When creating something, several of you may have a certain variety of characters the you great to use. As well many and your work will be too long, as well few, and it i will not ~ be long enough. So friend decide the the total variety of characters you wish to use is 1000.

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How countless words is 1000 characters?What is a character?Getting words out of 1000 charactersHow to acquire lots of wordsHow to gain fewer wordsA pair of Jokes: and also why lock wrongCharacters vs WordsCharactersWordsHow come reduce personalities as lot as possibleWhy any type of of this mattersConclusion

How plenty of words is 1000 characters?

1000 personalities will typically consist that 140-150 words. However, this is under the assumption each word has actually an mean of 5 letters, and you stick to the most simple and standard of punctuation.The shortest words in our language room “I” and also “A”, and also the longest is “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”, a kind of disease that ns don’t recognize enough around diseases to talk about.

In this article, I want to speak a bit around what characters are, why castle matter, whether they matter an ext than words, and why I’m composing this post in the an initial place.


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What is a character?

Let’s start at the an extremely beginning, and shot to number out what a character is. Many of united state will have the ability to agree that all numbers and letters qualify together characters. However, walk you know that all punctuation marks, from full stops to semicolons qualify as characters?Other points that counting as personalities include every mathematical symbols, gaue won symbols, and also abbreviates (such together “&”). Foreign letter joinings such together “œ” and “ß” count as one character- not two.

If we usage examples, “hey there im john” is 17 characters. But if we kind out the grammar errors, and readjust it come “Hey there, ns John”, us bump it approximately 19.There is part debate about whether spaces qualify as characters- castle don’t!

Getting words the end of 1000 characters

How to obtain lots of words

You may uncover yourself in a situation where girlfriend only have actually 1000 characters, however you must write an ext more 보다 150 words.There are numerous things you have the right to do to assist you.

The first, and most obvious, is to always use the shortest words girlfriend can. For example, rather of saying “in bespeak to”, try saying “to”. And instead of “utilise”, simply “use” will do.You should likewise use punctuation as tiny as possible.This form of writing might be ideal for a stupider (or younger) audience.

How to acquire fewer words

On the other hand, you could have a limit of 1000 characters yet find that even 140 native is as well many.

In this case, shot and use lengthier words. Rather of words prefer “nice”, try saying “fantastic”, “lovely”, “delicious”, “extravagant”.Also, don’t be afraid to it is in adventurous v your punctuation. The an ext punctuation you have, the an ext characters you will use up.Writing in this means will be beneficial when writing quick reads for civilization of high intelligence.

A pair of Jokes: and also why castle wrong

If we transform the an interpretation of characters, we can ever so slightly adjust the answer. Because that example, if us define characters of “fictional beings” the answer would certainly be closer come “1000”. However, this hoax is slightly factually inaccurate as plenty of names consists of more than one word.

“Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck” space both two. “The incredible Hulk” is three, and also that’s no to mention all of the “X that Y” characters that girlfriend get.Another hoax answer come “How plenty of words is 1000 characters” is 2, “1000” and “characters”. Yet this is also technically wrong as “1000” is a number, no a word. And even if us spell that out, it would be “one thousand”, i m sorry is two characters.

Characters vs Words


There will certainly be some situations where knowing just how many personalities you need will be an ext important than discovering how countless words you’ll be needing.The ideal example of this I have the right to think the is as soon as you’ve been told to write “One web page in Times brand-new Roman, dimension 12”. If each character is (approximately) the same size, you’ll have actually a better idea of how numerous can fit into one page.

Also, when you require something to just take increase a certain variety of bytes. Top top your computer system or website, the fewer characters you use, the under bytes you’ll be using.


There will, however, it is in other instances where words count will certainly be of an ext use come you than character count.Most that the time, when given a writing task by who else, they are far an ext likely come tell united state how countless words we want than how many characters. It may also be helpful if you end up having actually to use much longer words 보다 you supposed to.

How to reduce personalities as much as possible

Maybe her aim is simply to usage as couple of characters as possible to gain your message across. This is many likely due to the fact that you’re making use of an app that has actually a character limit.

One good way of doing this is to usage abbreviations. For example, you can say “brb” instead of “be right back”. Or you could say “omg” rather of “oh my god”.You can additionally abbreviate words “and” with symbols such together “+,& or n”.Brackets can also aid you to shorten sentences. For example, you can say “I burritos for having lunch (my favourite meal) today” rather of “I had burritos for having lunch today, burritos space my favourite meal”.

Why any of this matters

Now, I’m certain there will be several of you that will be wondering what the suggest in this whole post is. And that does make sense, characters probably aren’t what most of united state want the news to it is in talking about today.

However, understanding what characters and also how you have the right to maximise or minimise castle can assist us to acquire a much better grip of our own, and also other languages. That can help you to decide whether you would rather emphasis on indigenous or characters.

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When us talk around “characters”, we’re not talking about Mickey Mouse, we’re talking around letters, numbers, dot marks, gaue won symbols, and mathematical symbols. Even though top top average, you deserve to expect to get in between 140-150 words the end of 1000 characters, you can additionally use shorter words to gain more, or longer words to get less.