All 1973 Lincoln cents space worth at the very least twice their face value due to their copper content. The 1973 pennies room 95% copper. The one examined for this write-up had some exciting die markings. Watch footage of the examination in the video clip below, or store scrolling to view stills through arrows note the dice markers.

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These coins can be extremely an useful in pristine condition. Because that example, an uncirculated 1973 Lincoln cent graded 67+ RD, sold in ~ auction for $3,850.00 in November that 2020. 

A 1973-D 1C graded MS67RD, sold in ~ auction for $4,994.00 in 2014. Finding the pennies through the lowest population of the highest grades is just how profit is made in the coin industry. A coin in flawless condition drastically increases its value, however being a die variety can additionally generate a profit.

The 1973 Mint Set is selling between ten and also twenty dollars ~ above Amazon or Ebay. These room the best way to discover coins that increase the chances of acquiring the highest grade, whether they have errors or not. If girlfriend can discover a coin that transforms out to have actually the highest possible grade and is a range or mint error, it would certainly be prefer winning the coin lottery! A teenager v a crawl eye once uncovered a cent precious a million dollars in their lunch money!

Arrow notes the "spiked head" dice crack ~ above a 1973 D Lincoln cent

1973 doubled die varieties have actually been discovered. The listings obtainable online have the right to be found at There are more listings and an excellent images of instances to be viewed at, and additionally 

Arrows keep in mind a die crack running under the "9" the 1973 and extending indigenous the bottom of the 9 in the direction of the D top top a 1973 D Lincoln cent

Listen come Charles Daughtrey, writer of “Looking v Lincoln Cents,” revealing 1973 Denver Mint cents from an initial bankroll in the examination footage below.

Subscribe come Chuck Daughtrey, additionally known together Coppercoins, on Youtube, where you can register come bid for coins, and then track in to his channel for live auctions and more mint roll reveals. Friend can additionally keep up with existing listings that coins because that sale by visiting his Ebay store.

Arrows note a dice chip and also die scratches top top the turning back of 1973 D Lincoln cent

1973 pennies were a quick run collection and thus collectible and pricey. “The one year kind design for 1973 has large initials top top the reverse, and makes it also rarer than various other strikes. A transitional error for this year with a turning back of 1972 or 1974 hasn’t been discovered yet, however that’s what experienced numismatist chuck Daughtrey claims to it is in on the lookout for. 

Are friend a Lincoln cent collector? examine out a 2014 Lincoln shield cent discovered to have actually a die clash mint error next. Happy hunting!


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