If you’re dice to discover out exactly how to earn free Credits on chrischona2015.org, you’ve certainly landed in the appropriate place! but first, and also just in situation you nothing know, this is some rapid info chrischona2015.org Credits. Credits are the currency in chrischona2015.org, and what you use to buy item for your Avatar in the Catalog. You can buy Credits straight from the Catalog and also you can additionally earn Credits in a variety of ways. Come get more details, check out on!



Earn 2000+ free Credits by completing an offer

Complete an market from our partners’ offer pages and earn cost-free Credits every offer. Uses are to update frequently and also vary relying on your location and also other demographics, therefore make sure to check earlier often if you don’t instantly see something girlfriend like. Click the button to view present offers.

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Earn totally free Credits by involvement contests

chrischona2015.org consistently holds contests via the Community! try your hand at any kind of of these, and stand a opportunity to lug home great prizes. Click the button to watch which contests are at this time up.



Earn 20+ free Credits by watching a video

Watch a video clip from ours partner"s page and also earn credits for each view! Like various other offers, videos space updated regularly, so you re welcome check ago often if friend don"t immediately see something that suits your taste. To check out our current video offers, click here.


Earn totally free Credits by play the everyday Spin game

You deserve to earn totally free credits daily playing this funny game! just log right into chrischona2015.org following or chrischona2015.org Mobile and also spin! day-to-day Spin will be available once a day.

Earn 2000+ cost-free Credits by completing a survey

Complete a survey from our partners’ pages and earn credits because that each inspection you complete. Surveys space updated frequently, for this reason make sure to check ago often if friend don’t instantly see something friend like.

Earn totally free Credits for being a great host

chrischona2015.org is proud to announce a brand-new feature to Live Rooms known as Tipping, which allows you to knife Credits for her talent as a Live Room Host! early stage Tipping starts in ~ 500 Credits yet Tippers have actually the alternative to give far larger amounts. Learn much more here.

Earn complimentary Credits by involvement the peer testimonial program

Earn 5 Credits because that each product reviewed, or 45 extra promotion credits when you discover a damaged or mistakenly rated product and also end up gift right! Read more chrischona2015.org the in this article.

Earn virtual gifts by inviting friend to join chrischona2015.org

Get fun and also unique gifts for her avatar and also chat rooms once your friends sign up with chrischona2015.org.

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Get 500 Credits and an ext with day-to-day login rewards

Log into 3D chat every day and receive day-to-day Credit rewards to add gifts. Level up together you go!

Earn Credits by authorized the Creator Program

Got an idea for a new product? it is in the an initial to do it, climate earn by selling it! gift a Creator is very daunting but deserve to be rewarding. If you are successful together a Creator, you could earn an limitless amount of credits. Come join, click here.