Band:Dolan Twins
Members:Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan
Years Active:2014-present
Origin:New Jersey, U.S.

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Net Worth:US $6 Million


The Dolan twins is one American comedy duo consisting of similar twins Grayson Dolan and also Ethan Dolan. They climbed to stardom ~ above the video platforms Vine and also YouTube. The duo is at this time signed come AwesomenessTV. Your YouTube boasts 6+ million subscribers and also 830+ million views. They’re likewise incredibly popular on social media (Instagram, Twitter). Ethan and Grayson Dolan to be born on December 16, 1999, in lengthy Valley, brand-new Jersey. Ethan was born first. Your parents room Lisa and also Sean. They have actually an larger sister named Cameron. The twins i graduated high college in July 2017.

CAREER Ethan and Grayson Dolan obtained their begin on the video clip app ‘Vine’ in 2013. Lock amassed millions of followers/loops before the app shutting down. The duo released their YouTube channel “TheDolanTwins” in march 2014. Their oldest available video “The Blender Challenge” was posted in July 2014. It has over 4 million views. The Dolan Twin’s channel has since grown to 6+ million subscribers and upwards of 830 million video clip views. They post a variety of videos on Tuesdays ranging from pranks to original sketch comedy. A sample of their uploads includes “Grayson it s okay His Wisdom teeth Removed”, “Twins Vs. Iphone X challenge ID”, “Roasting Each various other (Diss Track)” and also “Extreme Laughing Challenge.” They’ve collaborated v James Charles, Caspar Lee and also Juanpa Zurita amongst others. The Dolan Twins took a break from YouTube in march 2018. They reverted two months later on with a video titled “We’re Back.”

The Dolan pair signed through AwesomenessTV in 2015. They carried out their ‘4OU Tour’ the following year. That ran from June 4th to July 17th and included cities prefer Freehold (NJ), silver- Spring (MD), Los Angeles (CA), and Seattle (WA). They won two Teen selection Awards in 216, consisting of one for an option Web Star. The duo won the 2017 Streamy Award for the creator that the year. Ethan and also Grayson Dolan to be featured in the series more Caspar (2012). They offered as correspondents on MTV’s full Request Live reboot in 2017. The Dolan Twins have actually 18+ million followers throughout their cooperation and personal Instagram Accounts. They also have a huge following on Twitter.

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PERSONAL The Dolan Twins have a cumulative net worth the $6 million. They earn from YouTube and merchandise (apparel, accessories, gift cards) sale. Ethan and also Grayson are around the same height at 5ft 11in. They at this time reside in Los Angeles, California. Ethan has been attached to Meredith Mickelson and Emma Chamberlain. Top top the other hand, Grayson has been linked to like Chloe Alison and Sofia Olivera.

Dolan twins Wiki

Members:Grayson Bailey Dolan, Ethan provide Dolan
Origin:New Jersey, united States
Occupation:YouTubers, Vloggers, Comedians
Years Active:2014-present
Net Worth:US $6 Million