Part of the factor that Dance Moms became such a fight for lifetime was since the big cast to be packed with big personalities. Not only was ALDC teacher and also studio owner, Abby Lee Miller, a large personality, however the moms were quite the personalities also. Among the biggest personalities was, the course, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein who owned liquid Apples run Center.

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Dance Moms Season 2 cast | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Fans of Dance Moms will recall that Nesbitt-Stein was a component of the present from the very very first season. However, she daughter, Vivi-Anne Stein, at first started off together a member of the Abby Lee Dance firm Junior upstream Competition Team. But, ~ a quick trial period, Nesbitt-Stein left the studio and began straight competing against the ALDC.

CADC owner Cathy Nesbitt-Stein was a memorable component of the ‘Dance Moms’ actors

Over time, Cathy came to be a natural rival because that the ALDC. Anytime she popped up on an episode of dance Moms, over there was sure to be laughs as well as drama. The CADC owner had actually a penchant for really getting under the skin of the cast with she innate capacity to hurl a fast insult. And while her best target was commonly Miller, she likewise clashed with Jill Vertes a good deal also.

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Vertes and also her daughter, kendal Vertes, join the cast in Season 2. Though the Dance Moms producers compelled Jill and Kendall come briefly leaving the ALDC for the CADC, Vertes has actually confessed the she and Nesbitt-Stein never gained along. “The producers love Cathy and they want her in the present at any kind of cost,” Jill confessed in a 2020 interview through Entertainment Tonight. “So they shipped me over there friend know. I didn’t want to it is in there and also Cathy and also I never really cared much for each various other so, at the beginning, we had actually to pretend.”

Jill Vertes thinks she fellow cast member to be on the present for the wrong factors

Continuing on, Jill mutual that she felt the Cathy was on dance Moms for the wrong reasons. “Cathy to be tough, she to be tough,” Jill admitted. “She didn’t favor me since I sort of feel like I saw her for that she was. She was utilizing the system, she simply wanted to it is in on tv and wanted her kid on tv, that’s simply my opinion. Ns think Cathy was there for all the not correct reasons, simply to be an idiot and, friend know, drive all of us nuts and it worked.”

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Of course, Jill wasn’t the only one who had less than favorable points to say around her previous castmate. Recently, Cathy go a Q&A on her Instagram stories, and also she determined to shade Jill in true Cathy fashion. “Can you spill several of the Dance Moms secrets?” one fan wondered about the CADC owner. “Jill’s barber was blind 😳,” Stein quipped.

Nesbitt-Stein reveals why she didn’t return because that ‘Dance Moms’ Season 8

Cathy likewise made sure to cite that Jill to be not, technically, a Dance Moms OG, despite she likes to insurance claim that title. “How come girlfriend didn’t come ago for Season 8 that Dance Moms?” another fan questioned. “Btw i love you queen.” Cathy was quick to share that her returning because that the final season didn’t make sense. “Thank you,” the dance teacher shared. “I didn’t understand those moms,” she penned. “I wouldn’t have actually made sense. My chemistry was through the OG’s (and Jill😂)” she wrote.

Though a most the run Moms drama was fabricated by the producers, it’s clear that the dislike the Jill and Cathy had actually for one one more was fully genuine. The show may have gone off the air year ago, however who knows how long these 2 will be trading insults.