One the the most asked questions we get on a everyday basis about sod is “how lot does a pallet the sod weigh”? The answer different on the kind of sod in question. So below we have actually addressed the load for the majority of sod types you can buy from ranches or a neighborhood greenery.

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A single pallet have the right to weigh almost everywhere from 1500 to 3000 pounds, the weight deserve to increase by up to 50% relying on soil content, moisture, and also other factors.

Overall, on typical a pallet that sod weighs in between 1500-3000lbs

Bermuda Sod Pallet – 1750lbsSt. Augustine Grass Pallet – 3000lbs
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How numerous Square Feet go A Pallet that Sod Cover?
Why go Sod come on Pallets?
an overview of Pallet sizes
various Sod cuts
big Rolls
big Rolls Coverage and Weight
Mini rolfes
Mini Hand roll Coverage and also Weight
Slab Pallet Coverage and also Weight

Get St. Augustine Plugs Online

Check out SodSolutions come order St. Augustine plugs and also have them sent directly to her door from regional sod farms.

Sod, which is additionally known together turf, is living grass that offers a rapid solution for landscaping without having to wait for grass seed come grow.

If she looking to landscape or improve the yard or lawn that you currently have, girlfriend will need a big amount of sod. Happen the sod itself to your place is easier said 보다 done. Unequal grass seed, the sod comes on a hefty pallet.

How numerous Square Feet does A Pallet of Sod Cover?

Sod prices space usually through pallet, through pallet size varying in between 400 square feet and also 700 square feet. In regards to coverage, the area relies on the specific cut that sod. Slabs usually cover between 380 and also 510 square feet. Mini rolls range from 400 and also 500 square feet while big rolls can reach in between 500 and 700 square feet.

The price of a pallet will rely on the selection of grass you buy and also where you purchase it. Girlfriend should also factor shipment costs, i beg your pardon will commonly be higher the aside from that you space away indigenous the ar where friend purchased the sod.One the the best places to buy sod digital is indigenous SodSolutions. Examine out every the different types of sod you deserve to have yielded to your door or task site.

Why go Sod come on Pallets?

While the sod is straightforward to store and also transport there is no damage, pallets are heavy and also unwieldy. Thus fact, you need to understand how much sod weighs, and also how much you have to cover the area that you will certainly landscape.


Slabs are the default reduced for harvesting sod.

A slab is 24 inches lengthy by 16 inch wide. Each item weighs around 10-11 pounds, and it have the right to cover just over 2.5 square feet.

Slab Pallet Coverage and also Weight

Most slab pallets range from 400 come 500 square feet, with typical grass varieties being zoysia, Bermuda, centipede, and also St. Augustine.

The most essential thing come note here is the price every square foot that coverage, quite than every pallet.


A plug or sprig is the most usual mode the storage and also transportation for warm-season grass. This grasses are planted vegetatively rather than by seed.

This planting technique is since they are frequently hybrid grasses that perform not produce viable seeds. Plugs are tiny bits of rhizomes and live tribe that acquire planted in the soil, fertilized, and also watered.

They take it up to 3 months to cover an area, but the development rate counts on the weather and also the selection of grass. Sprigs might be hand planted for small areas, yet they require mechanical planting for larger spaces.

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You may also be interested in planting low or no-mow grasses in locations where its difficult to gain a mower come or if you just don’t desire to mow that often.