The price the carrots in ~ Fred Meyer this week: whole carrots in a 5-lb bag for $3.49 or 69 cents/lb, or cut and peeled infant carrots in a 3-lb bag likewise for $3.49 or $1.16/lb. Basically, if girlfriend buy the totality carrots in ~ Fred Meyer this week, you obtain 2 added pounds of carrots when compared to the infant carrots.I buy mine carrots at smart Foodservice/Cash & Carry. As soon as bought in 10 lb bags, whole carrots space $4.49 or 45 cents/lb. The largest bag of baby carrots in ~ Cash & bring is the 5-lb one, and also it sells for $4.29 or 86 cents/lb. So in ~ Cash & Carry, i pay 20 cents much more to acquire 5 extra pounds the carrots once buying them whole/

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Here"s exactly how I to buy carrots -- 10 lb bags of entirety carrots at smart Food Service/Cash & bring (a wholesaler open up to the public with prices similar to club warehouses).I reap the ease of baby carrots. However, the expense (at virtually twice the price of whole carrots) is beyond a small budget. Granted, over there is some waste as soon as peeling and also trimming the ends from whole carrots. I give a generous estimate to the rubbish at about 1/10th come 1/15th the the load of a totality carrot; tho not enough to justify the purchase of baby carrots because that me.

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So, what carry out I execute to make entirety carrots much more accessible for all of our household members and also without a big time investment on mine part? i take about a dozen carrots at a time and peel and trim, then place them in a plastic bag in the fridge. Family members members are then cost-free to reduced into sticks, chunks, slices, or eat whole. (We"ve all been sporting the Bugs Bunny look at in current weeks, chomping on entirety carrots.) If ns had little children who were no adept at utilizing sharp knives, obviously I"d reduced carrots right into sticks because that them.I have to say, this is really functioning for me. As soon as I see that the bag the ready-carrots is close to empty, i take about 5 or so minutes to peel and trim a dozen. There are about 3 come 4 dozen carrots in a 10-lb bag. In total, ns spend around 20 to 30 minute peeling and also trimming a complete bag that carrots. I save around $3.70 to $3.80 per 10-lb bag of carrots once I peel and also trim them myself (this includes the waste of the peels and also ends). That"s a savings of $3.70 come $3.80 for 30 minutes of manual time, or one "hourly wage" of $7.40 to $7.60.There"s an included financial bonus to making our totality carrots an ext user trusted -- members that our family members are much more likely to grab a carrot (which is an inexpensive veggie) than part frozen peas or eco-friendly beans (which are at least twin the price of carrots) for their lunches.This principle of buying carrots in a basic and entirety state, climate transforming them into something much more user-friendly offers considerable savings for various other commonly-bought vegetables. To compare the price of totality potatoes come frozen French fries. Entirety potatoes can be made right into oven fries relatively easily and also replace the commercially-prepared frozen French fries in ~ a fraction of the cost. Bagged whole potatoes are right now selling for about $2 per 10-lb bag in mine area. Frozen French fries sell for around $1.99/32-oz bag at Fred Meyer. Including oil, salt, and also electricity because that the oven, cooktop fries made from whole potatoes expense no more than 30 cents per pound. That"s less than 1/3 the price of the ready potato product.Look at the price of bagged lettuce. An typical head that Romaine lettuce weighs in between 21 and also 22 ounces. At Fred Meyer this week, a plain, unpackaged full head of Romaine lettuce is marketing for $1.79. So, what around the waste as soon as washing and also trimming a entirety head of Romaine lettuce? ns would provide a guess at around 1 oz per head. (BTW, I use a good portion of the core when making salads, through slicing thin and also cutting into matchsticks,as I explained in this post.) So, after ~ the ns of 1 ounce, a head that Romaine costsbetween $1.36 and also $1.43 every pound. This week, the Kroger brand that bagged leafy Romaine lettuce is offering for $2.79 for a 10-oz bag, and also the Dole brand the bagged, chopped Romaine is marked at $4.99 because that a 32-oz bag. The Kroger bagged lettuce is $4.46 per pound and the Dole bagged Romaine is $2.49 per pound. The Kroger lettuce is about 3 time the expense per pound of a simple head that Romaine! if the Dole bagged Romaine, while lot cheaper than the Kroger, is still virtually twice the price per lb of the basic, unprepared head of Romaine.I perform sometimes uncover bagged salad on markdown. However, the 10-oz bagged Kroger Romaine lettuce would have to be marked down come 85 to 89 cents to break even with the complete head price, and the bagged Dole Romaine marked down to around $2.72 come $2.86 per 32-oz bag. Therefore far, the shortest price i have ever seen short-dated Kroger 10-oz bags is 99 cents. Even after markdown, a full head of lettuce is still much less expensive every pound than the bagged.Washing a head the lettuce probably takes about 10 minutes of manual time. I can fill my large sink through water, peel the Romaine pipeline off one at a time and include to the water, swish them all approximately gently, then drain well. As soon as I to wash lettuce to store in the fridge, i wrap the washed leaves in a large, but very thin, cotton dish towel, climate I place the bundle in a plastic bag. Lettuce stored this method will save in the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days. Pre-chopping the lettuce will certainly shorten the warehouse life, therefore I normally leave the chopping to the critical minute. It"s the washing and also drying that appears to take time.There is absolutely a place and time because that convenience create items. They can save money if the alternate is a restaurant or also an cheap take-out meal. The time-savings might be much more valuable 보다 the financial save in some circumstances. However for my small grocery budget, I can buy more wholesome, quality foodstuffs for my family by law the prep job-related myself.