Today we’re devoted to quenching your curiosity about all things ATM! The funny thing is, us all usage ATMs or automatic Teller devices often, and also yet know little about them. Where execute you get one? how much do they cost? exactly how much money can they make? …And many importantly, exactly how much money perform ATMs hold? (On average, about $280,000, but we’ll get an ext into that later!)

Anyways, us can’t wait to cover every one of that and an ext in today’s article. So, let’s acquire started!

How lot money do ATMs hold, anyway?

As with plenty of questions in life, the answer to “how much money execute ATMs hold” is not simple or straightforward. In fact, there room a lot of components to consider when trying to calculation this number.

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For instance, what type of ATM is it? Is the holding newer bills, i m sorry are much more compressed, or older bills, which take it up more space? How numerous cash cassettes, or money invoice holders, does the internal of the an equipment have? and also what species of bills are being loaded right into the ATM? i.e. $20 bills, $50 bills, etc.

But, in an attempt to give you a concrete answer… stop walk girlfriend through exactly how we obtained to our educated guess the $280,000 above.


As friend probably already know, many ATMs just dispense $20 or $50 bills. This is because the typical ATM has 4 cash cassettes. And also usually, two are specialized to holding $20 bills, and also two are for $50 bills. (Although the course, this is not a hard and fast rule. The human responsible because that stocking the ATM chooses the varieties of receipt that are carried.)

Nevertheless, assuming you have a common ATM setup, every of the four cash cassettes deserve to hold 2000 crisp banknotes. (Notice exactly how we claimed “crisp,” definition that if the financial institution notes space older, less than 2000 will fit.)

Therefore, that’s how we obtained to ours $280,000 estimation for when an ATM is totally stocked. Or, more specifically: 4,000 $20 bills, and also 4,000 $50 bills.

Again, this answer come “How lot money execute ATMs hold?” do not do it necessarily it is in quoted due to the fact that every ATM and also ATM owner differs… yet it’s a pretty an excellent estimation.

FAQs around How lot money perform ATMs hold

How do ATMs make money?

Aside native wondering how much money perform ATMS hold, girlfriend might also be wondering just how do they make money? Why carry out banks and also store owners opt come install these in their places of business? how does it benefit them? below you can uncover a list of methods ATM owner profit from this convenient telling machines.

Surcharge Fees

This is a fee payment by the customer (aka you, the person withdrawing money) for making use of the ATM. Typically, this prices you an additional $2 or $3 on peak of the money she withdrawing. 

and yes, you guessed it, the ATM owner receives this surcharge fee because that every transaction. However, ATMs there is no surcharge fees execute exist. To discover one, simply type into Google “free ATM close to me” together opposed to “closest ATM to me.”

Interchange Charges

This is a fee paid from your bank to the financial institution that is responsible for that ATM. The expense is about .25 cents per transaction and also benefits the ATM’s bank, no necessarily the ATM’s owner.

Running Ads top top the ATM

Sometimes, either on the home display or on an additional screen installed above the key screen, ATM owners deserve to make money through charging various other companies to run ads.

Reduces credit Card handling Fees

because that many small businesses, the price of running credit transaction cards loser them a far-reaching amount the money. Therefore, that more profitable for some businesses come refuse credit cards and install an ATM come encourage cash-only payments.

This not only saves lock the 2-3% credit transaction card transaction fee, but it likewise steers much more business to your ATM. And an ext transactions on their ATM way more surcharge fees in their pocket.

Press Releases

Upon to buy an ATM, some companies, such together ATM Depot, will send a press release around it to locals. This method they know that a new ATM has actually been installed adjacent and whereby to discover it. This have the right to drive extr customer website traffic as awareness is built roughly the brand-new ATM that’s currently open for business!

How carry out ATM Owners get Paid

ATM owners fill the end a “payee form” whereby they indicate who receives just how much money per transaction. Because that instance, the financial institution that to represent the ATM might agree to take .50 cent per transaction. And you, as the store and ATM owner can receive the staying $2.50 the the ATMs $3 surcharge fee.

