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John Cena
John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.

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Father – john Cena Sr.Mother – Carol Cena
44 years old
23 April 1977
He is Alive and also Kicking, no Dead.
West Newbury, Massachusetts, joined States
Central Catholic High School, Springfield College
Mixed (Italian, French, Canadian, English)
In centimeters – 184 cmIn meter – 1.84 mIn Feet inch – 6ft 0.5in
In Kilograms – 114 kgIn lbs – 251 lbs
American expert wrestler
American expert wrestler, actor, rapper, and also television host
$75 Million
27th October 2021

If you’re wondering what is man Cena’s network worth in 2021? What are John Cena’s earnings? Is man Cena married? We gained you every covered. Come the couple of who don’t understand who the is john Cena is a experienced wrestler who is currently signed come WWE, the is likewise an actor and also a philanthropist. ~ above WWE he makes appearances ~ above both Raw and also SmackDown brands.

As us speak, john Cena has actually won 25 championships, 16 that them as a world champion where 13 space WWE champion and also in enhancement to the other three together a WWE people Heavyweight Champion. Together we speak he has actually tied up with WWE room of Famer Ric Flair top top the 16 location wins making man Cena be branded together the biggest WWE star of every time.

Apart native wrestling, john Cena is likewise a musician where he has actually a lab album title You Can’t see Me i m sorry debuted ~ above Billboard 200 at position 15. As an actor, he has played functions in movies such as 12 rounds 2009, The reunion 2011, Daddy’s house 2015, Daddy’s house 2 2017 amongst many others. Currently we shall get down come look at man Cena’s biography, his net worth and likewise reveals a few things you more than likely don’t know about John Cena.

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Is man Cena Married? Affair, Dating, Girlfriend, mam & ChildrenProfessional Career

Bio-Wiki, genuine Name, Birthday, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity & Religion

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. Was the name given to that by his parental Carol and also John Cena Sr as soon as he was born ~ above 23 April 1977 in Massachusetts. John holds an American nationality and he is of combined ethnicity(Italian, French, Canadian, English). The has 4 other siblings, called Matt, Sean, Dan, and Steve and he is the 2nd born in the family.

Education: School, College, University

John Cena attended main Catholic High institution then saw Cushing Academy. After finishing his high school education, he join Springfield university based in Massachusetts whereby he was a member of the college football team. He graduated from university in 1998 with a level in exercise physiology and body motion which identified his later career together a bodybuilder.

Age, Height, Weight, body Measurements, Dead or Alive

John Cena was born ~ above 23 April 1977, do his period 44 years old as of 27th October 2021. That is alive and kicking, not dead. His height is 1.84 m tall, and he has a body weight of 114 kg. His body form is Athletic.

Is john Cena Married? Affair, Dating, Girlfriend, mam & Children

On man Cena’s relationship life, he had actually once married Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, yet they divorced in 2012. Thereafter, that was date Nikki Bella who is a wrestler, and he suggest to she on April 2nd, 2017 at WrestleMania 33. Nikki Bella was to marry fellow wrestler-turned-Hollywood star man Cena yet they referred to as off their engagement after 2 years.

Currently, in 2021, john Cena is dating his brand-new girlfriend, Shay Shariatzadeh. There have been rumors the 2 were hooking up earlier in April 2019, after ~ Cena officially called it quits with former fiancée Nikki Bella. The 32-years-old beauty, Shay Shariatzadeh is a product manager because that Vancouver-based Motorola remedies tech company, Avigilon.

John Cena Dating new Girlfriend, Shay ShariatzadehMarital status: Is he married/divorced/single or in a relationship?Does the have any type of relationship affair?Who is he dating in 2021? surname of Girlfriend:Is man Cena Gay?Who is his Partner?Who is his present wife in 2021? (Name)Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)‎? (Name)Does that have any children?

Relationship Statistics

Divorced and also In Relationship
Shay Shariatzadeh
Elizabeth Huberdeau (m. 2009–2012)

Professional Career

John Cena’s career kicked turn off in 1999 when he ended up being a professional wrestler at the Ultimate agree Wrestling’s. Throughout his time here he organized the UPW Heavyweight Championship and he wrestled in the UPW until 2001. After moving out the UPW, he join the civilization Wrestling Federation (WWF ). Throughout his time here as human being Wrestling Federation, that was referred to as The Prototype and won OVW hefty Weight Championship, OVW southern Tag Team Championship.

John Cena has actually won many matches, however in his in its entirety wrestling career, he has actually won 25 championships. Among these are 16 human being Champion whereby out the the 16, 13 are as a WWE Champion and also three as a WWE people Heavyweight Champion. As well as he has actually been a five-time Unites says Champion, a four-time sign team champion, money in the bank Ladder match-winner in 2012, imperial Rumble Winner in 2008 and also 2013.

Acting career

On john Cena exhilaration career the man has played roles in movies such as The maritime 2006, 12 rounds 2009, Fred: The Movie 2010, The Reunion 2011, The Hangover component III 2013, Daddy’s house 2015 & Daddy’s house 2 2017, and some the the upcoming films are Bumblebee: The Movie 2018 and also The trip of medical professional Dolittle 2019.

Music Career

John Cena is also a rapper where he to reduce his debut album titled You Can’t view Me debuting on Billboard 200 in ~ number 15 and also has currently been certified platinum by RIAA.

Awards & Achievements

On john Cena Awards and success he has already received numerous awards among them being, Springfield university Athletic hall of reputation inductee, USO legacy of achievement Award, wrestling Observer Newsletter room of fame (Class that 2012), 10 Slammy Awards, royal Rumble (2008, 2013), 3 civilization Heavyweight Championship, 5 WWE United says Championship, amongst others.

John Cena network Worth and Salary in 2021

John Cena network Worth

As that October 2021, John Cena’s net worth is estimated to be about $75 million. As of today, man Cena makes it at position two on the list of WWE’s Highest-Paid Wrestlers where he earns about $10 million annually. He is the number one mover that WWE merchandise, and also no one comes close come him. The Highest-paid WWE wrestler is Brock Lesnar whose earnings are a chuck $12 million a year. The resource of john Cena’s network worth fortune is his earnings in the WWE which is inclusive of was sales, endorsements, earnings from Hollywood and also a small chunk of that from music sales.

7 Lesser-Known truth you require to understand about

Everyone knows who John Cena is, and that’s one undisputed fact. Today we shall disclose a few things you more than likely don’t know about your hero john Cena.

1. Once he was just 12 year old, guess what the asked because that Christmas? A weightlifting bench, to bulk in order to safeguard himself indigenous bullies.

2. He to be a star in football back when he was in college.

3. He once worked as a limousine driver once he to be yet to obtain into wrestling.

4. Man Cena used to go by the nickname The Prototype

5. He has actually the most Wrestle Mania title wins in WWE than any type of other person.

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6. Among his favourite hobbies collecting muscle cars is just one of them

7. He has actually been sued by Ford motors for selling a 2017 Ford GT which that was supposed to remain with the for two years.