Proportion and Dividing Lines

Dividing a line Equally there is no a Ruler

Anyone who has actually picked up a pencil and wanted to make precise drawing to know the most important thing is proportions. That way you should divide points up. Sometimes right into several pieces. Now you deserve to eyeball it yet if you want to acquire to a better level of accuracy then you desire to usage a few simple approaches that will take your illustration to the next level.

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Dividing a heat Segment right into 5 same Parts

Now I deserve to use this method to divide the line right into any number of parts but for this exercise,I will certainly divide it into five equal parts.

1. First, draw the line you need to divide. I provided a right edge. The course,this can be freehand and I use this an approach freehand every the time. The “A” and also “B” are just toshow whereby the heat starts and also stops.


2. Next, ns will use asecond line to divide my very first line. This 2nd line has to intersect whereby the an initial line begins atpoint“A”. This 2nd line i will use to divide my very first line can be any kind of “length” and also any “angle”, the doesn’t matter. I attracted an arbitrary line of one arbitrary edge from allude “A”. Together picturedbelow.


3. Next, I will certainly divide the second line into equal incremental lengths. THE dimension OF THE INCREMENT’S length DOESN’T MATTER. Whatever THE INCREMENT size IS, the JUST has to BE recurring EQUALLY 5 TIMES. I provided a compassto divide the line into 5 equal lengths. I could have provided a ruler or the lengthof the sharpened end of my pencil or simply two random marks top top a pieceof document that ns repeated 5 times to make 5 equal ranges of any length. Below shows 5 marks of equal size on the second line we will use to divide line AB.


4. You MUST affix THE point OF YOUR fifth INCREMENT TO suggest “B” creating A TRIANGLE. From your last mark attach it to allude B. We have made a triangle.

USING THE SLANT that THE heat YOU created BY CONNECTING YOU 5th INCREMENT TO allude “B” YOU take it YOURREMAINING POINTS utilizing THE very same SLANT TO intersect LINE “AB”. This will certainly divide line abdominal into 5 same parts.


5. Note the clues on line abdominal muscle and erase your occupational lines. Now you have actually a line that is split equally into 5 parts. Again I usage this will certainly hand sketching every the time.

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Now the good part is you deserve to do this by hand the same process and you will divide points much more accurately and also quickly 보다 you ever thought possible. Provide it a try.