If you’ve been thinking around buying a Shih Tzu, and also who might blame you, you could be wondering just how much does a Shih Tzu cost at PetSmart? It makes sense the you would desire to buy a puppy in ~ the place where you will most most likely buy all your pet supplies. However, there is a difficulty with this idea.

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How much Does a Shih Tzu cost at PetSmart?

The fact is, PetSmart doesn’t actually market dogs or even Shih Tzus however don’t fear, over there is a means to acquire a Shih Tzu at PetSmart.

Adopt A pet | PetSmart Charities

While PetSmart no actually sell Shih Tzus, they execute offer fostering days for every kinds of dogs and Shih Tzus.You have the right to go to PetSmart and also see the dogs and puppies and also even connect with them. If you uncover one that you want to adopt, then you will need to fill out an application and also have a home visit.What this means is girlfriend can’t embrace a Shih Tzu as PetSmart and also take it residence with you appropriate then and also there.There is a little bit of a procedure that friend will have to go through, but trust me, it will be precious it as soon as you get your bundle of happiness home.Adoption fees will adjust depending on what part of the country you live in, however you deserve to expect come pay almost everywhere from $250 dollars to $350 dollars to take on a Shih Tzu through the PetSmart charities or elsewhere.If you can’t discover the Shih Tzu girlfriend are searching for at PetSmart the great news is over there are other options.

Find her Shih Tzu in ~ PetFinder.com

A an excellent place to adopt a Shih Tzu is PetFinder.com. This is wherein I obtained my Shih Tzu called Sammy. (You have the right to learn an ext about Sammy here.)Sammy was in between 8 and 11 months old. Lock couldn’t pond it down any kind of closer than that, yet she to be still a puppy.
Unfortunately, she had been badly abused and also neglected. She to be on death’s doorstep once she to be rescued. Her owner hadn’t fed her in a long time and also she to be trying to feed herself by eat sticks and also dirt. It was terrible.Also, her paws were so matted that she couldn’t walk and she had bald point out on she back. I don’t know how anyone might treat together a sweet puppy in this manner. It provides me furious, fairly frankly, however don’t gain me started on that.Anyway, ns was happy to have the ability to give she a great home.The adoption fee to be $250 dollars and well worth the money.You may or might not be able to find a puppy on PetFinder.com. It will depend on what Shih Tzus are easily accessible at the time.There are benefits of buying a tires Shih Tzu. They will most most likely be housebroken and also trained. If you are older or unable to take treatment of a bundle of energy that all puppies are, climate an larger dog might fit your way of life a bit better.
Does a Shih Tzu come to be Less Social as it Ages?

Buying a Shih Tzu Puppy from a Breeder

Another alternative is buying your puppy indigenous a Shih Tzu breeder. If you go this path you desire to make sure that they are over board and also treat their dogs well and also aren’t a puppy mill.Adopting is always the best selection when gaining a Shih Tzu or any other dog, yet if you want to walk this path be certain to perform your early out diligence prior to buying.I got my an initial Shih Tzu, Truman, from a breeder. (You can learn much more about Truman here.)I didn’t know about PetFinder.com in ~ the time. I visited their house and also checked whatever out. It was clear they no a puppy mill. They retained the couple of dogs they had inside your home and they were an extremely well treated.Truman was in reality a litter of one, so he was pretty spoiled. 

Cost of a Shih Tzu Puppy

If you decision to to buy a puppy indigenous a breeder you have the right to expect come pay everywhere from $600 dollars come $1,000 dollars.I have to admit the is funny to carry home an adorable little Shih Tzu puppy. Of course, they are likewise a lot of work, and housetraining a Shih Tzu is never basic or fast job.
I met Truman once he to be a week old. The breeders also enabled me to come and visit him prior to he to be old enough to take home.That’s likewise a great sign that the breeder is reputable. I lugged him residence when he to be eight mainly old and he has actually been v me ever before since. 

Why You must Never buy a Shih Tzu native a Puppy Mill

You need to be really mindful when girlfriend buy native a breeder or native a pet store.Many that the puppies you view at pet stores have actually come indigenous a puppy mill. You can be paying $1,000 dollars because that a dog the will have actually serious health concerns during that is life. Not to point out that the parents will be living in terrible conditions.The mom will it is in overbred and even bred through its very own siblings and offspring.This likewise leads come health issues for the puppies.Puppies that have grown up in puppy mills will certainly not be socialized or have any human contact. This have the right to cause behavior problems because that the puppy as it grows.The fact is, puppy mills space the scourge that the planet, and also you will want to execute all you have the right to to prevent them and the puppies they produce.If enough dog owners perform so, then possibly one day, they will certainly all be out of business.
Related Questions:

Do You have to Pay to adopt a Dog in ~ PetSmart?

Yes, friend do. The fees will count on where you live and also how lot the specific adoption firm charges, but it will commonly be at least $250 dollars.

Do You need to Be 18 to Buy a Pet?

Yes, girlfriend do have to be at the very least 18 come buy a pet. If you under 18, your parental or guardian would have to purchase it for you.

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What is the Right age to sell a Puppy?

A puppy requirements to it is in 8 main old prior to it deserve to be sold and also go come its brand-new home.

To amount it every Up:

If you want to buy a Shih Tzu puppy, girlfriend will must go to a trustworthy breeder. A far better option is to examine out PetFinder.com and rescue a puppy or adult Shih Tzu. You can expect to salary $250 come $350 for the adoption fees. PetSmart no actually market dogs, yet they perform sponsor pet fostering days in your stores. 

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