you re welcome note: The heat count might differ 보다 the number of lines in the textbox over but as soon as copy and pasted will match the line count on the UCAS application.

UCAS an individual Statement Requirements

No longer than 4000 characters. No longer than 47 lines. Every line can be no much longer than 94 characters. (Our character counter over already has actually a max line size of 94 personalities unless otherwise noted.) personalities include spaces, carriage returns, and also punctuation.

To see added features consisting of word count, i count, space count and much more use the character respond to on our house page.

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How to usage our UCAS an individual statement checker

To use our tool merely copy and paste your personal statement right into the text-box above.

At the top, you will see two metrics displayed. The an initial metric ~ above the left is the total personalities you've typed the end of the limit of 4,000 characters.

The 2nd metric on the ideal is the variety of lines your text contains out the the max the 47 lines. The UCAS permits a maximum of 94 characters per line, which our line count feature already takes right into consideration.

To make it easier you have the right to click the eco-friendly "copy text" switch to copy the message in the message box. Girlfriend can also click the red "clear text" button to delete all the text in the text-box.

Why use an digital UCAS an individual statement checker?

Reason number one: The character count attribute in Microsoft Word will not give you an accurate reading. The reason is the Word does not count the carriage return (also known as the go into key) as a character while UCAS does count it as a character. The trouble is that this will reason Word to underestimate the character count. This could reason your essay not to be able to submit when you shot to upload it. If something it would be better to overestimate the word count on word that way it will certainly fit. Our personal statement checker but will offer you the same count together UCAS.

It can be helpful to view the character count in real-time as you space typing your an individual statement. This means you are constantly reminded of exactly how long her essay is. If you are not paying fist it deserve to be basic to lose track of how long her essay is and also go over the limit. Our tool makes it easier to be mindful of the length and easy to cut ago if necessary.


How many personalities in a personal statement?

UCAS needs 4,000 characters in their an individual statement. Usage our an individual statement checker above to watch if your essay meets the requirements.

How countless words in a UCAS an individual statement

UCAS has actually a character limit of 4,000 characters. This translates to about 615 to 800 words.

How numerous words is 4000 characters?

4,000 personalities is about 615 to 800 words. For an ext Characters come Words conversions, examine out our personalities To words Converter.

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Does the personal statement personality limit encompass spaces?

Yes, that does incorporate spaces and carriage returns. Examine your statement through our an individual statement checker above.

Thanks for utilizing our UCAS an individual statement checker!

We evaluate you taking the moment to check your personal statement using our webpage. Together you know, this is a really important college applications essay to get into brothers universities. UCAS represents Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and also is what the UK provides for the college applications process. An excellent luck on your an individual statement!