Bear Grylls fast Info
Height5 ft 11½ in
Weight78 kg
Date the BirthJune 07, 1974
Zodiac SignGemini
SpouseShara Cannings Knight

Bear Grylls is a brother adventurer and television presenter that shot to prominence with his present Man vs. Wild in 2006. The survival skills he learned indigenous his military experience and his passion for wilderness from a young age helped him education his global audience weekly. He has actually enraptured viewers by attempting part unconventional stunts favor drinking his urine, eating snakes, wrestles alligators, free climbing waterfalls, rise cliffs, eat crawling insects, etc. He has suffered plenty of injuries transparent his career but has always come ago stronger and also fitter, motivating millions of fans with his dedication and commitment come his craft.

Born Name

Edward Michael Grylls

Nick Name


Bear Grylls posing in front of an Alaska Air national Guard in 2009 (Kalei Brooks, Alaska nationwide Guard / / publicly Domain)

Bear Grylls Facts

He was offered the nickname ‘Bear’ through his sister Lara as soon as he to be a mainly old.Bear learned to climb and sail from a young period as that accompanied his father, that was a member the the reputation Royal Yacht Squadron. If he to be a teenager, he earned a second dan black color belt in Shotokan karate and likewise learned come skydive.He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.Grylls do a people record come his name when he hosted the highest open-air dinner party in ~ 25,000 feet in the sky at a table suspended below a warm air balloon in June 2005. He together with balloonist and also mountaineer David Hempleman-Adams and Lieutenant commander Alan Veal to be dressed in full mess dress and oxygen masks. This event was in assist of The Prince’s Trust and The duke of Edinburgh’s Award.He was provided the honorary rank of lieutenant command in the Royal naval Reserve in 2004. He likewise became the receiver of the honorary location of lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines Reserve in 2013.He started serving in the brothers 21 SAS in 1994 as a trooper. He to be well-versed in unarmed combat, desert and also winter warfare, survival, parachuting, climbing, and explosives. ~ a parachuting accident in Kenya, where his parachute failed come open, he left the special Air business in 1997.He properly climbed the summit that Mount Everest on may 16, 1998. He accomplished this feat 18 month after his parachuting accident wherein he damaged 3 vertebrae. Together a 23-year-old, that was among the youngest human being to have managed it.He likewise climbed the Himalayan hill Ama Dablam in September 1997 and became the youngest Briton come surmount it at the age of 23. The hill was once defined by teacher Edmund Hillary together “unclimbable”.He increased money because that the Royal national Lifeboat Institution by top his team come circumnavigate the British island on jet skis in 2000. The exploration was completed in about 30 days.Bear achieved the distinction of leading the first unassisted crossing of the frozen phibìc Atlantic ocean in one 11-meter-long open, rigid blow up boat. The group of 5 included his longtime girlfriend Mick Crosthwaite, and they faced force 8 gale winds v waves breaking end the watercraft on their expedition through icebergs from Halifax, Nova Scotia to man o’ Groats in Scotland.He took on a Parajet paramotor in the Himalayas near Mount Everest in 2007 and also began from 4,400 meters. He collection the document by getting to 9,000 meter while battling really low oxygen levels and beating the vault record-holder by nearly 3,000 meters. He originally planned to cross end Everest yet was held back due to the danger of violating the Chinese airspace.Bear teamed up with double amputee Al Hodgson and also Scotsman Freddy mc donalds to set a Guinness people record for the longest constant indoor freefall in 2008. The trio broke the document using a vertical wind tunnel in Milton Keynes through surpassing the previous document holders (a united state team) through a few seconds.He guided a team the 5 members to take it an ice-breaking rigid-inflatable boat through the ice-strewn Northwest Passage spanning 2,500 miles. His expedition raised awareness around the impacts of worldwide warming and also raised money for the children’s charity Global Angels.He is additionally the writer of the children’s adventure survival book collection called Mission Survival. The books in this collection include Mission Survival: means of the Wolf, Mission Survival: Sands of the Scorpion, Mission Survival: monitor of the Tiger, and Mission Survival: Claws of the Crocodile.He has actually released 3 thriller novels with the protagonist personality of will certainly Jaeger; Ghost Flight (2015), Burning Angels (2016), and also The Hunt (The Devil’s Sanctuary in US) (2018).His autobiography Mud, Sweat and also Tears: The Autobiography to be released in 2012.His display Man vs. Wild challenged a backlash in 2006 after ~ a programme consultant had actually revealed the Bear actually stayed in a motel on part nights the shooting. The viewers feeling misled together they considered the whole collection up to be staged. The host later apologized and also the show followed a transparent approach with the future episodes carrying a disclaimer and also clear clarification once Bear received outside assist from crew members in the shoot of an episode.In respectable 2015, he came under the fire because that leaving his young son Jesse ~ above Saint Tudwal’s Island together the phibìc Wales coast. He to be rescued safely from the approaching tide by the Royal national Lifeboat Institution as a part of their weekly practice missions. However the crew did no appreciate having a young child associated in the practice rescue mission.In 2012, he released the Bear Grylls survival Academy in the UK, USA (2013), and also China (2016). The academy includes several process that teach essential survival skills to children, parents, and adults. In addition, they likewise have team building and leadership process for corporates and also events.A video game titled Man vs.

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, based upon his famous show was released in 2011.In addition to his countless professional commitments, he is also a motivational speaker that has offered speeches come corporations, schools, churches, and other organizations.In July 2009, he ended up being the youngest chief Scout, at the period of 35, doing well Peter Duncan’s 5-year term. The is the 10th person to organize the position and also remained in this function till 2018.His charity job-related is equally diverse, having raised money for various organizations like The Prince’s Trust, the which he is an ambassador, Global Angels, SSAFA forces Help, Hope and also Homes for Children, and Care for Children.Visit his main website

Featured photo by Bear Grylls / Instagram