Whether that a burned or a house, shingling a brand-new roof is a big job. Understanding just how much does a bundle of shingles weigh will help you to plan the delivery and installation the the new shingles. If you’re replacing an old roof, climate calculating the weight of the old shingles is crucial part of plan for your disposal.

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The mean bundle the 3-tab asphalt shingles weighs in between 60 and also 80 pounds every bundle, while deluxe architectural shingles, which are denser than typical 3-tab shingles, deserve to weigh 70 to 100 pounds every bundle.

In this article, we’ll research what factors influence the weight of a bundle of shingles and also how knowing that load can aid you calculation the load of the new roofing you’ll be installing on your house or shed.


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How much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh?

What Is a Bundle that Shingles?

Most shingles are marketed in bundles. A bundle that shingles is a package the includes about 33.3 square feet the shingles. There room 26 conventional shingles in a bundle.

A bundle the shingles made up one-third the a roofing square. Because a roofing square is 100 square feet the shingles, you’ll require three bundles because that every 100 square feet the roofing.

If she calculating exactly how much a bundle that shingles weighs, it’s most likely due to the fact that you’re do the efforts to identify the weight of the brand-new roofing you arrangement to placed on a melted or home.

How much Does a Bundle that Shingles Weigh?

A bundle of typical 3-tab shingles weighs in between 60 and also 80 pounds, depending on the quality and type of shingle. Because it takes 3 bundles to fill one square, you can reasonably mean 100 square feet that roof shingles come weigh between 180 and 240 pounds.

Many determinants determine the load of a bundle of shingles, consisting of type–3-tab, architectural, hip and also ridge cap, and synthetic slate. A bundle of architectural shingles can weigh around 20 pounds much more than a three-tab shingle bundle.

Why is load so important? If you’re installation shingles, it offers you an idea of exactly how much product needs to be hauled from the home improvement store to her property and also onto the roof that the melted or home.

This can dictate whether it’s precious it to transfer this product yourself or pay because that it come be ceded to your property.

Understanding the load of a bundle that shingles will certainly also permit you to arrangement for their installation.

Hauling a dozen or much more bundles that roofing to a second story is a job that requirements to be well planned and also prepped to be executed safely. Hauling shingles that weigh between 60 and also 80 pounds up a ladder is no basic feat (professional roofing companies regularly use conveyors to load bundles the shingles to the roof) and may call for the rental that a lift.

How you place roofing shingles top top the roof during installation is also critical factor to consider. When stacking bundles of roofing shingles on the ground might be fine, they must be evenly spread when transported to the roof instead of stack in one place.

Stacking 70-pound majority on the roof could put thousands of pounds of pressure on one component of the roof, leading to damage.

Understanding just how much a bundle weighs deserve to also aid you determine whether you can shingle end an old roof by enabling you to calculation the an unified weight of the old shingles to add the brand-new shingles.

If she removing the old shingles, understanding exactly how much a bundle weighs will help you calculate what dimension dumpster you need for garbage removal.

By effectively estimating the amount of garbage roofing material you’ll be disposing of, you have the right to rent the right size dumpster.

Given the fact that roofing waste will pile an extremely densely into a dumpster, you’re much more than likely to reach the dumpster’s weight capacity before the waste shingles reach the lip that the dumpster.

Adding come this intricacy of dumpster rental space overage fees. If you fill the dumpster beyond its capacity, most dumpster rental carriers charge a fee, which deserve to be as lot as $175 per ton.

Overloading a dumpster could even damage it, forcing you come foot the price of a brand-new one.

3 Tab Shingles

A 3 tab shingle attributes three cutouts or tabs follow me the shingle’s bottom edge. The shingle is made to look choose three separate pieces but is one large piece.

3 Tab shingles typically weigh between 60 and 80 pounds per bundle, or 180 to 240 pounds per square, i beg your pardon we understand is 100 square feet that shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are periodically referred to together dimensional or laminated shingles. They are of greater quality than typical three-tab shingles and feature a thick fiberglass base and ceramic-coated granules. Together such, lock are likewise heavier 보다 three-tab shingles.

One bundle of architectural shingles weighs between 70 and 80 pounds or 210 to 240 pounds every square.

Hip and also Ridge cap Roofing Shingles

Ridge and hip lid shingles room specially designed shingles to cover the roof’s ridge.

Unlike typical 3-tab and architectural shingles, hip and ridge cap roofing shingles are offered by the linear foot. There room 20 linear feet of hip and ridge cap roofing shingles in a bundle. A bundle of ridge cap shingles weighs about 60 pounds.

Synthetic Slate Shingles

Synthetic shingles have actually the look of real slate shingles however do not use actual slate stone. Instead, these modern-day slate shingles space made the rubber and also plastic designed to look like the real thing.

