Questions: How plenty of US cups of water in 2 ounces? how much room 2 ounces that water in cups?

The prize is: 2 ounces the water is indistinguishable to 0.24 ( ~ 1/4) us cup(*)

I need to convert ...

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Ounces that water to us cups
1.1 ounces that water = 0.132 us cup
11/5 ounces the water = 0.144 united state cup
1.3 ounces of water = 0.156 united state cup
1.4 ounces of water = 0.168 us cup
11/2 ounces of water = 0.18 us cup
1.6 ounces that water = 0.192 united state cup
1.7 ounces that water = 0.204 us cup
1.8 ounces that water = 0.216 us cup
1.9 ounces the water = 0.228 united state cup
2 ounces that water = 0.24 us cup

Ounces the water to us cups
2 ounces of water = 0.24 us cup
2.1 ounces of water = 0.252 united state cup
21/5 ounces that water = 0.264 united state cup
2.3 ounces the water = 0.276 us cup
2.4 ounces of water = 0.288 united state cup
21/2 ounces the water = 0.3 united state cup
2.6 ounces that water = 0.312 united state cup
2.7 ounces the water = 0.324 us cup
2.8 ounces the water = 0.336 us cup
2.9 ounces of water = 0.347 united state cup

Notes ~ above ingredient measurements

It is a bit tricky to get an exact food conversion since its characteristics change according come humidity, temperature, or how well pack the ingredient is. Ingredients the contain the terms sliced, minced, diced, crushed, chopped include uncertainties to the measurements. A an excellent practice is to measure ingredients through weight, no by volume so that the error is decreased.

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