Puffy paint is great fun to work and create with. You deserve to buy that in any store that sells every sorts of stuff for creativity, yet it can also be made at residence which renders this puffy colorful substance super cool because that kids.

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However, parents often note the this kind of paint takes pretty lot time to dry compared to simple liquid paints. Is it possible to do it dry faster? Let’s discover it out!

Puffy repaint Drying Tips


To discover out what have the right to make this substance dried quicker, we need to discover what it is make of. If we are talking about the homemade substance, climate the common recipe includes shaving cream, some school glue, food colour pigments, and also sometimes a bit of flour.

All the contents are combined together to obtain that even and smooth creamy-textured substance of all feasible colors. And since the paint contains quite watery ingredients, and besides, its consistency is fairly thick, the dry time generally takes roughly four hours.

Let’s agree, no kid would have enough patience to wait that long until the drawing is dried to cave it top top the wall!

Fortunately, several simple tricks exist to speed up the dry process:

Blow-dry it. Yes, the simple! girlfriend only require a hairdryer set on the low-heat regime for functioning on the wettest locations of the drawing. By the way, the same an approach can it is in safely and also successfully used to the blown paint illustration made ~ above the fabric.Place the painted item under the sun for a while. The sunlight will make the repaint dry means faster.Placing a illustration in former of the fan will also aid a lot. However, be sure to attach the paper or everything it painted effectively so that the item i will not ~ be puffy away!

However, you need to take into consideration that after ~ drying, any type of homemade puffy paint will subside an ext or less hanging ~ above its content.

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How come Make easy DIY puffy Paint 


If girlfriend don’t desire to wait till the paint will be delivered to you or you don’t feel prefer roaming about trying to uncover it in a store, why no make that yourself?

You will need:

3 cup of shaving cream, gel, or foam1 cup flour1 cup white gluefood coloring or repaint (except because that watercolor due to the fact that it won’t give that extreme color)

Blend all the components except because that the paint/food colours in a bowl however don’t over mix them: the air bubbles need to still remain in cut cream to offer the repaint its fluffiness!

Divide the white substance right into several same parts depending upon how countless colors you want to have, and add a couple of squirts the paint right into each. Stir closely to not overmix!

Now you can fill the zip packets with your paint, seal them, punctured a little hole in each, and start creating!

If you pick to walk for a paint to color the foamy base substance, I would recommend acrylic: that dries faster, has actually bright colors, and also it is not so smelly together oil. Besides, oil paint will take hours to dry and that’s not what we are up to, right?

As for watercolor, this paint will not provide you through the bright color the kids will enjoy.