What ns would prefer to know is what would certainly be an excellent dimensions to usage in the model? If anyone might direct me to a perform of genuine canal lock dimensions it would certainly be much appreciatted, together from this ns will have the ability to take one average, and also then scale this under to size i could use.

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Also, what materials would you recommend to usage in the model? I"ll shortly be beginning to make the lock, so i"m grateful for any type of suggestions.








If you want to be able to describe how a lock operated you could start v those. You would still need to make the see to existing them properly and any descriptive material to assistance them.



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Chris J W

Posted December 1, 2009

Chris J W

MemberLocation:South the York. The various other side that the Pennines.Boat Name:Jean Margaret
Posted December 1, 2009

Are girlfriend planning on making the a completely working model?


Good luck through it, and also hope you"ll write-up some photos of the build and the finished build.

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Posted December 1, 2009


Gender:MaleLocation:Upwell, NorfolkBoat Name:Trojan
Posted December 1, 2009 (edited)

JF-TR, please tell us which area friend live in. Climate someone right here will be able to tell you whereby there room easily available real locks i m sorry you have the right to go and also look at, photograph and also measure. Ns hope it"s no the north of Scotalnd or you could have fairly a journey! I would certainly endorse the suggestion above for 1:76 scale - this is 4mm to the foot and is the scale in which most design railways space built.

you can also get kit of narrowboats in this scale; a firm somewhere in the Brighton area provides them, ns will shot to uncover out your details - ~ all, a design lock without any boats come go with it would possibly be absent the point!

If you do visit a lock and there are watercrafts going through, do not be afraid of questioning the human being working the lock to explain how the system works and what each little does. A few boaters bark, yet most are only too happy to explain things come someone that is acquisition a actual interest. Friend have currently displayed to plan in detect this internet site so lug on in the exact same vein.

One final thing: if you have no endure of the canals, exactly how did you pick the subject of a lock as your project?


EDIT: the company which ns was reasoning of was Langley Models that Sussex. They have a net site which you can discover via your search engine. Girlfriend could also check the net sites that Garth Allan Models (which room in 00 scale) and Canal cargo (though they do not say what range their models are).

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