When finding out Spanish, one of the an initial things you’ll discover is just how to provide and asking for personal information such as a name, age, and nationality. Due to the fact that this simple information deserve to be compelled in different contexts, many new learners want to know just how to ask human being their age in Spanish. 

How to Ask ‘how old are you’ in Spanish?

There are various expressions that deserve to be provided to questioning people’s period in Spanish. The most common ones include:

¿Cuántos años tienes? – How old space you?¿Qué edad tienes? – What’s her age?¿Cuál es tu edad? – What’s your age?

Learning various ways come ask people’s age in Spanish will aid you have actually a more robust vocabulary and have more fluent conversations with other people. For that reason, I’ll display you 3 different and common methods to ask ‘how old are you’ in Spanish. 

In addition to this, I’ll encompass some variations that you can include to her vocabulary and also phrase frameworks that you can use come customize your questions. You’ll likewise be detailed with some examples so you deserve to have a far better understanding of exactly how to use these expressions. 

By the end of this, you’ll know just how to asking ‘how old room you’ in Spanish favor a indigenous speaker!

1. ¿Cuántos años tienes? – How old space you?

As you might have already learned, ¿cuántos años tienes? way ‘how old room you’ in Spanish. Therefore, this is one of the most renowned questions that you can use come ask people’s age. This question deserve to be used in both formal and informal paper definition as long as girlfriend conjugate the verb properly. 

Here is a basic phrase structure that you deserve to follow. Notice that the link of the verb tener depends on the human whose age you desire to know:

¿Cuántos años + + (person)?

Yo tengo 18, ¿tú cuántos años tienes?I’m 18 years old, how old space you?

Mamá, ¿cuántos años tiene mi papá?Mom, how old is dad?

Sr. Ávila, necesito su edad para el papeleo, ¿cuántos años tiene? Mr. Ávila I need your age for the paperwork, how old are you?

Take Note: In the critical example, we address Mr. Ávila formally instead of utilizing his an initial name. Due to the fact that of the formality, we usage tiene (third-person), rather than tienes (second person). However, we carry out not need to include usted to the question because it’s comprise in the context.

Remembering every people’s period can it is in tricky (at least for me). Therefore if someone told you their age recently and you forgot (or you just didn’t hear), you deserve to use this structure to ask castle again: 

¿Cuántos años + + preterite> que + present>?

Martha, ¿cuántos años me dijiste que tienes?Matha, just how old did girlfriend tell me girlfriend are?

Oigan, ¿cuántos años me dijeron que tenía Laura?Hey, just how old did you men tell me Laura is? 

Additionally, ¿cuántos años tienes? can be provided to ask a person’s past age. In this context, we usually carry out a past event or action as a time reference. Here is just how you do it: 

¿Cuántos años + + cuando + ?

Linda, ¿cuántos años tenías cuando fuiste a Chile?Linda, how old were you once you saw Chile?

Chicos, ¿cuántos años tenían cuando aprendieron español?Guys, how old were you as soon as you learned Spanish?

2. ¿Qué edad tienes? – What is her age?

Another super popular way to questioning someone’s period in Spanish is by utilizing ¿qué edad tienes? This concern is the direct translation that the inquiry ‘what is her age?’. This expression can be used in both formal and informal situations. 

A shorter version of this expression is ¿edad? which literally means ‘age?’. However, this variation often tends to be an ext popular in formal instances or once you’re filling out forms or stuff like that. 

Just favor in the vault section, if you desire to customize this expression, you simply need come conjugate the verb tener properly. 

¿Qué edad + +(person)?

Señorita, ¿qué edad tiene? Miss, what is her age?

Lucy, no me acuerdo, ¿qué edad tienes?Lucy, i don’t remember, what is her age?

Camilla, ¿qué edad tienen tus padres?Camilla, what is your parent’s age?

If you desire to questioning a person’s age when a past action took place, friend can also use ¿qué edad tienes? In this context, this expression deserve to be analyzed either together ‘what was her age?’ or ‘how old were you?’. 

Here is how you execute it: 

¿Qué edad + + cuando + ?

Señorita, ¿qué edad tenía cuando hizo su trámite?Miss, what was your age once you did her process?

Luke, ¿qué edad tenía Rosario cuando se mudó a Argentina?Luke, what to be Rosario’s period when she moved to Argentina?

Take Note: When it concerns asking someone’s past period in Spanish, you have to use the imperfect tense. This is due to the fact that age is just offering background information about the circumstances that surrounded an action. 

3. ¿Cuál es tu edad? – What is her age?

¿Cuál es tu edad? can additionally be supplied to asking people’s period in Spanish. Although it deserve to be provided in both formal and casual contexts, this concern is much more common in formal cases or when you space not very familiar v the human being whose period you desire to know. 

It’s additionally the direct translation the what is your age. Even though, ¿cuál es tu edad? is very similar to ‘¿qué edad tienes?’, this expression has its very own phrase structures. Inspect the examples below. 

Use the complying with structure once asking the speaker’s period (only because that ‘tú’ and also ‘usted’):

¿Cuál es + + edad? 

Mark, ¿cuál es tu edad? Mark, what is her age?

Nelly, Jon, ¿cuál es su edad? Nelly, Jon, what is her age, guys?

If instead, you want to questioning someone around another who age, you deserve to use the following structure:

¿Cuál es + la edad + de + ?

Mandy, ¿cuál es la edad de Gemma?Mandy, what is Gemma’s age?

Benjamín, ¿cuál es la edad de tus padres?Benjamin, what space your parents’ ages?

Take Note: ¿Edad? (age?) is likewise a popular variation because that ¿cuál es tu edad? Remember that even if it’s a shorter version, ¿edad? tends come be supplied in much more formal situations.

Wrapping Up

Asking someone’s age in Spanish is a simple question that you could ask much more than once.

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Also though you may currently know one way to ask for this information, there room other well-known structures the you have the right to use for the same purpose. 

For the reason, in this article, we’ve learned 3 various ways to ask people’s age in Spanish. We questioned that ¿cuántos años tienes? is the many common method to attitude this question and it’s a an ideal expression for both formal and informal context. 

Another means to questioning this question is by making use of ¿qué edad tienes? or ¿cuál es tu edad? Remember that each one of these expressions adheres to its very own phrase structure and customization rules.