The HP (horsepower) ratings that motorcycles vary widely relying on the make and also model. It’s for sure to say that the majority of manufacturing motorcycles have actually 10-220 HP engines. The lightweight 125-300cc bikes usually feature 10-40 HP power resources while middleweight models offer 60-130 HP. The most an effective machines ~ above the industry are heavy motorcycles with 1000+cc engines, which produce an remarkable 80-310 HP and also can reach an amazing peak speed the 190 mph.

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If you would choose to learn more about motorcycle HP ratings, you room in the appropriate place.

We in ~ have complied the power numbers that the key motorcycle category under one roof!


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1Motorcycle HP Chart
2How lot HP go a Motorcycle Have?
2.1How lot horsepower go a 50cc motorcycle have?
2.2How much horsepower go a 100cc motorcycle produce?
2.3How much horsepower walk a 125cc motorcycle have?
2.4How much horsepower walk a 150cc motorcycle have?
2.5How lot horsepower go a 250cc motorcycle have?
2.6How much horsepower walk a 300cc motorcycle have?
2.7How lot horsepower walk a 500cc motorcycle have?
2.8How lot horsepower walk a 600cc motorcycle have?
2.9How lot horsepower walk a 1000cc motorcycle have?
3Which Motorcycle has the most Horsepower?
3.1How lot horsepower does a drag bike have?
4Conclusion – What is the typical Horsepower of a Motorcycle?
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Motorcycle HP Chart

Without more ado, let’s check our detailed motorcycle HP chart. For far better comparisons, we’ve done the research and also compared motorcycle HP ratings based upon the main displacement categories.

Motorcycle CategoryDisplacement (cc)Average HP
Lightweight503 – 9
Lightweight1007 – 12
Lightweight12510 – 15
Lightweight15015 – 25
Lightweight25025 – 40
Lightweight30030 – 40
Middleweight40040 – 50
Middleweight50045 – 60
Middleweight60055 – 130
Middleweight700-90060 – 150
Heavy1000+80 – 220

These numbers are for basic informational purposes only!

As over there are many motorcycle models the end there, if you perform your research study you may find some models with an ext or also less HP in each classification than is shown in the chart.

This is due to the fact that the graph shows typical numbers, definition that the majority of manufacturing motorcycles autumn into this ranges.

Let’s drill right into the details and also take a closer look in ~ the mean motorcycle HP by displacement category!

How much HP walk a Motorcycle Have?

Simply put, a production motorcycle has actually 3-310 HP relying on its kind and engine size. But as you will see, the HP ratings the motorcycles varies widely, also within particular displacement categories.


This is due to the fact that though the HP rating that a motorcycle and its engine displacement are very closely related, the power of a motorcycle counts on numerous factors such as the engine stroke, the number of cylinders, or the easily accessible rpm.

The general rule is that the much more cylinder a motorcycle has (and the higher the rpm) the much more power it can produce. Clearly, 2-stroke engines room significantly an ext powerful than 4-strokes.

For example, 2-cylinder 750cc bikes like the Honda NC750X or the legendary Harley-Davidson 750 pair offer around 50-60 horsepower. In contrast, sportbikes with 750cc, 4-cylinder engines can produce 100-130 HP.

Regarding enlarge motorcycles, there is likewise a huge variance in your HP ratings. The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 standard features a V-Twin, 50 HP engine while 1000cc sportbikes have the right to reach the lining 180-310 HP range.

Also, countless other determinants can impact the performance of a bike prefer the attributes on the transmission, drivetrain, weight, top quality of fuel and also so on.

What’s more, environmental conditions such together temperature, humidity, and altitude also influence engine power to part extent. This is why engines room less an effective at higher altitudes.

If you would favor to discover out what the HP rating of every motorcycle group is, save reading!

How lot horsepower walk a 50cc motorcycle have?

Stock 50cc motorcycles commonly have 3-9 HP 2-stroke engines. In contrast, the most powerful racing 50cc bikes have the right to reach approximately 10-20 HP and many that them can rev up an ext than 15,000 rpm! (Therefore, your engines have to be rebuilt quite often.)

Examples of manufacturing 50cc bikes:

Lexmoto Hunter 50: 3 HPAPRILIA RS50: 8 HPAprilia SX50: 8 HPDerbi GPR 50R: 8.5 HP

How much horsepower walk a 100cc motorcycle produce?

The majority of 100cc motorcycles can produce about 7-12 HP relying on its setup and also engine stroke. Brand-new 100cc stock motorcycles are rather rare in the US, so countless of these equipments are developed with “big bore” kits.

Examples of stock 100cc motorcycles:

Lifan Chimp 100: 7 HPHonda XR100: 10 HPHonda CRF100F: 10 HP

How much horsepower does a 125cc motorcycle have?

