Each new generation the Pokemon games brings dozens of new Pokemon come catch. However on rare occasions, those new Pokemon aren’t brand-new at all — they’re actually evolutions of previously existing Pokemon. That’s precisely the instance with Gligar, and also there’s a little of a trick to evolving Gligar that you won’t necessarily be aware of, provided that it was designed in retrospect. Here’s how come evolve Gligar if you’re confused.

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How Players can Evolve a Gligar in Pokemon Gen 2-4 Games

Gligar is a Pokemon first added in the second generation that Pokemon gamings (Gold, Silver, Crystal), however its evolution, Gliscor, wasn’t included until generation four. That means if you’re play a second or 3rd generation video game –Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen– and wanting come evolve Gligar, you’ll have to transfer it come generation four game or later.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a complication in the while you have the right to transfer from Generation 3 to four, girlfriend can’t deliver from Generation one or 2 to three. If you’re play Gold, Silver, or crystal you won’t be able to evolve Gligar come Gliscor.

How come Transfer

To execute the transfer, you’ll require to have received the nationwide Pokedex in every little thing generation three game you’re playing.

Once you’ve done that it’s end to the hardware next of things. You’ll must insert the GBA cartridge in her DS and select the ‘Migrate’ alternative from the main menu of your generation 4 game.

From here, it’s merely a instance of selecting the Gligar you want to migrate. Booting up your game, the Pokemon will be easily accessible to capture at the Pal Park on path 221.

Evolving a Gligar

Now the your Pokemon is in a game that in reality supports that is evolution, you’ll then require to uncover the right products to do it all happen. The item you need is called a Razor Fang, and also it has various locations depending on which game you’re playing.


fight Tower, path 225 (Platinum), fight Park (D,P), course 214 (Platinum)


battle Frontier


route 13, plentiful Shrine, battle Subway

Black 2/White 2

course 11, battle Subway, Pokémon people Tournament


battle Maison, PokeMileage society

Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

fight Resort

Once friend have obtained the Razor Fang, provide the item to your Gligar, which must be holding the item come evolve.

Next, wait till nightfall, because Gligar have the right to only evolve in ~ night time. The time that her game automatically switches to being nightfall depends on the variation of the game, however it is typically 8pm-4am.

The final piece of the puzzle is to have Gligar level increase while that is holding the Razor Fang at night time. It doesn’t issue what level her Pokemon is; simply performing the over steps will see it evolve regardless. You can attain a level up by eating a Rare candy or battling a Pokemon Trainer.

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That must be every little thing you have to know about how come evolve Gligar in Pokemon. For much more information and also guides ~ above the series, be certain to search chrischona2015.org.