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growing your very own strawberries opens up up possibilities such as decadent strawberry shortcakes and also strawberry pies, but none that this can occur if pesky ants acquire to lock first. These tiny insects through a full-sized sweet tooth deserve to wreak destruction on your growing plants.

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keeping ants the end of the strawberry bed requires a little diligence on your part, but the finish result, a bountiful crop of new strawberries, is precious the effort.

Sprinkle crushed mint, bitter cucumber peels or coffee grounds roughly the strawberry bed. This smells aid repel ants.

Create a border of diatomaceous earth roughly your strawberry bed. This powdery substance is for sure to usage in her edible garden and also doesn’t hurt kids or pets. Top top a microscopic scale, what feel powdery to united state is in reality razor spicy to ants.

Set traps nearby to odor the ants and keep them from returning. Mix borax through jelly or jam and also dab it into lids or tiny cups because that ants to gain into. If pet or children could gain into it, usage a yogurt container or other little container with a lid and place the bait inside. Poke feet so the ants can obtain in. The toxic bait death the ants the consume it, helping to diminish your population.

Follow the ants to view where they’re coming from. When you locate the nest, take action to eradicate it. Drizzle dish soap over it prior to pouring a pot of boiling water into it. The food soap helps rest the surface tension of the dirt, drown out an ext ants quickly. Repeat this everyday to remove your lawn and garden ant population.

Crushed mint, bitter cucumber peels or coffee grounds Diatomaceous planet Borax Jelly or jam small container v lid dish soap Pot


Chemical pesticides save ants out, yet can do the strawberry unsafe because that consumption. Opt instead for organic pesticide such together pyrethrum. Read and follow the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions because that use.

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