Entertainment has always been of crucial importance in everyone’s life. For ages, human being have to be finding various modes that entertainment.

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With the i of time, when modern technology started to thrive gaming devices took end the industry. Everyone dropped for this handheld consoles. Climate the industry kept cultivation in technology and introduced Xboxes.

The difficulty with the gaming advancement has always been that human being get tired and bored if over there is nothing new, exciting, entertaining, and also thrilling.

Therefore, there have always been twists and also turns in the products readily available by the gaming to chat industry. The recent thrilling enhancement to the gaming world is X Rocker Gaming Chair.

X Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pedestal video clip Game Chair 2.1 with Wireless Bluetooth Audio

X Rocker is the leading gaming chair provider in the UK and Europe. They market a wide range of gaming chairs such as; X Rocker floor gaming chairs, X Rocker pedestal gaming chairs, X Rocker reclining gaming chairs.

X Rocker gaming chairs are amazingly comfortable and along with that, they provide you v a wide variety of attributes like multi-link connectivity, vibration, and also wireless sound transmission.

How to affix an X Rocker Gaming Chair to a TV

The digital industry has a phrase; “if you have the right to buy it, the is currently obsolete.” Now, if girlfriend have currently bought an X Rocker Gaming Chair, the many frustrating component would be to dig out just how you space going to set it up.

Also, a noticeable allude is the no matter which chair you have bought, the vital is to just redirect sound indigenous a source to a gaming chair. The two typical sound resources would be;


Audio calculation – Red and also white jacks in ~ the ago of the TV space compatible through the gaming chairs audio cables.Analog audio output Red and white jacks in ~ the back of the TV room compatible with the gaming chairs audio cables.Headphone Jack – This is found at the former of the TV and also the audio cables of gaming chairs are compatible here.

Game System

AV/ component or typical RCA cable (s) – these cables are compatible with the cables you have with your chair.HDMI cable – HDMI cable is no compatible v gaming chair cables.

How to connect – action by step Procedure

The link procedure depends upon the X Rocker gaming chair kind; wireless model video game chair, conventional model video game chair.

Wireless X Rocker Gaming Chair

The wireless X Rocker gaming chair come without cables and also wires. Over there is a transmitter to send audio signal to a receiver i beg your pardon is built into the chair.

The plus of this chair is that when a wireless mechanism is not compelled you deserve to switch it to a system in which sound signals room sent and also received via cables.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr0jaOSr9UUHere is the action by step link procedure of wireless come a television;

Verify the source of sound very first as disputed above.Get the transmitter and pack the audio cablesPick increase the shorter audio cable, the green end goes into the input jack of the transmitter and also the opposite end into the audio sourceKeep one eye on the frequency, that is necessary that the tape frequency ~ above the transmitter and also chair have to matchTurn your X Rocker gaming chair and also transmitter on.

Here is the action by step connection procedure of wireless come a video game system using component cable;

Unplug the red and also white wires native the backside of the tv and also the video clip cords must remain there.

Now plug those red and white wires to B3 barrel adapters

Connect the green end of B6 to the intake on the transmitterNow again frequency should match and then revolve the chair system and transmitter on.

Here is the step by step connection procedure of wireless to a game system utilizing HDMI cable;

Plugin her component cable alongside your HDMI cableNote that the HDMI cable will be used for video clip onlyPlug red and also white wires to B3 barrel adapters, B6 cable should be linked to open ends of this adaptersThe green finish of B6 have to be linked to an entry on the transmitter.

Standard Gaming Chair

The traditional gaming chair does not have the wireless choice in it. Just cables are the option to receive sound.

How to attach to such a chair

The setup is the exact same as that listed above in detail. The only change would be that in this case, friend won’t usage the transmitter. Instead, a B1 cable is operation from the chair input come the sound resource of the TV/game system.

The possible Problem

Technology moves at a quick pace, this moment it is cable and also the next is wireless. Currently the TV is LCD the next minute it is LED.

Same way, the gaming mechanism has developed too. The older stereotype connectors no much more serve the purpose and also are replaced by HDMI.

This High definition Multimedia interface does provide really well yet the X Rocker Gaming chairs are still designed for right and left stereo sound.

The problem is that human being are currently stuck in between an HDMI based gaming system and RCA based gaming system.

The recommended Solution

There is a machine called HDMI Audio Extractor. The is advisable to buy this added adapter together it serves the objective really well. In this case, usage an HDMI cable to affix your game system come the HDMI entry of the converter, and another HDMI cable to attach the converter’s HDMI output to the TV. Then, you’d usage the RCA cables that come through your X Rocker to connect the converter come the chair.

Compatible Systems

Here is the table specifying which gaming console will job-related with X Rocker Gaming Chair.

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Gaming SystemWorks through X Rocker Gaming Chair?
X Box and also X crate 360Yes
X crate OneNo. It needs that adapter
PlayStation, game stations (2 & 3)Yes
PlayStation 4No. It needs that adapter

This write-up aimed in ~ providing enough knowledge around X Rocker Gaming Chair come its audience. Now, you can rock the chair and have a thriller game.