The Atlanta Falcons took a quarterback out of southerly Mississippi in the 2nd round of the 1991 NFL Draft. Brett Favre started 4 years in college before Atlanta made him the 33rd overall pick. Favre played in simply two gamings as a rookie for the Falcons v no completions on four pass attempts. He was then traded to the environment-friendly Bay Packers wherein he immediately started his hall of call career. End the years, Favre has signed huge contracts and also been endorsed by plenty of companies.

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Brett Favre’s net worth in 2021: $100 million


Three months after gift drafted, Favre signed a three-year, $1.38 million rookie contract with the Falcons. During his an initial year, Favre was the third-string quarterback behind kris Miller and also Billy Joe Tolliver. Through the on purpose of moving forward v Miller, the Falcons traded Favre to eco-friendly Bay in exchange because that a very first round choose in 1992.

Favre began in green Bay right away. He made 13 starts and also went 8-5 in his 2nd year in the league. In 1992 and also 1993, Favre do his very first two pro Bowl appearances, regardless of leading the league in interceptions in 1993, something that did three times in his career. This was sufficient for the Packers to authorize him to a five-year, $19 million deal in July that 1994.

This to be the finest stretch of Favre’s career. Start in 1995, Favre make three-straight agree Bowls and was named first Team All-Pro in all three years. He won back-to-back league MVP awards in 1995 and 1996. Favre started all 16 games over the three years and also began cutting down his turnovers. The led the NFL in happen touchdowns in every of the 3 seasons. In total, Favre threw 112 touchdowns and 42 interceptions. He likewise led the Packers to a Super bowl in 1996. This incredible stretch earned Favre his an initial big contract. In July that 1997, the Packers provided their franchise quarterback a seven-year, $47.25 million contract extension.

After signing this deal, Favre’s turnovers started to spike when again. He threw 23 interceptions in 1998 and also 1999. He is recognized as a gunslinger and also it showed throughout these years. Favre attempted 500 or much more passes because that 10 straight years. This contains 595 make the efforts in 1999 i beg your pardon led the league. In 2001, Favre returned to the pro Bowl after throwing because that 3,921 yards and 32 touchdowns. Eco-friendly Bay want to make sure that Favre stuck about long term. The two sides agreed on a 10-year, $101.5 million contract.

Favre do three much more Pro bowl appearances throughout this contract. He led the league in touchdowns in 2003 and also was attempting passes at severe rate. In 2005 and also 2006, Favre overshadowed 600 happen attempts. The led the organization with 29 interceptions in 2005. The was the year the the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers took end the starting job for the Packers in 2008. Green Bay made decision to profession Favre come the brand-new York Jets for a 2009 fourth-round draft pick. He invested one year in brand-new York wherein he led the jet to a 9-7 record. Favre threw 22 touchdowns and also 22 interceptions. The Jets began 8-3 the season but lost 4 of their last five games to miss the playoffs. In might 2009, Favre to be released by the Jets.

It did no take long for the Minnesota Vikings to authorize Favre to a two-year, $25 million contract. In the very first year that the contract, Favre had actually one of his ideal statistical seasons. That threw 33 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions while top the Vikings come a 12-4 record. Minnesota to be arguably the ideal team in soccer in 2009. They make a run to the NFC Championship game yet one boneheaded pat by Favre knocked castle out.

Already in ar goal range, Favre make the efforts to make a pat rolling come his right. That threw throughout his body and the pass was intercepted. The Vikings would certainly go top top to lose in overtime. This season significant another three-year streak of agree Bowl appearances because that Favre, and he go it with three various teams. The 2010 season did not have the same magic.

Favre and the Vikings restructured his deal to a one-year, $16 million contract. Favre began 13 games and also went 5-8. He threw just 11 touchdowns to his 19 interceptions. After ~ the miserable 2010 campaign, Favre retired from football at the period of 41. He currently ranks fourth all time v 71,838 happen yards. That is likewise fourth v 508 touchdowns. Through 336 career interceptions, Favre finds self at the peak of that list and also there is no one close.

Favre earned virtually $138 million ~ above the field during his playing career. He to be a warm commodity for companies to sponsor as well. At the top of his career, Favre made between $7 and also $9 million per year in endorsements. This has continued in retirement.

During his career, Favre was funded by big-name suppliers such together Nike, Wrangler Jeans, MasterCard, Snappers, Remington hunting rifles, Foot Locker and Prilosec. Foot Locker come late for Favre in addition to Copper Fit. In 2010, Favre was involved in a texting scandal which compelled him to shed most of his deals. He to be dropped by numerous companies after the investigation. Wrangler and also Snappers were the two that stuck with him through the an overwhelming time.

Favre has had actually his finger in plenty because retiring. In 2013, Favre and also his family members opened a restaurant dubbed Brett Favre’s Steakhouse. The environment-friendly Bay restaurant readjusted the surname to hall of fame Chophouse soon after but as that 2018, the steakhouse has actually been closed. In 2013, Favre joined the plank of director of sports social media communication Sqor. This platform delivered editorial and social content for skilled athletes. Unfortunately, this was another failed experiment. In 2018, a lawsuit involved light seek $16.25 million native Sqor.

Finally, Favre has done lot of of charity work-related in his life. He started the Brett Favre Fourward foundation in 1996. This foundation has donated end $2 million towards projects in Minnesota and also Wisconsin. In 2014, Favre combined his structure with his wife’s structure for breast cancer.

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Favre was inducted right into the room of fame in 2016. He is known for having one of the finest arms in the background of the game. He has been through plenty in his career and retirement that has actually made his net worth astronomical.