counts on a couple of factors, such together the playstation model, the setting of operation, and the price of power in the state in which friend live. However, taking right into account the simple data, we deserve to say that during 2 hrs of playing, your electricity intake will be around 400 watts, i m sorry is approximately 5 cents. I hope you have actually learned and gained a much better insight right into the usage of your game console in this article. If friend have extr questions, feel cost-free to leave a comment.