MASHANTUCKET, CT – august 16: Roy Jones Jr. During his match versus EricWatkins in the season two finale of NUVOtvs Knockout in ~ Foxwoods will Casinoon august 16, 2015 in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Jones winner by a knockout in thesixth round. (Rich Schultz/Getty photos for NUVOtv)

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson might be almost a month in the past, yet the talking points tho exist. Watching Paul dispatch a former NBA Dunk contest Champion has actually led come the hype because that a fight against Conor McGregor. While that fight may be asinine, the chatter roughly it is real. All since Nate Robinson fell flat to a spectacular KO.

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The key eventer that night, Roy Jones Jr. Provided his thoughts on the matchup and also said that knew Robinson was doomed from the start.

“First that all, it’s no a fight that Nate should also take, due to the fact that Nate is about 5’9 5’10 a 181 pounds… Jake Paul came under from 210 to 189. One man knows just how to traction away and how to play the weight game. The various other guy has actually no clue. Therefore you’re currently smarter 보다 him.

Jones Jr. Added, “Jake Paul and Nate. Nate is method too little to be in a boxing ring v a weighed down Jake. Paul. I experienced him at the weigh-in. I said, ‘Oh gosh.'”

Jake Paul: dimension does matter?

What Paul did to Robinson in the fight i will not ~ be commonplace in experienced boxing. When we view spectacular KOs and mismatches, us don’t see them come this extent. Many commissions i will not ~ sanction this fight, and also with great reason. Everything you need to say about Jake Paul, no one can question his actual commitment come the sport.


MIAMI, FLORIDA – JANUARY 30: Jake Paul celebrates with his brother, Logan, after defeating AnEsonGib in a very first round knockout during their fight in ~ Meridian in ~ Island Gardens ~ above January 30, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

He walk the smart point by agreeing come fight someone who was much smaller than him and cut the load to confront him. In addition to that, Paul has had actually exhibition and also professional fights prior to that one. He came with the endure to win Robinson, who probably imagined it to be akin come a scrap in the streets.

Instead, a professionally trained athlete obtained to beat increase an athlete that hasn’t trained because that this sport. Jones Jr. Is right, the fight more than likely should have been avoided. But, we need to live in its aftermath now that it has actually happened.

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