I just acquired a DSi at a thrift save that was in an excellent condition with the exception that the L and also R buttons don't work. My guess is the they aren't making any kind of contact due to grime and also gross stuff structure up or the ribbon is no much longer functional. Have any kind of of you had any kind of luck closely cleaning it? What assets did girlfriend use? and how hard is it to disassemble the console and remove the connector for the ribbon? ns hear that the connector is the hardest component since the is so easily broken.

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I'm simply so excited to finally own a DS miscellaneous that i am cross my fingers difficult that this works.


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I just picked up a dsi and also wouldn't girlfriend know? exact same thing. It's practically like this is a defect? Anyway, I'm looking for other ones the are more busted up prior to I shot to open it up and also fix it. I'm not really handy, hardware wise, for this reason I'd favor to exercise a bit. I'll keep an eye out right here too in instance of any kind of tips. Good luck friend!

It is a defect in almost every DS. Ns owned an ext than 15 units and also all failure at part time, DS lite, DSi.

Also a many of people complained about it.

Other handhelds choose PSPs never had actually an issue.

My Sony handhelds and also my 3DSs doesn’t have actually this issues.

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So yeah. I have the right to concur the my experience with the Dsi shoulder buttons to be the exact same after buying from a thrift store. The slim profile of the shoulder buttons top top the DSi enable for dirt to fall in between the cracks and adhere to the microswitch within the console. This corrosion impedes the electric circuit within the microswitch. While pushing really hard or forced air ~ above a microswitch may temporarily job-related the best solution is come clean the link inside the microswitch. You'll need to be comfortable v taking apart small electronics and also be cautious not to loose screws or the springs because that the button. But if you take it it apart it's gonna look comparable to this teardown https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Nintendo+DSi+Trigger+Button-SD+Board+Assembly/3739 Kinda gonna follow the teardown to step 10. As soon as you have the microswitches exposed your going to bath them in isopropil alcohol (rubbing alcohol) at the highest concentrate you can find. This won't damage the microswitch yet will disolve the grime. I'd let that bathe for 10 minutes and also press the microswitch a few times to help abrase any type of dirt. Allow it to dry sufficiently and then placed it all earlier together in turning back of the teardown. This should obtain you walking again. Ns haven't had any type of problems v my shoulder buttons after ~ doing this v 2 DSi's the both had actually shoulder buttons not working.