Since their invention in 1957, the skid steer loader has been a ‘jack of every trades’ machine. This is early in part to the multitude of various attachments and also ease that maneuvering on building sites.

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How much does a skid command weigh?


Weights for a Bobcat skid command loader space going to vary by model.

The lightest skid command is the Bobcat S70 Skid-Steer Loader. That weighs in at 2,795 pounds (1,267 kg).

The heaviest is the Bobcat S850 Skid-Steer Loader. It come in in ~ a load of 10,237 pounds (4,643 kg).

All various other weights for Bobcat skid steer models will fall in between those two.

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Skid steer Weights For different Makes and also Models

Case SR270 – 8,117 pounds (3,681 kg)Case SV340 – 9,100 pounds (4,127 kg)Caterpillar 272C – 8,292 pounds (3,761 kg)Caterpillar 236D – 6,559 pounds (2,975 kg)John Deere JD24 – 4,750 pounds (2,154 kg)John Deere 280 collection II – 9,200 pounds (4,173 kg)New Holland LS170 – 5,540 pounds (2,512 kg)New Holland L175 – 6,230 pounds (2,825 kg)Gehl 7810 – 10,260 pounds (4,653 kg)Gehl 5640E Turbo – 7,380 pounds (3,347 kg)Hyundai HSL275T – 2,350 pounds (1,065 kg)Komatsu SK820-5 – 6,481 pounds (2,939 kg)Mustang 2099 – 10,180 pounds (4,617 kg)Volvo MC90 – 7,233 pounds (3,280 kg)Thomas 320 – 8,175 pounds (3,708 kg)

~ Fun fact ~Did you recognize that Caterpillar gained its surname from an yes, really caterpillar? A photographer because that the agency was existing one work while the company was trial and error its consistent tracks. That crawled along the ground just like a genuine caterpillar and also wound up coming to be the trademark.