One person deserve to sometimes lift a toilet, but it depends on the details person and the toilet they’re lifting. The average American man can lift about 155 pounds, and also the average American woman deserve to lift about 90 pounds. Bathrooms weigh about 96 pounds ~ above average yet can weigh almost everywhere from 70-115 lbs.

In various other words, males of typical strength will certainly usually have the ability to lift the load of a toilet, and also women of mean strength will certainly sometimes be able to lift the load of a toilet.

With the said, the weight of a restroom is no the only thing come consider. The form of a toilet deserve to make them very awkward to pick up. So, even if you are capable of lifting 95 pounds, friend may uncover it more an overwhelming to background a 95-pound toilet.

On the other hand, most dwellings use 2-piece toilets. 2-piece toilets deserve to actually be much easier to move because you have the right to usually eliminate the tank indigenous the base of the toilet before moving it. Lifting every of the pieces individually have the right to make relocating a toilet lot easier.

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One much more thing to save in mental is that toilets space made of porcelain and they deserve to be somewhat fragile. So, girlfriend won’t want to hazard dropping the toilet.

After reading this, if you’re still not sure you’ll have the ability to lift a toilet on her own, then have someone aid you out. Far better to be safe 보다 sorry.

3. Perform You require a Plumber to change a Toilet?

You could need a plumber to change the toilet in her home, yet this is additionally something that you can sometimes DIY. To recognize this better, stop walk with 3 different considerations:

3.1 Your skill Level

If you don’t have the understanding or suffer to replace a restroom on her own, then you need a plumber to do it for you.

Replacing a restroom isn’t an especially complex, however making a mistake might create a leak (or various other issues) that can cause really far-reaching damage to her home.

3.2 residence Ownership

If girlfriend live in an apartment the you rent, then you probably shouldn’t change your toilet. Most leases will not permit the tenant to carry out this form of huge change.

Your lease could be different, but even if it does appear to allow you to change the toilet, girlfriend should acquire written permission from your landlord first. Also, if over there is a far-reaching issue with your toilet, favor a leak or cracked bowl, then her landlord is typically responsible because that replacing it.

However, if you do very own your home, then you will generally have the flexibility to change your restroom yourself.

3.3 The scale of her Project

If you own your home and also have the necessary skills, friend can generally replace your home’s fixtures (e.g. Toilet, sink, etc.) yourself. However, local laws may require you to obtain a permit and also a licensed plumber to perform the job, particularly if the occupational goes past just instead of fixtures.

For example, if you should modify the piping or operation a new line so friend can include a new bathroom, then you’re probably going to require a plumber and you should also check neighborhood permit laws.

Now let’s rotate to our last topic.

4. Do Toilets have actually Weight Limits?


When it comes to the lot of weight a toilet deserve to hold, we have actually to take into consideration two different types of toilets: floor mounting and wall mounting.

4.1 Floor Mounting Toilets

For floor mounting toilets, there space no government requirements for the amount of load they must have the ability to hold. However, Kohler is among the leading toilet brands, and every one of the toilets they currently manufacture have the right to hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Since the materials and designs used in traditional toilets are similar, many other dependable toilet manufacturers probably develop toilets with a comparable weight capacity.

However, there could be exceptions to this. Because that example, older models, unusual designs, or bathrooms from unreliable manufacturers.

4.2 wall surface Mounting Toilets

Wall-mounted commodes are compelled to assistance up come 500 pounds of weight, follow to the ASME A112.19.2-2005/CSA B4 5.1-05 National agreement Standards because that Vitreous China pipes Fixtures.

Some wall-mounted bathrooms may organize even more weight, however you deserve to expect lock to support at least 500 pounds.

With the general load volume of floor and also wall-mounting bathrooms covered, ns think it’s also important to point out one more thing…

Toilet seats generally have actually a smaller weight capacity than the restroom itself. For residential toilet seats, over there is a standard dubbed ANSI Z124 Plastic toilet Seat check Requirements. These needs specify the a toilet seat should have the ability to hold 300 pounds. And before friend ultimately select your toilet seat, it’s precious comparing wood vs plastic toilet seats.

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5. Connected Questions

How much Does a Toilet chair Weigh?

Toilet seats typically weigh 4-8 pounds. The weight of a details toilet seat will certainly depend mainly on the material it’s made the end of, and also the dimension of the seat. Restroom seats might be made out of plastic, wood, molded materials, and also more. The two straightforward shapes because that a toilet seat space round and elongated.

What is the Average elevation of a Toilet?

The usual height that a toilet key is around 16.5 inches, not including the height of the toilet seat. The two major designs for bowl elevation are called chair height and standard. The average height of the full toilet (up to the peak of the tank) is around 30 inches.