Well, you in luck! This write-up contains a cost-free civil engineering based calculator that will provide you a fairly accurate estimate of your residence weight.

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However – I understand this is the internet, and also people want quick answers, for this reason let’s start with part averages.

This is how much one average house weighs, depending upon the square footage:

House Area (sq. Ft)House weight (lbs)

Of course, the over house weights can only ever be ballpark figures. Every residence is unique and special (just favor us).

Use the calculator below for a more accurate approximation of her home’s weight.

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1House weight Calculator
2House weight Estimates: calculate Guideline
2.1Dead Loads
2.2How much Do Floors Weigh?
2.3Live Loads
3House load by lot of Storys

House weight Calculator

This calculator was placed together according to the American society of civil Engineer’s (ASCE) design Guide. Specifically, chapter 3: design Loads because that Residential Buildings.

If she wondering, i’m the author and also am a qualified polite Engineer. Granted this is more than likely the many approximate collection of calculations I’ve ever put together, yet it should give you a reasonable ball-park figure of just how much your home weighs.

All you need to do is monitor the input below.

That’s a entirety lot of weight!

House weight Estimates: calculation Guideline

Looking to understand exactly how the calculator works?

Maybe she cussing me thinking I’ve traction numbers the end of thin air, or are simply curious around the exactly how it works. Well, stop dive in come the details.

All the assumed weights themselves are hidden to save the calculator being overly long, for this reason I’ll walk with them here.

Dead Loads

Otherwise well-known as revolution loads, these are the tons are indigenous the structure itself. Castle aren’t expected to adjust throughout the lifetime of the structure – lock the same on day 1 together they are on year 50.

The drop-down perform inputs in the calculator correlates to the below values:

Table 3.4 native ASCE Minimum style Loads: thing 3

When it pertained to flooring, keeping the calculator simple meant that all floor tons are suspect to be 40psf, per keep in mind 4. The garage is added separately – removing the indistinguishable floor fill area from the very first story.

Decks and balconies merely calculated from your area inputs, and the roof/attic loads are similarly applied depending on the input. Stairs are assumed to it is in 2ft vast by 12ft long, v 1 staircase for a 2-story building, 2 because that a 3-story building, etc.

These live lots are likely way too heavy than in reality.

Since we’re working from a civil engineering style guide, this was constantly going to be the case. As engineers we err in the direction of the worst-case situation, for this reason these approximates are in ~ the heavy finish of the spectrum.

If you take a look at the room approximately you, it’s most likely you have actually less than 40lbs of weight per square foot from items alone.

The just accurate different would it is in to truly measure up all the items in your home. Acquisition a percentage off these heavy estimates could work, yet pulling numbers out of slim air no exactly motivated when it involves load calculations!


The last estimation is a custom one, i beg your pardon is concerned the exterior and interior walls.

Asking you to tally increase the full length the your walls would it is in too lot for a basic online calculator. Instead, ns assume the the size of her exterior wall surface is approximately equal to the sides of your home area together a square. Because that example, if your residence is a 1,000 sq. Ft area, climate it would around equal a 100ft x 100ft square. Meaning you would have approximately 400ft of exterior wall surfaces (per floor).

Interior walls room the same, assuming that 2 sets the perpendicular wall surfaces run v the home on every floor. In other words, two inner walls running throughout the home, and also two walls running up and also down – a complete of 4 spanning across the home, per floor. This might be a little of one overestimation, yet again it’s far better to be conservative.

House weight by lot of Storys

One typical question is just how much does a story add to a house’s weight.

Well, thanks to the calculator, we can uncover out!

Here are the numbers because that a share 2,000 square foot house with differing floors. Every story adds roughly 100,000lbs of raised weight. This is due to the added floor, wall, and furniture weight on every story.

StorysTotal weight (lbs)


Sometimes in life, we ask a ridiculous concern that has actually no right to it is in answered.

‘How lot do friend think our house weighs?’ is among those questions.

I hope this rapid guide has satisfied your curiosity, or helped give you a ball-park figure for rental some home movers.

Please bear in mind this numbers space all approximations. That being said, whatever in this write-up is follow to the ASCE architecture guide, therefore the numbers do have some merit!

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