Do you require to recognize the height of your flagpole? here is a an easy and easy way to measure up the elevation of a flagpole.

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Equipment: ball of wire & tape measure

1. Reduced your flag

2. Affix the string come the optimal snap hook in ~ the top of her flag

3. Advanced the rope till the peak snap hook reaches the optimal of the pole

4. Note or cut the rope wherein the rope meets the bottom that the flagpole

5. Reduced the rope

6. Detach the string from the snap hook

7. Measure up the string


Alternative method to measure the height of a flagpole

Limitation: ice cream measure length needs to it is in as long as the pole. If not, use above method.

Equipment: Tape measure up & Duct tape

1. Reduced your flag

2. Connect a ice measure v duct tape to the top snap hook at the peak of her flag

3. Progressive the rope until the snap hook will the height of the pole

4. Permit the tape measure up land at the basic of the flagpole

5. Look at tape measure up for flagpole height

6. Reduced the rope

7. Detach the tape measure from the snap hook

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