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The Chumash home, or "Ap, in ~ Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in June 2017 (it was ultimately taken down and also rebuilt (see video below).

In front of the Satwiwa indigenous American Indian culture Center in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in Newbury Park is a replica Chumash home referred to as an "ap. One "ap is shame like half an orange and is made by setting willow poles in the soil in a circle, bending them right into shape in ~ the optimal to kind a dome.

What is obviously missing from the "ap above is the outer, vertical layers, cattails set out prefer shingles. The "aps in the Chumash Indian village at the Chumash Indian Museum in thousands Oaks display what those watch like, together does the video clip below indigenous June 2020 mirroring the rebuilt Satwiwa ‘ap.


"Aps at Chumash Indian Museum"s demonstration village. These were destroyed by the Woolsey Fire that 2018 yet will it is in rebuilt.

There is a feet at the top of the "ap to permit for air circulation that was extended with an pet skin when it was raining.


The "ap at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in June 2017. Ns spoke v the ranger around this "ap, i m sorry is quite past its prime and has end up being misshapen. In ~ some point what the Chumash do, when an "ap is no longer of use and also needs to be re-built, is take the pasture poles down and also burn lock in a ceremony.

Funny that plenty of folks, my children included, wonder why the Chumash did no live in teepees (or tipis). Teepees are cone-shaped tents make of pet skins on wood poles the were used generally by aboriginal Americans in the good Plains section of the U.S. (Kansas, Nebraska, southern Dakota, phibìc Dakota and portions of other prairie states). The Chumash did no live in teepees.


There is additionally a Chumash "ap on screen as part of a Chumash town exhibit at the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Newbury Park.

The teepee structure at Wildwood Park in thousands Oaks is fun to hike to and also sit under but is not something the Chumash indians would ever have lived in.

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