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We explain how you can easily change your piercing jewel yourself. Rings, rods, etc. You will discover it in no time!

We often get the inquiry of how to change piercings. In stimulate to perform so, friend will very first have to open your piercing or ease it. Opened or closing piercing jewelry may seem difficult, yet it doesn"t need to be! It have the right to be a bit tricky at first, and also although you could prefer to leaving it to who else, it’s easy once you find out exactly how to perform this yourself. We will certainly explain and guide you v it below.

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Tips:Slippery jewelry? Clean them through some (piercing) soap and pat them dry with clean kitchen paper, therefore you have actually a far better grip.


Need even much more grip? stay nitrile gloves, therefore you have an even far better grip on your jewelry.


Do you readjust the jewelry over the sink? Then ar a bath towel in the to prevent the ball or piece of jewelry from disappearing right into the gutter or bouncing the end of the sink and also ending up on the floor.


Changing bars through screw-on figures? hold the accessory tightly and turn the stick to release your jewelry.



What you must not do:


Do not use pliers to turn the sphere on the rod. You might use too much force and twist the thread. This is certainly a hazard with internally threaded jewelry.


Is your piercing excited or not healed enough? In that case, changing your jewel is hardly ever a an excellent idea. Leave the jewelry on until your piercing is completely healed.




Labrets, barbells and also other threaded rods


How carry out I readjust a labret bar or barbell?




Hold on come the piercing rod on one side between your thumb and also forefinger. Then loosen the piercing ball and place it in a container. Currently you can readjust your jewelry. Screw the ball ago on ~ the switch and you"re done! If you space wearing a different figure (such as a feather, flower or cluster) climate twisting/turning the piercing rod rather of loosening the figure might work better. That is more an overwhelming to hold onto a screw-on piece with an inexplicable shape, yet by transforming the rod instead of the figure, it commonly works.










Which way do you have to unscrew to acquire your piercing loose? checked out from above, girlfriend tighten her piercing clockwise and loosen the again. In the mirror, it"s reversed and that deserve to be confusing! shot to think of that in the same way as once you tighten or unscrew the lid of a bottle.


Changing your piercing once the jewel is tho attached through the feet in her skin needs a little much more practice. Take your time and wear rubber (cleaning) gloves. The gloves carry out a much better grip on the jewelry, which makes transforming it a lot easier. Organize your piercing rod with one hand and loosen the sphere with the other. You deserve to now change your piercing jewelry. After ~ the change, revolve the ball back on and you"re done!




Opening and closing rings



Segment rings are an excellent piercing rings to wear if you don"t readjust them also often. You deserve to open a segment ring by bending the end to the side. Make certain that the opening is large enough for your piercing, readjust your piercing and also bend the ends ago together. Never ever open a segment ring by pulling the end apart, this means you will certainly deform the ring and no longer be able to wear it.









Opening and closing click rings


A click ring provides it much easier to change your piercing jewelry. All you need to do is click open up the ring, readjust it, and close it. The easiest method to open a click ring is come grab it by the side that clicks open. If you shot to open the ring at the hinge, it will certainly not work. Take both end of the click ring in between your thumb and also forefinger and also gently pull the ring open. Closing the ring is excellent in the very same way, just by advertise the ends together again until they click together. Use just your fingers! Click rings room a bit more flexible than other piercing rings and also if you decide to get creative and use a pair that pliers girlfriend can damage your jewelry considerably.

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Have girlfriend bent the jewelry too much open or as well close?

Doesn"t her click ring near (anymore) completely? Then her click ring will probably need to be reshaped again. You carry out this by bending the ring a small further open up or closed. This is done in no time!


If you have actually any more questions, us are more than happy come help!

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