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This page is devoted exclusively to the 1848 Braided Hair big Cent. Friend will discover a the majority of information listed below such as mintages, specifications, and also images. Be sure to visit our Braided Hair big Cent Forum if you require help. Also please visit our Braided Hair huge Cent Grading Forum to aid you establish a great for your Braided Hair large Cent. Every forums are completely complimentary to register and participate.

1848 Braided Hair big Cent Specifications

Circulation Strikes:6,415,799Proof Strikes:About 20Content: 100% CopperWeight: 10.89Diameter:27 millimetersEdge:PlainMint:Philadelphia, PADesigner:Christian Gobrecht

1848 Braided Hair large Cents

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1848 Braided Hair big Cents ~ above eBay


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