While most human being dream of play in the NBA, now there’s another dream some room wishing come true. NBA Floor Cleaner. Follow to Basketball-Reference, the average player salary for 2020/21 season is $8.2 million. The average salary for an NBA Floor Cleaner is $80 grand. Twitter to be up in arms over this stat, through many people wondering, exactly how the hell perform we apply?

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Who knew clean sweat off the hardwood would pay therefore well. Twitter reacted accordingly.

Check the end all the tweets below:

New goal in life.. Become a nba floor cleaner. Mr silver hire ya young! I require a task pic.twitter.com/fbgfvSdHoM

— BrewCrew (
ReelingInDubz) June 24, 2021

I want to it is in a NBA floor cleaner!! pic.twitter.com/RTsX8YMGAM

— Lang