through Olivia ClarkeApril 23, 2021

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His educational background is quiet unknown, although during his institution years, he enjoyed performing in theatrical plays.He liveed in Texas before relocating come Los Angeles, California to continue his acting career.

Personal Life and Other Relationships

In 2007, Sterling date musician Maddie Cyrus for around a year, after i beg your pardon he had a connection with Jessica Bridgeman, an actress well-known from the TV series “The Encounter”, indigenous 2009-2010. Sterling and also Jessica met in ~ a Jonas Brothers’ concert.However, in 2018 Sterling ended up being engaged to Ayla Kell, who is famous from the TV Drama “Make it or rest It”, having formerly performed in theatrical productions with the American Ballet Theatre. Ayla and Sterling are still engaged as of early on 2021.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Some of Sterling’s hobbies encompass playing the guitar, snowboarding, and of food singing and also writing songs. His passion for music led the to kind a tape on YouTube with his friend and also fellow actor Matt Shively, who is more than likely best-known for playing the duty of Ryan Laserbeam in the collection “True Jackson, VP” ~ above Nickelodeon. They dubbed their tape the “Connecting Channels” which mostly pinpoints how they space working from different TV kid-friendly networks – the Disney Channel and also Nickelodeon.He is additionally close friends in genuine life v Demi Lovato, his co-actor in “Sonny with A Chance”.



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