Loni Anderson is a TV actress notable for she sexy role as Jennifer Marlowe on the collection WKRP in Cincinnati.

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Who Is Loni Anderson?

Loni Anderson is an American actress who's big break came in 1978, as soon as she landed a duty on the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati and became a sex symbol practically overnight. Her duty in the 1983 stock-car gyeongju comedy Stroker Ace readjusted her life again. While on set, she met and also fell in love through co-star Burt Reynolds, that was a star in ~ the time, and her marriage to Reynolds placed the duo in the spotlight together a Hollywood power couple.

Early Life

Loni Kaye Anderson was born on august 5, 1946, in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Carl Anderson and also Maxine Kallin. From a young age, Anderson stood out together a brunette beauty. As a an elderly in high school, Anderson was called Valentine Queen of she school's winter formal.

Anderson entered the college of Minnesota in 1963 to research art. She operated her way through college by winning beauty pageants—namely the miss out on Roseville beauty, beauty pageant contest, which allowed her to represent her hometown at the miss out on Minnesota competition. She to be a runner-up for the crown, yet she included several wins to she name during this time, including the miss out on Thermo-Jac Clothing, miss out on County style Ford and Queen that the Hole-In-One titles.

In 1964, in ~ the age of 18, Anderson married other Minnesotan Bruce Hasselbeck. Shortly after your nuptials, Anderson and Hasselbeck invited daughter Deidra. However, the romance to be short-lived, and also Anderson and Hasselbeck divorce in 1966. It to be a complicated time because that Anderson, who had to take a teaching task to assistance herself and also her new baby while completing she college education.

Transition come Acting

Anderson also developed an attention in acting and also started do appearances in local commercials and theater shows. Tho dark-haired, she play in several early 1970s productions such as Born Yesterday, Send Me No Flowers, Can-Can, The Star-Spangled Girl and Fiddler ~ above the Roof.

In 1973, Anderson remarried to one more aspiring actor, Ross Bickell. The ambitious couple decided to move away native Minnesota to Los Angeles in 1975 come pursue more film and also TV work. Anderson dyed she locks your trademark blonde throughout this period, and also landed minor roles on mirrors such together Barnaby Jones (1973), The Bob Newhart Show (1972) and Three's Company (1977).




Hollywood Starlet

Anderson's large break in showbiz come in 1978, as soon as the actress landed a duty on the famous sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Actor Howard Hesseman, who played the personality of Dr. Johnny Fever, and Anderson, that played sultry radio station receptionist Jennifer Marlowe, ended up being the breakaway stars the the show. Anderson came to be a sex symbol almost overnight, and a pinup picture of the actress in a bikini was one of the best-selling posters that the 1970s. Yet, far from a dumb blonde, Anderson insisted the she be able to play her character as a bright, perceptible woman before signing for the part. She vision paid off, and also the star earned two Emmy nominations and also three golden Globe nominations for she performance.

While her expert life thrived, Anderson's an individual life was on the rocks. Her prompt fame brought about the dissolved of her second marriage and, by 1981, Bickell and Anderson had divorced.

The series was canceled in 1982, yet Anderson supplied the inert of she career to continue appearing in films and also television. After starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Jayne Mansfield biopic The Jayne Mansfield Story in 1980, Anderson created her very own production company and starred in a variety of made-for-TV movies. However it to be her role in the 1983 stock-car racing comedy Stroker Ace that changed the food of she life. If on set, she met and also fell in love v co-star Burt Reynolds, who was a blockbuster star at the time. Anderson's performance in the film was mostly panned, yet her ultimate marriage come Reynolds in 1988 placed the duo in the spotlight together a Hollywood power couple.

Personal Life and also Son

Anderson's high-profile marital relationship to Reynolds began blissfully enough. The couple adopted son Quinton together, however then the relationship liquified quickly into a nasty divorce. Anderson and Reynolds' well-publicized custody fight over their son and also accusations of a painful and substance-abusive marriage made headlines till the couple's official divorce in 1994. Quickly after your split, Anderson began making television appearances again, such together the final season the the NBC sitcom Nurses (1993-1994).

In recent years, Anderson has made guest appearances on tv sitcoms such together Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and V.I.P. In 1997, she published her autochrischona2015.org My Life in High Heels. She additionally made waves in her duty as Tori Spelling's materialistic mom in So noTORIous (2006), which to be met with disapproval native Spelling's real-life mother.

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On may 17, 2008, Anderson remarried because that a fourth time, this time to longtime girlfriend Bob Flick. Flick was one of the founding members the the individual band The brother Four. The pair lives together in Hollywood, California.

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