On the payee form, like a payroll form, friend fill the end your desired form of payment for collecting the fees. I.e. Cheque, straight deposit, etc. Typically, ATM revenues are paid the end on a everyday basis.

Buying an ATM Machine

Just favor a automobile you deserve to buy one ATM new or used, or even rent or lease one. If you select to acquisition one, we certainly recommend ensuring yes sir a warranty attached, as ATMs are facility machines.

Additionally, if you plan on owning a machine, store in mind extra prices such together maintenance and restocking bills. These are extr services the you’ll either need to train you yourself to do, or rental out.

If you pick to rental an ATM, it’s usual for these services to be included in her contract terms.

Typically, an ATM costs anywhere between $2,000 and also $8,000, depending upon how brand-new the version is. Rental contracts meanwhile can expense anywhere native $50 – $250 per month.

Types that ATM Machines

As you can imagine, considering the variety of technology companies and also advancements, there are lots of ATMs to pick from. But, because that the purposes of keeping this short article brief, we’ll just list the an easy types.

White brand ATMs – no owned or operated by a bank.

Brown label ATMs – Maintained and also owned by an ATM service provider, however sponsored by a bank. The financial institution is also responsible for the cash inside.

Onsite ATMs – located within a financial institution branch and also managed by the branch.

Offsite ATMs – Located exterior of a bank branch i.e. In a restaurant or store.

Standalone ATM – Not linked to one ATM network, limiting the customers they serve to details bank branches.

Network ATMs – opposing of a independent ATM. One ATM linked to a network that deserve to be used by anyone, no issue their financial institution affiliation.

Online ATMs – connected to a bank by internet, providing you actual time transaction and also account information.

Offline ATMs – much less high-tech than digital ATMs. They have actually a predetermined transaction limit.

Cardless ATMs – Although castle look the very same as a conventional ATM, cardless ATMs usage your phone to access your card. This means you don’t have to insert your card to retrieve money – a definite plus in 2020. To find one simply do a Google search for “cardless ATM close to me.”

Costs of Owning one ATM Machine

Just together the answer come “How lot money perform ATMs hold” wasn’t right forward, this one no either. Partly due to the fact that business owners may opt come buy or rent an ATM, which obviously influence the costs.

However, regardless of if you buying one ATM, or renting/leasing monthly, here are other prices to store in mind:

Initial Installation and Training Fees – One Time dues – in between $50 and $500

ATM particular Phone Line – $20-$40 monthly

Statement Fees – about $30 Monthly

Restocking Receipt Paper – about $50 Monthly

Professional Cash Loading Service – around $50 per company (Maybe essential multiple times per month, relying on ATM traffic.)

Is an ATM company Worth it?

Like any type of other business, to view if starting an ATM service is worth it, you need to do part research. First, think about the prices above. Then, number out how much money her ATM requirements to profit each month to break even. (Figure about $300 every month to save the maker up, running, and stocked.)


Now, you’ll must research some places near you the make feeling for installation an ATM. Such as bars and also gas stations. Exactly how many civilization seem come be comes in and out the those places each day? go the owner the the facility seem open to having an ATM?

Keep in mind the the typical ATM processes around 180 transactions every month. Currently multiply the by $3 you can make because that each transaction. It is $540 per month, before paying for her monthly fees.

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So, in short, can buying ATMs, installation them in busy businesses, and collecting surcharge fees it is in a great source that passive income? Absolutely! you’ll just additionally have to continue to be on peak of monthly maintenance and fees.

And, if crunching organization numbers such as this is something friend enjoy, then we suggest you look right into taking part entrepreneurial or finance courses. Because you can never have actually too lot financial knowledge!

The Bottomline

We hope this article quenched your curiosity because that all points ATM- past how lot money carry out ATMs hold? possibly we even sparked your attention in beginning an ATM service along the way too! Aka: among the ideal passive income side-hustles the end there!

So, what walk you uncover most interesting about today’s article? Got any type of other finance concerns that have actually been maintaining you up in ~ night? permit us understand in the comment below! Because similar to, every financial inquiry matters too!

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