I just bought skate 3 in the xbox marketplace but I noticed it didn't have actually party play for this reason I had actually to purchase the san van pack, after buying it, i noticed that does not display up anywhere, ns watch a video on youtube I view it need to be in the career> main window but the isn't.

I begin digging online and also I found that there space a lot of world in EA subject with very same problem and no useful solution through EA: http://answers.ea.com/t5/Skate-Games/San-Van-Party-Pack-DLC-No-Party-Play/td-p/4310971



now as you may know xbox gives no refunds on marketplace therefore is over there anything I have the right to do to either obtain my money ago or settle the game?

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Idk if you're still looking for response but sorry man, ice scating 3's digital variation is various than the disc version. The doesn't have actually party play/doesn't assistance it. Idk why, it really seems favor EA didn't try at every on the digital version. They must really put in a disclaimer about the party play feature if you have digital, it's a shame the they have basically cheated people out of your money since of this.


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