125cc bikes space arguably amongst the most renowned entry-level motorcycles on the market. They are lightweight, agile, and affordable. Your engines also offer a reasonable performance, as many 125cc motorcycles produce 10-15 HP. It also has come be discussed that the power of these machines is usually restricted to fit the restrictions of one A1 license.

This license allows you come legally drive a motorcycle that is powered with up come a 125cc engine the produces a maximum of 15 HP.

Without restrictions, many 125cc motorcycles can produce 25-35 HP without any kind of issues. Because of this, you can expect the very same performance on 125cc dust bikes together well.

Here is one HP perform of some well-known 125cc motorcycles:

Honda CB125F: 10.5 HPKeeway Superlight 125: 10.5 HPYamaha MT125: 15 HPYamaha YZF-R125: 15 HPKTM RC125: 15 HPAprilia RS125: 34 HP (unrestricted)Honda CR125 dirt bike: 34 HP (unrestricted)

How much horsepower go a 150cc motorcycle have?

150cc motorcycles have about 15-25 HP. These bikes are frequently powered through single-cylinder, 4-stroke engines and feature air or fluid cooling relying on the model.

Some well-known bikes in this classification are:

Yamaha FZ16: 14 HPYamaha R15: 19 HPHonda CRF150F: 15 HPHonda CRF150R: 24 HP

How lot horsepower does a 250cc motorcycle have?

If you are looking for more power, you should take a look at the 250cc category. Many of these devices come with an ext powerful, twin-cylinder engines and 6-speed transmissions. Thanks to these features, 250cc motorcycles generally have 25-40 HP.


Honda VTR250: 32 HPHonda CRF250L Rally: 25 HPKawasaki Ninja 250: 39 HPHonda CRB250RR: 41 HP

How lot horsepower walk a 300cc motorcycle have?

Due to similar displacements, you deserve to expect practically the exact same performance top top 250cc and 300cc bikes. This way the bulk of 300cc motorcycles produce roughly 30-40 HP.

Some that the most well-known models in this category are:

Honda CBR300R: 30.5 HPBMW G310GS: 34 HPKawasaki Ninja 300: 40 HP

How lot horsepower go a 500cc motorcycle have?

Unlike their small-bore siblings, 500cc motorcycles market a exceptional 45-60 HP and also plenty of torque. However, it has to be pointed out that these equipments are still frequently powered through twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engines.

One the the most an effective production 500cc motorcycles to be the above Honda CR500. It is provided by a 2-stroke, 60 HP engine, the CR500 was the most an effective dirt bike the Honda has ever made.

Regarding 500cc MotoGP bikes, this 2-stroke makers put out 150-200 HP while weighing less than 300 pounds. This results in a an excellent power-to-weight ratio!

Some that the most well-known production 500cc bikes room as follows:

Honda Rebel 500: 41 HPHonda CBR500R: 50 HPKawasaki Ninja 500: 60 HP

How lot horsepower does a 600cc motorcycle have?

There is no concern that 600cc bikes are among the most well-known middleweight motorcycles ~ above the market.

Entry-level 600cc motorcycles are powered with solitary and twin-cylinder engines that typically produce 55-80 HP. The most powerful models in this family members are the sportbikes through in-line 4-cylinder engines, together they sell an impressive power the 80-130 HP. In summary, a 600cc motorcycle has around 55-130 HP depending on their engine type.


SWM SUPER-DUAL X: 54 HPSuzuki GSXR 600: 104 HPYamaha R6: 117 HPHonda CBR600RR: 113 HPKawasaki Ninja ZX6R: 127 HP

How lot horsepower does a 1000cc motorcycle have?

If you are trying to find something yes, really powerful, you need to take a look in ~ the 1000cc category. However keep in mind that these devices are no recommended for beginner riders due to the fact that of your high performance and heavy weights. Cruisers v twin engines offer around 80-100 HP but with 4-cylinder engines 1000cc motorbikes have the right to produce superb 180-310 HP.

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Indian reconnaissance Sixty 78 HPYamaha YZF-R1: 197 HPBMW S1000RR: 207 HPHonda CBR1000RR: 214 HPAprilia RSV4: 217 HPKawasaki H2R: 310 HP (not street-legal)

Which Motorcycle has actually the many Horsepower?

When it involves street-legal motorcycles, the most powerful bikes in ~ the minute are the Boss-Hoss cruisers. This machines attribute 6000-7500cc engines, which create 400-600 HP. Yes, Boss-Hoss motorcycles no only have the many horsepower of every motorcycles top top the market, however stand out in a crowd in numerous other ways as well!

If friend would prefer to learn much more about these distinctive bikes, don’t hesitate come visit the manufacturer’s website.