In the at an early stage game that Subnautica, you'll be scouring because that any resource you can obtain while trying desperately to endure in the seas of planet 4546B. One of these necessary early-game sources is Fiber Mesh.

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Fiber Mesh is provided for a couple of different points that are essential beforehand in the game. As soon as you eventually decide to discover the destructive of the Aurora, you'll require a couple of Fiber Mesh before you can obtain started. Let's take it a look at exactly how to make Fiber Mesh, and also where friend can uncover the products you'll need.

how To make Fiber Mesh

kelp woodland biome with large creepvines and also green water
Fiber Mesh is make by combining two Creepvine Samples in the Fabricator. Creepvine Samples are a raw product that deserve to be harvested in the Kelp forest biome.

The Kelp forest should it is in easy enough to find, as there is one situated close to whereby your Lifepod lands. The specifying feature that this biome are the big vines that flourish from the ocean floor, and the green hue the the water. These vines space Creepvines, and also hitting them v your survive Knife will certainly chop off a little of the vine, enabling you to choose up Creepvine Samples. This article takes up a 2x2 area in your inventory, so do some an are beforehand if you should gather a lot.

Fiber Mesh Uses

since Fiber Mesh is very early game resource that is fairly easy come acquire, that is provided for a couple of essential items. The most necessary things you can craft through Fiber Mesh room the medical Kit Fabricator and Radiation Gear.

The medical Kit Fabricator is a Habitat appliance that will certainly generate very first Aid kits every 10 minutes. Placing a few of these around your Habitat will certainly ensure you constantly have first Aid kits stocked up for when you require them.

The Radiation Suit, Helmet, and Gloves will defend you indigenous Radiation poisoning, permitting you come explore brand-new areas the the world. Equipping this gear is the only way to explore the ruins of the Aurora, whereby you'll find some essential blueprints and also items.

In addition to these items, there space a few other uses for Fiber Mesh, listed below.

very first Aid Kit Rebreather artificial Fibers Basic twin Bed Quilted dual Bed solitary Bed

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