Synthetic slate shingles are considerably lighter 보다 the real thing but still weigh around 1.25 pounds every shingle, which converts to around 67 pounds every bundle or about 200 pounds per square. In comparison, a genuine slate roof deserve to weigh a staggering 800 to 1,500 pounds every square.

What Is a Square that Shingles?

To calculate the load of a bundle, it’s essential first to recognize what a roofing square is. A roofing square is merely 100 square feet of roof. For example, an 800-square-foot roof is 8 roofing squares.

How much Does a Square the Shingles Weigh?

Since a square that shingles constitutes three bundles, come determine just how much a square of shingles weighs, main point the load of the bundle time three. A bundle of 3-tab shingles weighing between 60 and also 80 pounds per bundle would weigh between 180 and 240 pounds every square.

How execute You calculate the load of a Bundle?

We currently know the a bundle that shingles constitutes 1/3 the a roofing square. So, ours 800-square foot roof would need 24 bundles of shingles (8 squares x 3).

If we’re talking about standard three-tab shingles, i beg your pardon weigh between 60 and also 80 pounds every bundle, climate we can determine the load of all of the shingles on the roof. The load of 24 majority of 3-tab shingles would be between 1,440 (24 bundles x 60 pounds) and 1,920 pounds (24 majority x 80 pounds).

That total weight likewise depends on an additional factor: layers. Most local structure codes enable for 2 layers the shingles top top roofs with a 4/12 key or less and also up to three layers the shingles or much more sharply pitched roofs.

If you’re installation a new roof end an old one, multiply the total weight the the shingles because that the whole roof by the variety of layers.

So, in our example above. An 800-square foot roof v two layers of 3-tab shingles would certainly weigh in between 2,400 and 2,880 pounds.

Other factors can also influence weight. Shingles the are an ext worn out and also have lost a far-reaching amount of their grit will certainly weigh much less than newer shingles.

Shingles weight Calculator

If mathematics was never your strongest subject in school, then usage an digital calculator to assist you. Numerous dumpster rental services carry out calculators that help you identify the load of your shingle waste and how huge a dumpster you’ll should haul it away.

How plenty of Square Feet does a Bundle of Shingles Cover?

For installing a new roof, it may be helpful to know precisely how much area a bundle of shingles covers. This will assist you location the majority strategically because that installation by minimizing the variety of times you need to move them.

We know that a roofing square is 100 square feet the roof and that that takes 3 bundles to cover that area. V that in mind, a bundle the shingles covers 33.33 square feet.

How to estimate Shingles load for her Roof?

Replacing conventional 3-tab asphalt shingles ~ above a roof with new 3-tab asphalt shingles, girlfriend don’t have to worry around putting extr load ~ above the roof.

However, if her roofing a brand-new structure, adding layer of shingles come an existing structure, or space upgrading old 3-tab shingles ~ above a roof to a heavier product such as architectural shingles or fabricated slate shingles, climate it’s important to know exactly how much load the shingles will add to avoid overloading the roof.

To carry out this, you’ll need to begin by calculating the square clip of the roof. You can achieve this by measure the length and also width of every roof face.

For example, a melted with a flat roof that measures 10×16 would have actually a total roof square footage of 160 square feet.

For more complex roofs v dormers and also hip roofs, break up the roof right into squares and triangles. Because that each triangle, lot of the height times the broad of the base, then divide by two to come up with the area.

Measure the area of each square and also triangle, then include all the the areas up come come up with an calculation for your roof square footage.

Once you know the square footage, recognize how countless roofing squares girlfriend have. That burned with the 10×16 roof has 1.6 roofing squares (160/100). Rounding up, that means there are about 5 majority of shingles top top the melted roof.

If these room three-tab asphalt shingles, this adds up to between 300 and 400 pounds.

Keep in mind that determining the load of the roof lid shingles ~ above an present roof is different than calculating the weight of typical shingles. Remember, roof cap shingles room measured linearly v 20 direct feet the hip and ridge lid roofing shingles in a bundle.

Therefore, a roof through 40 feet the ridge caps would equate to 2 bundles the ridge lid shingles. Since a bundle that ridge lid shingles weighs around 60 pounds, that equates to 120 pounds precious of ridge lid shingles.


Knowing how much a bundle that shingles weighs is critical when installing brand-new shingles. It permits you come calculate how much load the shingles will include to her roof, plan the distribution of the shingles, and also coordinate your installation.

If you’re instead of an old roof, understanding just how much a bundle that shingles sweet will allow you to calculation the load of the old shingles accurately, for this reason you have the right to purchase the best dumpster size for the garbage removal. To do this calculation, you require to know how heavy a bundle that shingles weighs.

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The guidelines in this post will aid you identify the weight of a bundle that shingles and explain how to use that details to calculation the load of the shingles top top your house or shed.