Buying a skateboard have the right to be tough, specifically when it pertains to cost. Through cost, it’s tough to know if you’re acquiring your money’s precious or room buying something cheap.

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In today’s article, i talk about how much a skateboard have to cost. I also talk around how much the separation, personal, instance parts expense on their own.

How lot does it expense to in reality make a skateboard?

Skateboards and their components aren’t actually really expensive. You’ll find this to it is in true as soon as you watch at their actual manufacturing costs. Whereby the prices start to add up is when you start to account for benefit at each level that distribution.

At the most simple level, a high-quality skateboard costs around $10 to make. But to do a profit, every distribution suggest needs to add about $10 to the skateboard before selling it. This is so they have the right to survive together a business and also continue operating. Here are exactly how the costs add up:

The agency sells a board to the distributor because that $20, actual manufacturing expense – $10,The distributor sells to the board shop for around $30, received cost – $20,

The same process happens to trucks and wheels. Castle aren’t as well expensive to make but end up costing friend a lot. 

It appears crappy, yet this is exactly how most products are sold and also distributed in the world. For this reason naturally, the very same goes because that skate gear.

How much does a high-quality skateboard cost?

A high-quality skateboard costs about $170 ~ above average. This is once you pay full price for high-quality components, name brand wheels, trucks, and also bearings. But if you’re smart through money, you can gain that under to approximately $120.

You can likewise get a great deal on a complete and also not need to spend together much. Finally, if friend look around online you can find much better deals. Ice scating shops usually have actually prices that are lot higher, yet their main benefit is the you can ask employees and also get first-hand advice.

This nearly skateboard finish is a good example the a high-quality complete that is affordable. Due to the fact that you purchase it as one package, you gain it in ~ a lower price 보다 buying everything individually. The complete comes with an practically Skateboard deck, Tensor trucks, 52mm Spitfire wheels, and also Amphetamine bearings. It expense less than $150 and you can inspect it out right here on

If you to be to buy whatever individually, you would be looking at payment $180.

Should girlfriend buy a Walmart/Target board?

The short answer is no. Skateboard completes from this shops are regularly cheap and low-quality. They are an ext like playthings than actual devices you have the right to use for skating.

I’ve even heard story of these things breaking in ~ a couple of hours the riding. Friend can’t to compare to great skateboard decks.

But why room they therefore bad?

Walmart boards are bad because they mostly use cheap contents that have actually undergone a negative manufacturing process. The decks, the griptape, bearings, and trucks space all cheap and often made v inappropriate materials.

For example, most skateboard trucks room made from cast Aluminum. Aluminum enables them to be lightweight but strong enough to stand as much as the abuse that skating. Walmart boards have trucks made one of two people from actors iron or plastic. The actors iron trucks rest within a few sessions and also the plastic trucks bend underweight and also feel soggy.

Finally, Walmart’s decks don’t feel ideal for skating. Castle don’t have the appropriate shape and cradle the foot awkwardly. They likewise don’t have actually the best pop, therefore it’s uncomfortable to do tricks on them.

How to placed together a high-quality plank for yourself

If girlfriend don’t want to to buy a complete, girlfriend can always put one together yourself. This is the option most experienced skaters walk for and also with a bit of information, anyone can too.

You just need to number out which decks, wheels, trucks, etc. Are great quality and also which aren’t. I have selected a few and explained why they’re an excellent to aid you below.

Choosing the deck

This is one of the most essential parts. A deck requirements to it is in high-quality. It will dictate a lot of just how the skating you do feels, so it’s necessary you obtain something good.

Some items brands to pick from space Toy Machine, Chocolate, Girl, almost Skateboards, Baker, Element, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, etc.

A deck should expense you around $50 to $80.

An example of a great deck is this Toy device deck. The is made from 7plys that maple, comes with Mob grip, and also has a width of 8inches. Finally, it comes from a trusted brand. Inspect it out right here on

How to choose the trucks

Skate trucks room the next important thing to choose. They dictate just how you will turn, lean and how her board will feel when skating. Getting bad trucks deserve to really hold back your skating. They deserve to make setup up and also landing tricks feel really uncomfortable therefore it’s crucial you get the right ones.

Good van are primarily made from actors Aluminum and also come with high-quality bushings and also pivot cups.

Some brands with an excellent trucks space Tensor, Independent, Thunder, Royal, Theeve, Krux, Venture, Silver, and Destructo.

They have to cost between $30 and $60. Be sure to choose trucks that will match the broad of your board.

An instance of a good truck is the Independent. This trucks room arguably the most well-known on the market. They have a great turn, are basic to skate, and also are sturdy too. Most skaters would recommend them. Check them out below on 

How to pick skate wheels

In comparison to the points above, skate wheel aren’t together important. However, they can still make or break her setup.

The form of skating you do will determine the wheel you pick. If you’re doing street skating, you desire a smaller sized wheel approximately 53mm in size. If you’re doing transition cruising and vert, a bigger wheel approximately 59mm in size will be better.

Some great brands to pick from are: Ricta, Spitfire, Bones, Powell Peralta, Element, etc.

Skate wheels should price you between $30 and $50.

A an excellent skate wheel would certainly be the Spitfire Bigheads. They roll fast, role smooth and last a long time. They space the selection for countless skaters. You can pick in between a couple of sizes to acquire the appropriate ones because that the skating you want to do. Examine out the Spitfire wheels right here on

How to choose bearings

Bearings room the little things in her wheels that permit them to spin. They generally come in package of 8, v two because that each wheel.

Personally, ns don’t think bearings are that important, but a good pair can definitely make a difference.

Some an excellent brands room Bones, Fireball, Bronson, Seismic, Spitfire, Oust, Zealous, etc.

Bearings can expense you in between $10 to $30.

The skeletal Red is a decent collection of bearings. Castle come v high-quality rubber shields, a nylon retainer, and racers that have tight tolerances. It’s difficult to walk wrong with them. Check them out right here on 

What the the tight tape?

Griptape is the stuff the keeps you from sliding off her board as soon as you are riding and also doing tricks. The differences between brands aren’t so much, therefore you’re really ok with any. However, the an ext your ride, the an ext you’ll find subtle differences between them. You will naturally build a preference.

Some an excellent griptape brands space Shake Junt, Grizzly, Mob, Jessup, black Diamond, etc.

 You have the right to expect come spend between $5 to $15 on griptape.

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Check out the black color Diamond grip right here on Lock have countless colors to pick from and also they really enable you come customize how your skateboard looks. 

Your turn! execute you now feel i was sure in picking a board?

Apart from in reality skating, the hardest component of underpants is learning around what every component does. It isn’t practically as interesting as in reality skating and also can feel favor a pains sometimes. However, that is well worth the effort as you can discover gear the really works for you. 

If you’ve read this far and also still aren’t sure about what plank you want, the nearly Skateboards complete should occupational well for you.