Elite Puffles room puffles that have actually been especially trained to assist agents of the upstream Penguin pressure in their missions. Every Elite Puffles have been trained by the Puffle Handler, otherwise recognized as PH or Paige. Upstream Puffles are able to it is in summoned by one agent that possesses a Puffle Whistle.

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Each elite Puffle has actually been trained in a specific skill, normally relating come the details color the species. There are currently ten different Elite Puffles.

Flare is a black color Elite Puffle, featured in 2 Nintendo DS games: club Penguin: elite Penguin Force and Herbert"s Revenge. In the DS games he have the right to be used in upstream Penguin force Missions, where his ability to breathe little blue flames native his mouth have the right to be provided for welding or melting ice.
In virtual Club Penguin, Flare could be to walk by using the Puffle Whistle alternative of the EPF Phone, or alternatively, the inventory. The whistle could be unlocked byusing a code consisted of in the box for Herbert"s Revenge.

While go Flare, he was treated as a constant hand item, and also did no have attributes of adoptable puffles, an interpretation he can not be brought to cart Surfer, he can not reside in a player"s igloo or Igloo Backyard, he can not interact with objects in ~ the Puffle Hotel, etc.
Flit is a green Elite Puffle. He shows up in society Penguin: elite Penguin Force, The great Puffle Switch, and in the to exclude, Christmas publication called "Puffle Pal Adventures: Music provides Magic". He has actually the ability to fly and also retrieve objects that penguins can"t reach. Although his normal "flying into enemies" assault is weak, the can cut the ropes of things on balloons, choose anvils and also coffee bags come drop on enemies" heads.

Blast is a Red Puffle and one the the upstream Puffles. He has actually the capability to shoot himself out of a cannon while wearing a helmet. This permits him to break through hefty objects. He also was in the exclusive Christmas Book: Puffle Pal Adventures: Music provides Magic along with the various other Elite Puffles. EPF agents can summon lock by making use of a Puffle Whistle. Favor all various other puffles, he was trained through Puffle Handler.

Bouncer is a Blue Puffle who is among the upstream Puffles in club Penguin: elite Penguin Force. She"s the first Puffle the player meets in the game. The player meets the Puffle in the Coffee Shop. She have the right to throw snowballs to hit objects with excessive firing rate, precision and range. She was additionally in the exclusive publication Puffle Pal Adventures: Music renders Magic and also the real-life book, The great Puffle Switch. She, in addition to all the other Elite Puffles, has her very own Card-Jitsu map in the Puffle Deck.

Loop is a Pink upstream Puffle that shows up in society Penguin: elite Penguin Force. She has been trained come lasso moving objects. Occasionally she attract a cowboy hat and has a lasso. She additionally appeared in the exclusive publication Puffle Pal Adventures: Music makes Magic. Loop additionally appeared in the book The an excellent Puffle Switch.

Pop is a violet Elite Puffle that shows up in both upstream Penguin pressure games, who have the right to blow bubbles qualified of holding heavy objects. Pop likes popular music music, and also blowing bubbles, i m sorry "pop", thus the surname Pop.
Chirp is a specially-trained yellow upstream Puffle who shows up in club Penguin: elite Penguin Force. She have the right to play the flute for this reason high-pitched the she can break through virtually any object, together as large ice cubes. In addition, Chirp"s flute can additionally destroy machinery favor Jet Packs, and also Robots.
Chill is a white elite Puffle the is first met in the upstream Penguin force downloadable mission, Puffle Pranksters. She can conveniently freeze anything through a single breath and also the ice cream shatters v the item inside it. In the sequel, she can make anything out of ice or solve things with ice.
Lucky is a yellow puffle. He has so much only appeared in a comic, whereby he assisted save the other Elite Puffles indigenous the Destructobot. His abilities room unknown.

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Gulp is an orange puffle. He has so much only showed up in a comic. His abilities room unknown, however he appears to have a an effective jaw.
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